Written by tomb63

20 Apr 2011

last year (2010) i used to meet a friend and spend time with each other sharing company and each other while exploring our sexual experiences. JJ and i had spent many hours playing with each other and sumtimes with others watching or joining. anyway this day we went to the beach sitting under the trees and enjoying each other. after a while we went over the bush where we were able to play away from prying eyes. it was here that JJ and i fucked and sucked ourselves silly, then as i was deep inside JJ's wet pussy i reached over to my bag and pulled out a can of coke i have brought with me. hehe smiling to myself i looked at JJ and told her i want to see if this will fit. Now JJ and i trust each other and its with this trust that she let me do things to her.

so with her permission i lubed up the full unopened can and slowly pushed it into her beautiful wet cum filled pink pussy slowly i pushed the can in deeper, JJ legs open wide relaxing taking the can as deep as she could. so with her pussy full of cold coke can i took pictures (as you would hehe) then after a while i took the can out and replaced it with my hard cock and damm her pussy was so cold from the can but damm it felt so good i pumped and pumped for all i was worth then with one last deep thrust i cam and my hot cum mixed with her cold wet cunt was amazing.