Written by Shay

18 May 2012

We maybe scared to feel what we haven't felt before.

Being with a lady bi or gay with or with out a male is a deam that she haven't see in her true feelimgs, as we could feel busy looking after our family. Then many years past the kids where grown up and the mother started thinking of her own life and her dreams to want to play with other and she wants to dress up in sex cloths and trun on the ones with her!

~To feel, is a feeling of unreal!

Touching is hot and licking is wet, wanting more, want getting more with your tough in her sucking her out and fingering her while licking and suching her too. Kiss her up to her boobs or start the another around, slowy getting you way down or up and she will do the same to you!

Hot kissing up her neck, touching making her feel your dick or rabbert more of the same until all have felt there needs with loving sex, love making.

~Her fears are going they are gone, she is where she has never been before. She is in her dreams with you male or females and a shower with a hand massage wash, with kissing and touching each other then getting dryed off before or after we start or not this time. She can do some things to you that you need suck your dick all and around up and down in under the four skin or suck you pussy sticking her touge in and around your g sport... Mmmmm. Well she is ready, if you are willing. She is in need of being fucked! like she has not had before.

The only thing that was stopping her was her mind her life her self. She is I and I was wrong to keep myself from this part of me.

X shayJ

Thanks you all!

X shay