Written by Anonymous

19 Nov 2019

August 7 4 days after my B/Day. S was off work and we arranged some daytime fun. Delicious turned up about 1230. She was wearing white corset stockings and panties. She was worked up before he walked in the door. After we said hello you could see he was hard. His erections stick straight out. She immediately sat on his lap facing him rubbing he wet pussy onto his cock kissing him on the lips. We got up and started to undress as she was in lingerie she just helped us remove our pants. She sat on the massage table and we stood on either side of her and she grabbed a cock in each hand and looked licking her lips as she strokes our hard cocks. We lay her down and he slid easily into her pumping slowly and deliberate . With in about 6 minutes she was moaning to his every movement. She saw me standing by her head. She grabbed my cock pulling it closer to her face. But she started having a minor orgasm. She forgot about my cock and grabbed his hips. She let out a big moan and said Fuck as she touched his chest He moved up to get some head whilst I started to fuck her. I was getting off so much with her moans and wetness I had to slow down as I was about to cum. Within a few minutes I could not help it and I started to cum. He could see it in my face and said cum on her. I pulled out and came on her belly and pussy. I picked up the facewasher and wiped up the cum. He moved between her legs and started to fuck her again. He held her wrists pulled on them and pumped her hard and fast. She was moaning. I could see she had squirted. After about 20 minutes of fucking her sat to rest for a drink and let her get over her orgasm. She stood up and saw his cock at full attention. She keeled between his legs her arms alongside his legs hand on his ass cheeks. She licked around his knob slowly taking him into her mouth slowly taking him into her mouth. Up and down taking all of him into her mouth. He grabbed her head pushing it faster and faster. The next time I looked up from my camera she had moved her hands onto her lap. Her head bobbing on his cock. She was sucking so hard every now and then her mouth made a noise as air was being sucked in. She stopped with her mouth around his knob sucking not moving. I think she got some pre cum ooze and was taking it in. She moaned a loud noise and started to jerk his cock. She had to stop. Had another drink and was being laid on the table again. He entered her his arms wrapped around her legs and his hands holding inside her thighs. It's a great way to control her. He was moving his his with a slight up and down motion. Every now and then pumping so hard you can hear his balls slapping her ass. She moaned and hissed cumming again. He grabbed her arms pushing them above her head moving in to kiss her. They stopped 2.5 hours had flown by. His phone rang. It was his son. He is grown-up but was expecting him back 30 minutes ago. We said good bye and he left. She was disappointed that he didn't cum. When I messaged him later he told me that he can hold off sometimes that he won't cum. But still enjoys everything. I will have to find out how he does that. Well maybe part 5 I'll let you know.