Written by hotnhorny2011

3 Mar 2013

I went to the Dendy Cinema in the Melbourne CBD on Friday night.

I paid my money and went upstairs to one of the two cinemas.

There were only guys in the theatre and quite a few had their cocks out playing with themselves while watching the movie.

I took a seat near the front and began to watch the movie.

After only a short while I heard some noise coming from behind me.

When I looked around there were a couple sitting two rows back.

They had obviously been playing for a little while because his pants were down and she was rubbing his cock with her right hand.

She still had all her clothes on but he had unbuttoned her top and had her tits right out of her bra.

All the guys were just watching and keeping their distance when he started to beckon anyone to come and feel his wife's tits.

I was the first to get up and I entered the row in front of them. I leant over the back of the seat and began feeling her tits.

Both the husband and I were feeling them together.

I then reached down and lifted her skirt. She still had a g-string on. He said not to touch, but he pulled them over to the side so I could see her pussy.

After a couple of minutes he said I could feel her pussy as long as I was gentle. I quickly slid two fingers into her pussy which was quite wet.

By this time another guy had sat down beside her and had his cock out and was playing with it.

The husband told her to start rubbing the guy's cock while she still had hubby cock in her other hand. I kept fingering her while all this was taking place.

By this time two guys in the row behind her had got their cocks out and were watching and wanking either side of her head right up against her face.

The hubby told the guy sitting beside her to stand up and face her and to cum on her tits. I did not take him long until he did cum all over them.At this point the husband massaged the cum all over her tits and kept asking for other guys to do the same.

She then reached behind her head and started to play with the two guys behind her.One came pretty quick and the other not too long after that. So now three guys had cum on her tits and I was still fingering her the whole time.

Another guy entered the row she was in and took his turn. each time she had a guy cum she would just reach for the next cock and start playing with it until it squirted.

I stopped fingering her and waited behind the guy to cum so i could have my turn.

He finished ,huby rubbed the cum over her tits again and then I moved in.

She pulled my pants down to my knees smiled up at me and then started working my cock. The whole time the husband would just say things like beautiful, amazing. He would rub her tits and pussy and just beg you to cum on her tits.

I didnt take that long nad I shot a good load all over them. As soon as I did he was again rubbing that cuum all over them.

I moved away to clean up and another guy quickly took my place.

I watched while another three guys shot a load off. After 10 guys had cum on her tits she sucked her hubby off and then they just both gut up and left.

It was great to watch and i just loved her playing with me nad making me cum.

I will certainly be going to the Dendy again.