Written by bonzai1981

25 Dec 2009

I'd met a woman through a dating site who suited me perfectly. I've always been into playing in public and we started talking and eventually arranged a meet. It was after i'd finished work and we'd decided to meet at a nearby pub as a share a drink chat get to know you type of thing. I arrived composed but eager to see where it might go. I'd seen pics of her before but in the flesh is as you all know a different story. We sat and chatted she'd worn a very short skirt heels and a very low cut top and we were getting looks from the other drinkers who had probably figured out what was going on. The whole time i'd had a raging hard on knowing what might happen. We finished out drinks and she suggested we go for a drive somewhere. We ended up in Royal Park in a car park right along side a train line. My hard on had stayed with me the whole time and on the way there she'd been stroking it through my pants making sure it stayed that way. I parked my car and we chatted a bit more while she undid my pants and took out my cock. She stroked it for me then leant over and took my cock all the way in her mouth and my god this woman knew how to suck a cock i was in heaven. I moved her into a position that i could get my hand up under her skirt and she was absolutely soaking wet as i started to rub her clit and finger her pussy. She sucked harder and deeper the faster and harder i played with her pussy. She almost got me to the point of blowing my load when she got into her purse and pulled out a condom she quickly slipped it over my cock and to this day i'm not sure how she got on top without setting off the horn but she rode me right there in daylight next to a train line while she was riding me about 4 or 5 trains went past and i honestly didn't care. She fucked me harder and harder while i was sucking on her delicious tits then she climbed off and slipped off the condom jerking off my cock and she must have known i was going to blow still not sure how but one thing i do know is if she wanted a mouthful of cum that day she definately got it i blew so hard and she milked it til there wasn't a drop left. We went our seperate ways and stayed in touch and about once a fortnight we'd meet up at a park in heidleburg and play one thing she told me the last time we played (she was moving states) was that on the nights she played i was one of about 15 guys she'd meet one on one one after the other and believe me...that just made that last encounter so much more fun.