Written by Deephardslow

14 Dec 2012

We lurched to the bedroom our mouths locked tongues fighting. A trail of clothes left from the front door as soon as I got in the door.

As with all affairs the lust was tremendous

Naked we barely took the time to admire each other as my mouth moved from her neck down to her small but sensitive breasts and hard erect nipples.

She gasped each time I slightly nibbled

My finger found her pussy - sopping wet

I had to lick, taking my time I enjoyed her taste bringing her ever closer then stopping and starting again. By the time I came up for air she is well and truly hit and bothered

I quickly push my hard cock deep until our pelvises join. I start a slow rhythm as she clamps her legs around my waist and pulls me deeper. We are both moaning and groaning from the heat of our screw

I have to stop as I don't want to blow yet

She grabs my cock and lowers her mouth sucking me slow and deep, licking stroking, god she gives the best head

She turns on her knees and offers her pussy doggy style

I sink slowly in to her, we both gasp at how deep I am

As I fuck her I lube up her arse and start gently fingering her tight arse / first 1 finger till it is deep then two

Then I place my cock at her arse and slowly push. She pushes back and I start to sink in to her Abril I am deep and she is gasping and moaning we gentle start to fuck building pace till I am pumping that arse hard

She reaches out and grabs a vibe turning it on and shoving it deep in her pussy

The vibration goes through my cock to the base of my balls

I push deep and we both moan and gasp as I shoot hot seed deep in her arse

I collapse on her and we catch our breath

Till we can have a second bout