Written by Hotwifecple

9 Feb 2016

My name is Sally and I have become a hotwife recently. My Husband James and myself never really talked about this aspect of my life until I was required to go out to Dinner with a client as part of my job in sales at a multi national tech company. My department head had arranged a dinner for the client David after a meeting late one Thursday evening. I was at the meeting and unfortunately my boss had a family problem and wasn't able to take David out for the evening. Robert asked me if I could go out to the Dinner so I rang James and told him I would be going to a business dinner that evening. James joked about it calling it a date, told me to dress to impress and then threw in the line what happens at dinner stays at dinner.

I teased James telling him David was a spunk where in reality David was mid 40's with a balding head and a bit of flab around the middle. A nice guy but no Hugh Jackman.

I went home early and dressed in a nice button up top with black pencil skirt and wore stockings not panty hose as i despise them. 4" stilettos finished the outfit. Hair done some subtle makeup but red lips. I looked in the mirror and thought not bad for a 38 yr old woman.

I met David at the restaurant and we had a very nice dinner and conversation. After dinner we went to a bar near Davids hotel for a final drink. There was a band playing and David asked me if i liked to dance. I do like to dance and David was a great dancer. It was while dancing i realised that David was reasonably tall as my 5' height only came up to his chest. He also had strong arms despite carrying a little weight and he smelt wonderful, a nice aftershave musky and fruity.

I was having a wonderful time and so was David. I could tell he was as when he held me close during the slower numbers I could feel his hardened cock agains me. It felt nice and my ego was stroked to think a middle aged mom of two teenagers could still turn on a man other than my husband. I hoped David didn't notice my hardened nipples. The other thing turning me on was that David was large, obviously so, much larger than James I guessed.

After a final drink David said I know your a married lady but I am enjoying your company and was wondering if you would like to join me for another drink in my room. I knew he was inviting me for sex but I also was enjoying the evening and because of our business relationship I could avoid any hanky panky.

We went to his room and he got us another drink. I was sitting on the bed and he in a chair and the conversation was good. The drink was nearly gone and we both stood, I was going to leave, he took my glass and then leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back I don't know why but then everything was a blur. Before i knew it I was naked except for my garters, stockings and shoes sitting on the edge of the bed, horny and not caring about anything other than the incredible long fat cock I was sucking. When it was hard as a rock a good 9" plus in length and as fat as a redbull can, David lay me back and ate my cunt till I came all over his wonderful tongue and lips. He then got me to roll over on my knees and pushed his mighty weapon inside me. What happened next was almost violent but erotic as he fucked me like a man possessed. Driving his cock deeper than any man had ever been. His staying power was another eye opener as he fucked me for more than 40 mins in a number of positions, i lost count how many times i came before he unloaded his cum deep inside me. I was spent and rested for about an hour going home to James at around 4am. He could tell just be looking at me I had been fucked and we spent the next night talking about it which turned him on so much he took me twice.

James told me it was always his fantasy to see me fucked by others and asked if i could become a hotwife for him. What could I say but hell yeah