27 Jun 2019

I have a fantasy would like to live out. Needs a willingness to be adventurous. Goes Like this. I am in the shower when a guest arrives. I direct him to his room but continue my shower. I love to cleanse my holes in the shower. Awhile later I hear the door open and someone enters. I cannot see so continue as the stranger enters and watches me. . I soap my body and my pussy. He comes closer and turns me around so I can spread my cheeks for him. I feel fingers probe me as he soaps my hole before pushing the soap into me. I am in ectasy. I feel a need pressure on my tight hole as he pushes his cock into me. I can’t wait and I cum as my pussy pushes it out.......,..

My hole is wet and ready and I send him to the room where he waits for my cunt. I enter and sit astride his throbbing cock and impale myself on his cock. I sit on my haunches to let him touch my clitty as he rides my hole.

I turn around to my knees and present my hole for his cock as he sits astride me and buries his meat up to the balls deep in my hole. I feel the head throb in my cunt as he pulses before he cums.

My second fantasy. I go for my annual doctors appointments I know I have been bad and my swollen pussy will give me away when he examines me. I lie back and open my legs and he starts to examine me. I hear him moan and know he is touching himself as he looks at My swollen pussy. I lift up my legs to my chest to give him full access to my hole as I feel him insert the first dildo. He asks if it fits and then goes to a big one. He pushes it in and starts to masturbate my pussy . I am helpless to the assault of my cunt. He takes out the dildo and I feel his cock head against my ass pushing until he is inside my hole. I cum repeatedly as he fucks my hole. .......

My third fantasy. The client arrives he is to be used as a sub for my pleasure. I instruct him to go to his room and only address me as mistress. I tell him to remove his clothes and lie on the bed. He must not touch himself or masturbate while I Inspect his body. He must be fully shaved and have a large cock. His ass must be cleaned and shaved. If I find any fault I will punish him. Punishments will range from ball clamps to steel rods. These will be inserted in the penis and anus. I use heat treatment as punishment by heating the steel causes extreme pleasure and pain. I also use different sizes and various dildos

Punishment will also include forced eating of my hole by sitting on the face and use of the tongue to stimulate my ass. I will also insist on full deep throat and any other punishment I desire. The sub will obey all commands and will be used strictly for my pervasive purposes and will be my property for the duration of the visit to fuck and use as I see fit.

Just a few fantasies

Then of course fantasy four is the reverse. I luv to lie back and be inspected to have medical toys inseted in my hole and multiple objects used including fruit and veggies. I love to be turned over and sucked with poppers and other stimulants. I like fingers to be inseted in me and even a small fist. I like my cock to be sucked and admired I like my balls licked and touched. I like the feeling of strange hands invading my body and using my body as a sextoy. I like to be filled and stroked and most of all I want a complete stranger to do all of this and more. There is no limit to what I want sexually but the mind is the biggest sex organ of all.