Written by Hubby

10 Jul 2019

Well, if you have read some of my happenings on here before you will remember that I have played away before ...

So when this opportunity popped up I devised how I was going to get in to her pants (something I have wanted for over a dozen years or more).

Our very close friends ,have had a very strained marriage , as he's a bit of a asshole to her ,but for convenience they stay together in there home ,now Kylie (alias) has confided to my wife Sam that they had not had sex in way over ten year's , and I know he has been getting his from local massage parlors and overseas "girl's" (deep down Kylie knows to but she is a bit naive) .

So on with the story , Arsoul (alias) was overseas , on his own enjoying his retirement ,and had been for over two months , and Kylie ,who is in any way handy ,was getting frustrated with a few things around the home ,(lawn, tree leaves ,and a couple of other husband type chores ) she had mentioned this one drunken phone conversation with my wife Sam one night in tears ,as she still works full time , as does my wife .

Sam says ,why not get someone in and charge it up to hubby (bitchiness at its best ) but Kylie says" I should but don't really like the idea of a stranger being in her back yard , and around the house on weekends when shes home and such.

So Sam does what a good friend does ,and offers up my services free of course , Kylies says " oh I couldn't ask your hubby to do that " Sam says he would gladly do it as hes bored at home with not much to do ,so its settled.

That night Sam tells me what she has set up, and I am trying not to look overly keen ( of course I am thinking of ways to get in to her pant's , )

A week or so and its on , Iv'e got to mow the lawn, rake up the leaves water a few plants and what not' and check on a few other things (dripping tap in her en-suite)

I get it all done , and after I fix the tap decide on a shower .

Now its late in the day (planned) and I know that Kylie will be home soon , so I have a bit of a wank in the shower thinking about Kylie's ass .

Over the years we have been friends I have told her to her face ( slightly merry,both of us ) that I would love to fuck her (those exact words) and when Sam and Arsoul were not watching I have grabbed Kylie on the bum whilst saying goodbye , quite a few times and once curled my fingers up and under and rubbed her cunt through her tight jeans , (her comment " whoo whats this in a whisper") .

So out of the shower and time to snoop , firstly the hamper , three pairs of knickers , plain bonds , but lovely pussy aroma , and one pair , has the shape of her slit all stuck together and girl cum all crusty (she must have had a wank mmmm) , next was her bedside cabinet , JACKPOT , rabbit vibrator , inhale , very horny aroma . lastly her undies draw , lots of normal work knickers , but deep down a few naughty ones , black lacy g string , white lacy panties , and a pair of lacy boy shorts in red , ( I almost blew my load there )

Well I hear the garage door open and I know she knows i'm still in her place (my car) , I am in her en-suite naked and a roaring still cock , when I hear Kylie call out to see where I was ,my reply " just in here fixing the tap " of course ,in she walks , now although she is in her work outfit she still looks "HOT" , she take one quick look and says "oops should have knocked" "why I say its your bathroom" and i'm not shy , and the job was HARDER than I thought"

"Obviously she replied "

"Do you need to take a shower after your HARD at the office" " And I am quite willing to wash your back for you , and maybe your cute bum?"

I am sure you would , but it cant happen , Sam would be very upset if she knew of this (she's slyly looking at my raging hard on ) and its just not right.

I reply " who sent me here???"

Now , wiggle your cute bum out of that tight skirt and let me see all of you , "I can certainly see all of you she replied" .

Kylie hesitated a moment the undid her skirt zipper , slid it down her gorgeous legs , took her blouse off , and was standing there in matching white cotton undies and bra , with a massive cameltoe which I look at every chance I can when we visit.

Kylie says " not very sexy , undies " my reply was better take them off and hop in the shower with me then "

Wow she reaches behind takes off her bra ,and bends over with her back to me (a bit shy) but The back view is sometimes better than the front....

Visual here she takes the panties in her hand ,and bra and goes to throw them in the hamper , I grab the panties and say " not so quick " and I hold them to my nose and inhale WOW , my cock jumps all on its own and Kylie notices and looks at me and say's " what are you doing " " I'm smelling your cunts aroma , something I've wanted to for years , yummmm..."

In the shower I take her in my arms and give her the sloppiest , tongue kiss for ages and fuck her mouth with my tongue I start to wash her nipples ,and they get real hard , like chocolate bullets , wash her all over then drop down and start licking her pussy , " I'm not clean yet" " you will be when i'm done " I start flicking her clit with my tongue , whilst i'm washing her bum with the soap , slipping a soapy finger up her cute bum which surprises her, my other hand (no soap) is opening her labia (piss flaps ,boys) and i'm fingering her G spot (they do exist) Kylie says " I'll want to pee if you keep that up " " go for it I say" moments later the sensation of her warm pee dribbling down my fingers , I shove my other finger deep in her ass and I feel Kylie squeeze my fingers real hard as she has a massive orgasm , and she nearly faints .

After we get dry Kylie says "what about you" I reply "this was all about you today , and i'm sure the grass wont stop growing any time soon"...........................