Written by Renna

29 Apr 2016

I'm 29 and married, slim and fit, and have been unfaithful to my not so great in bed husband for almost two years with a handsome slightly older black salesman who visits our office once a month on a sales call. He flirted with me for months before I succumbed to his not so veiled offers for an extramarital experience. No invitation to lunch, just for sex.

My husband is not very adventuresome in bed and after five years of marriage I had become bored with his love making, always with me on my back, and my hints, and then outright demands, for doggy went unheeded since he said it was 'unnatural'.

A few mornings later, Blake made his monthly visit to the office and did his usual flirting ending with an offer to meet him at lunch time at his hotel room a short walk away. To his surprise, and mine, I accepted. The couple of hours until then had me filled with trepidation, although I quickly became highly aroused at the thought of what I was about to do.

As the hour approached, my arousal overcame my moral reluctance to be unfaithful, so much so that I had to wipe off the moisture between my legs before departing. I had to be back within one hour, so I hurriedly walked to his hotel and went up to his room. He answered my knock on the door so quickly he must have been waiting just inside for me.

He was as anxious to have me as I was to have him. With no preliminaries due to our short time, we immediately hugged and began kissing. The man is a world-class kisser and I was quickly swooning in his arms as he explored my breasts and bum through my clothing. I reminded him I only had an hour. He let me go and quickly undressed as I watched his body being revealed. He had a gorgeous medium build with muscles in all the right places, including between his legs, which put my husband to shame.

I had decided on the way there I wanted it doggy, so I just dropped my skirt and panties, and kicked aside my shoes, then stood before him. At the sight of me naked from the waist down, his impressive semi-hard cock immediately rose to its full dimensions as he walked to few steps to join me standing before the bed. He pulled me into a full body hug and we kissed deeply as his cock nestled in the 'V' at the top of my thighs. He moved his hips in a humping motion and his cock slid in and out with its top surface against my humid folds.

I humped him back and we continued for a few seconds before he said, "Let's not waste it. Are you ready?" I told him what I wanted as I got on the bed on my hands and knees facing away from him. He quickly joined me and rubbed the head of his cock with his hand against my now slick entrance, teasing me. I pushed my hips backward into him in an attempt to mount his cock, but he prevented it, still rubbing the head against my wet hole for a few seconds more, until I practically begged him to fuck me.

He slipped it in and I immediately knew his cock was going to stretch me for it was quite thick and wide. He ever so slowly pushed it into me an inch at a time with short pauses between each thrust to let me get used to its size. I pushed my hips back as he eased it in, enjoying the process. I gave out a short, low moan each time he pushed further into me. When he was fully up me, he pushed his hips a bit further and held that position. I felt his cock twitch steadily as he strained into me and it felt wonderful.

When he sensed I had become comfortable with his log up me, he slowly stroked in and out in a steady rhythm. I just held me head up and closed my eyes as I began my ascent to a climax. At the end of each cock thrust, he gave me a short extra push, trying to get just a bit more of him into me. I soon became mesmerized by that maneuver and the anticipation of it enhanced my build up.

After a few minutes, I felt myself needing more and I asked him to fuck me harder. His thrusts became more urgent and my arousal increased rapidly. The second time I told him to fuck me harder, he started pounding into me. The power of his thrusts aroused me even more and I quickly approached my release, and remember saying something like, "Oh, God. I'm so close. Fuck me. Fuck me!" He pounded into me even harder and my climax hit. I wailed out a long series of 'Oh, my God' and 'I'm coming!' until the waves of orgasm finally ended.

He didn't come, but stayed in me slowly stroking as I worked my way through the delicious orgasm. When I was finished, his thrusting resumed and within a few minutes, he made me come again. And this one was even more powerful than the first one, making me babble one erotic phrase after another as the waves or orgasm rolled over me once again. My hips trembled and jerked in the most delicious way, and was much more powerful than any given to me by my husband. I was his forever and told him he could have me any time he was in town.

He fucked me to a come several more times, each one an intense experience I never wanted to end. I lost count as I had slipped into a sexual haze I had never before experienced. I was content to just stay on my hands and knees forever as he fucked me endlessly. At least, that's what it felt like. I came out of it when he withdrew his cock the last time and urged me onto my back.

He spread my legs and mounted me telling me we needed to leave soon and he wanted to come. He quickly mounted me, shoving his cock up me in a single thrust. As he started stroking deeply inside, I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled his body tightly to me with my arms around his back. He fucked me deeply and powerfully. I fucked him back, arching my back and pushing my hips up into him. In just a minute or two, he came with deep, rapid thrusts, and unloaded his cum deep inside.

We hugged each other in post coital bliss for a few minutes, then got up and dressed. I shoved a wad of tissues inside my panties to contain the leakage of his cum and fixed my make-up where necessary. I left first and went back to my office, and he continued with his sales visits.

I was in a sexual haze all afternoon as I re-lived the wonderful fucking I had just had. My pussy was still a bit stretched when I got home, but it felt wonderful. I imagined all evening I could still feel his cock up me. I must have given off an aura of sexuality for my husband had us go to bed early and wanted to have sex. I felt I had to oblige him and when he entered me he made some comment about how I felt a bit loose, but proceeded to fuck me until he came.

As he pulled out, he surprised me with an offer to fuck me doggy. It didn't feel nearly as good as when Blake did me, but still good enough that I had a small come, but I think it was more the result of me imagining it was Blake fucking me. As we cuddled afterward, my husband said it felt good and he would do me doggy whenever I wanted. I laughed to myself as I thought, 'too little, too late', as I was already hooked on Blake doing me that way.

So, in the next two years to the present, I get fucked by Blake doggy once a month in his hotel room either at lunch time or just after work. I'm addicted to his cock and hubby has no idea he is being cuckolded monthly.