Written by Steve

17 May 2015

My story is true, I would certainly like feedback and some words Particularly from any females who might read this. They may give me an understanding or a better uptake from a female perspective.

I had split with my wife, we were living together although sleeping apart. For the most part I was only there at weekend. She would ignore me outright and get on with her own life. However every now and then we would have sex, always after she had had a night out. I assumed she had got carried away with the drink. She would crawl into my bed and I would fuck her among other things. Once the act was over she would leave and we would be back to ignoring each other. Although we had split she was still hot and a good fuck and me being a bloke enjoyed fucking her so I was happy to do so.

One particular night after she had been out I felt her climb into my bed in the early hours, she was naked and immediately started kissing and touching me, I asked what was this about, she said girls liked random sex too. She then asked me to tongue her. I put my hand between her legs and touched her pussy, she was so wet that I even commented. She said she was excited and had been looking forward to this. Oral sex wasn't unusual so I eagerly put my mouth her very wet cunt. She pushed my face hard into her, murmuring words as I licked her. she maneuvered herself on top so she was sat on my face and mouth. She sat on my mouth telling me to push my tongue deep into her cunt, I felt her squeeze her pussy and could taste the wetness from deep inside her. at this point I heard her say. Several times, "lick it, taste him there's two lots there.... enjoy" I carried on but unsure what to think. I asked her after I had fucked her what she meant and she laughed and said she had just got carried away. She left for her own bed. I considered what we did and I became aware that I was probably fucking her once maybe twice an month. She always had me oral her before I fucked her, always after she had had a night out with the girls. More than once I heard her tell me to "taste him" as I tongued her.

It was only several months later that we had finally split and I had moved out, I was collecting the last of my stuff and she asked how did I enjoy tasting my mates? I naturally was caught out and said I don't know what you mean and she laughed mockingly telling me that each time she had me tongue her pussy it was after a guy had fucked her. She laughed saying one night two guys had 'done" her. Two of my mates. She said I was a joke because these guys knew she was going to get me to lick her pussy after they had unloaded their cream into her. She they both even followed up and asked her how I was and had she done it, let me lick her used pussy. She laughed saying I barely had a friend whose spunk I hadn't tasted. She said I would be in the pub drinking with my mates and a mate drinking with me who had screwed her would text her and ask her if she had done what she said she going to do. Get me to eat their cream. She would always say yes she has and laugh. She said she would even ask guys who were fucking her if they wanted her hubby to taste their cream, she laughed saying every singly one said yes. It turned most of the guys on. Both mates and guys I didn't know.

It brought back a memory, a married slut gave me a blow job once in the car. I remember asking her to give her husband a deep kiss when she got home, I wanted her hubby to taste my cum in her mouth. So I knew this was a turn on. Domination thing?

Some years later not as bad as this my girlfriend and I were swapping dirty stories and she said she had once fucked her boss and went home to her boyfriend and had a dirty urge to fuck her boyfriend after, not bothering to clean herself up just get him to fuck her as she was. He didn't lick her cummy pussy but she says she had never felt so dirty and incredibly powerful as her boyfriend fucked her. She said after that she did it several times. It gave her a kick him thinking she was wet with excitement from him but in reality it was another guys load. She said he was blissfully unaware that he was only adding to the cream that was already there!

I would love to hear a female perspective on this, I have no reason to disbelieve my ex so I think that unwittingly yes I have tasted all of my mates. Is this something other girls have done? If so why? Is it a power trip, revenge or just a kick? Any info would be appreciated so I can get it straight in my head.

Thanks Steve