29 Jun 2016

Date Night

I always did enjoy date night, going out with the man I love. Ric likes to make things quite spicy, so it can always be an awesome adventure. He loves toys; I would often find something special out, as I get ready. Tonight he has set out my remote control vibrating egg, placing it, suggestively, on my panties I had picked out to wear, whilst I was still in the shower. I couldn't help but smile when I saw my naughty toy out.

Of course, being the loving, sexy wife I am, I would definitely “fit it in”.

The bugger Ric, didn't use the damn remote for the entire drive to the restaurant, which surprised me. The building anticipation in my pussy was quite maddening though. I could feel the heavy egg weight within my loins, especially when I shifted in my seat. My excitement was building and I needed more. Ric just looked over at me, lovingly, and smiled.

Bloody Ric, waited until I was in the middle of placing my order to hit the damn remote button. Overwhelming and intense vibrations finally rocked my waiting pussy, and I actually gasped aloud. The waitress looked up at me, alarmed; she asked if I was OK. Cheeky Ric looked at me with a naughty smile. I smiled back at the waitress, tried not to squirm against the intense vibrations, and told her it was just a muscle cramp. She walked away perplexed, haha.

Ric would buzz and tease me, on and off all evening, not enough to get me close to an orgasm, but enough to have my panties soaked and pussy raging. Ric would teasingly wait until I went to sip my drink, chew my meal or whenever the waitress returned.

Near the end of our meal, Ric handed me a small hand written card. It read:

Go to the bathroom now,

Remove you bra and your underwear.

Return to me, hand over your underwear.

NO questions.

I dutifully excused myself, going off to the bathroom, I had to fight to walk straight, and not to moan into the mirror as I tidied up my makeup. Still, Ric was being unusually light with my egg. I couldn't help but wonder what else was in store for me tonight. I was now almost faint with my building sexual desire.

I finally made my way back to the table, I pressed my still warm panties and bra into his hand, under the table.

Ric pressed my warm gusset to his nose and inhaled... He then looked me directly in the eyes "Time to go" he said

We walked, out of the restaurant, Ric was holding tight to my hand. Ric now had the remote on high, and it was beginning to really drive me wild. But instead of going directly to the car, Ric pulled me, almost roughly, around the side of the building. As soon as I was in the shadows, Ric turned me to face the wall, and half bent me over. Ric pulled my black skirt, lifting it over my hips, and ran his probing fingers over my wet, aching, pussy. I feel him press in and slip out the vibrator, I could hear its now loud buzz in the night air. I heard the zipper of his pants open, and then Ric was behind me. His cock is rigid against my arse, hard and scorching hot. Ric drives it deep inside my empty pussy, unusually rough for him, causing me to bite my lip to keep from groaning out, too loudly, in pleasure. Ric lifts my top, grabs my naked breasts and pushes me further into the wall. I feel the rough, cool brickwork against my nipples and the side of my face. Ric reaches down with the one hand that is not squeezing my soft breasts, and presses the egg to my clit. I moan as the vibrations add to the intense cock ploughing pleasure.

Ric fucks me hard, slamming his body against mine. I feel the heat of an orgasm building inside of me, I am ready to cum, and then, before I can, without warning Ric pulls out of my cunt. I look around in alarm, thinking we have been caught, but all I see is him putting his, still hard, cock away, back into his pants. I start to ask him, “what about me?” Ric stops me with a gentle kiss, and whispers "The night is still young, my love." His last act is to slowly, lovingly, slip the egg back up inside my needy pussy.

We are soon home, and I don't know if I am angry at being so cruelly teased, or a little afraid to see what he has planned next. Again Ric silently takes me by the hand, and leads me through our darkened house, to our room. Ric strips me, roughly, with none of the loving caresses and kisses that are his norm. Ric doesn't even smile; he carries the lace blindfold to me. Ric makes sure it is quite snug, and that I am quite blind, before kissing me deeply. I am smiling now, hoping...

Ric takes my hand and leads me to the one wall. I hear the rustle of rope and the hiss of Velcro, Ric binds my wrists. I am quite trapped, tied to the wall. Ric left the ropes slightly longer than normal, giving me a little more movement. I hear him, behind me, and then I feel him kiss the nape of my neck. Tingles shoot through my already aroused body, stronger when I feel a lace collar slip around my neck, and be clinched tight.

Ric leaves me then, with a slight caress down the sides of my body. I hear water running in the bathroom. I smell something, something manly, I can’t decide what it is. I stand there, bound for what may be two minutes, or could be five. I am very aware of my total nakedness, and my intense arousal. I gasp and give a little shiver when Ric touches me again. Ric laughs softly, and begins to run a sea sponge over me, soaked in almost hot water and scented oil. I moan in pure pleasure as I feel the warm water run down my skin, and the slight roughness of the sponge is a sensual delight. Ric carefully washes my face, slowly runs a hot wet circle over my breasts, until my nipples are painfully straining. Ric stops short of my straining pussy, although the rivulets of water slipping along my pussy lips drive me wilder. Ric kisses my cheek as he washes my back, and I can feel him, naked and his hard cock pressing onto me. I try to push my hips back, pushing myself onto his cock, needing to feel his erection, but Ric, that bastard, just steps away.

Ric dries me, a large, soft and warm towel. He rolls it over my body; my skin has never felt this sensitive, this alive. After I am dry, another sensation. This one takes me a moment to place, silky and soft, my silk and lace underwear from the restaurant! I can’t help but moan and twist as Ric runs them over my arse, up along my spine. Ric runs the softness over my nipples, they are painfully hard, and I long to have him take my nipples into his mouth, even if just for a moment. Over my sides, across my belly, now lower, gliding over my exposed pussy. I whimper and my knees buckle, so I am only supported by my ropes at my wrists and his arm under my breasts. Ric runs the silky underwear up my body, and near my face...I can smell my excited sex on them. "Please", I say.

Ric starts to kiss me then; his tongue fills my mouth as his hands run over me. Ric bites down lightly, on my shoulder, then hard enough to make me gasp out. Ric runs his tongue down along my spine, lower, down along the back of my legs. One naughty finger teases my clit, for just a second, and then it’s gone. My frustration returns, and I open my mouth to protest...

A strap bites across my arse, bringing a startled cry instead. It strikes again, a little softer, along my shoulders. I give another little cry, and shake my head. The thin strap whips around me, across my breasts, lightly, but still stinging, just a little. Then harder again, snapping and smacking into my arse again and again. I whimper with each heated strike, trying to guess when the strap will fall next. I am so fucking aroused I can feel my juices boiling over, my inner thighs are drenched. Just as suddenly, he stops. My arse, and legs burn, and I can see them in my mind, now a cherry red. My breasts also have areas that feel hot and reddened. I give a shudder, as Ric caresses all about my abused flesh with the soft, silky underwear. Ric kisses me tenderly, on my shoulders, and slips around me to kiss my lips. Ric works downward, kissing my breasts, and finally, at last, taking my nipples, one at a time into his warm, wet mouth. I let out a shaky sigh of utter sweet relief, and again try to press my pussy onto his erection.

At long last I feel his mouth, swirling down towards and onto my pussy. His tongue moulds to my body, and teases moans and groans, out of me. Ric sucks at my clit, then licking in earnest. I moan out again, only to have it become a scream of shock as the strap slaps into my arse again. Fuck, someone else is here! His licking never faltered, waves of pleasure making it so hard to think straight. The strap strikes home again. Is it a woman or a man? "Who's there?" I try to whisper, but an orgasm overtakes the words. I cum in a sudden mind bending, rush; every muscle was tensing to breaking point. I groan out again, feeling the warmth of the strap, the warmth of his mouth.

The only thing keeping me upright is my ropes. I hang there, feeling sweat run over my body. My lover still kneels in front of me, lightly kissing the lips of my pussy, and my thighs. From behind, now total silence. Then new hands, on my hips, pushing me forward slightly. I know then this new invader is male, a new hot, hard cock presses and rolls over my arse. The licking in front of me grows stronger, faster again. The new cock returns, and man, when I feel it press between my arse cheeks, I am wet with lube. I struggle, instinctively, futilely, as the man presses his cock to my arsehole. He reaches up and pulls my head back, using the collar, I moan aloud, and instead of struggling, I push back against his cock. I make a snarling sound as he thrusts and he gently enters my anal tube. Just the head at first, then slowly deeper. He pulls the collar again, and thrusts harder, I grunt and cry out as I open myself, I take him full and deep, hard up inside my dark tube. The mouth in front of me starts to work my clit faster; I am so hot, so fucking excited and so fucking wet. Two fingers drive into my pussy, and press back, feeling, from the inside, the length of cock that is fucking up inside my arse.

He has released my collar now, and is sliding in and out of me, slowly, hands exploring over my breasts and hips. I feel my cunt muscles tighten again and in response he starts to fuck my tube faster. His hands close over my shoulders, then as his breath begins to speed up, hot onto my collar again, I fuck back to meet each driving thrust. I cry out with each anal penetration, and with the finger fucking, I am withering under the onslaught. Behind me, He gives one last huge thrust and then he is pumping cum inside me, filling my arse with a gallon of hot cum, gripping my collar. My orgasm meets his and I groan out loud, for all to hear...

They leave me and I hear the shower start, I hang there. I think I am all alone...I still can’t decide who was where. I am still tense, still very aroused, as I keep replaying it all in my mind. The shower stops, and there is only silence. I strain my ears, trying to catch any clue. I gasp as hands again run over my shoulders...I think I catch a familiar scent, but it’s hard to tell with the mingled scents of oil, sweat, sex and so much cum. I hear the Velcro hiss and my wrists are released. I collapse in strong arms, and open my mouth, but he stops me with a finger to my lips. I sigh my lust returning as he leads me to the bed, and lays me down. I reach out and run my hands over him, his skin is so smooth. I find his throbbing cock. My needs overcome me then, and I lay back and open my legs in open invitation. I feel his lips press over my body, but damn him, his cock presses hard and needy into my leg.

"Fuck me", I demand.

He pauses for just a heartbeat, then kneels between my legs...I moan as he enters me, and I KNOW now, it's my man. My man fills me, body and soul, it feels like home. I lock my legs tightly around him and meet each grinding, driving thrust with my hips. I reach out to grab the bed sheets and encounter the other man; he is erect and eager, kneeling on the bed. His hands start to rub at my breasts. I explore him now with my hands, their bodies are very alike, his cock hard and warm, and I wrap my hands around this new cock and pump it in time to my fucking. My man’s turn now and he gasps, and I feel him drive forward. I feel his cock play over my lips. My man is deep inside me now, fucking me slow and steady; I open my mouth and take the new man into my mouth. He moans, and holds his hands on my head. I start to suck his cock, trying to match the speed of the cock in my pussy. He starts to thrust into my mouth slightly and I suck now harder. Both my lovers thrusts get stronger, a finger finds my clit. I moan around the thick cock in my mouth. The new man trembles at my oral skills, and he cries out, warm cum now pulses, spilling into my mouth. I love the taste; thick and sweet, I swallow all the warm sexual fluid he feeds me, and now focus on the tension building in my pussy as the oral cum flow ebbs. My man is slamming hard into me now. I can take no more and I cum, still leaving the stranger in my mouth; I feel the splashing and hot lustful lava, erupt into my pussy, pumping me, filling me, as my man collapses onto me, moaning my name. My mind is a blissful orgasmic blur...

At last we are all done, my man now holds me in his strong arms, kissing me softly, telling me how much he loves me.

I listen as I hear the front door close, we are again alone, and I pull my beautiful man even closer, against my body.