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dirty 3 some

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4 min
Published 6 years ago
It was a saturday night. Me and lisa reached the hotel room in tye evening to get ready for the mad night and make arrangements just in case we end up in a orgy. As my slut playmate was very horny and was expecting some hardcore. We had two nights with us. As soon as we hit the room and my manhood began to bulge. White girls mesmerize me. Lisa straight away undressed herself and I was in my jox. She pulled out my 9.5 inch black dick out of my jox and started slobbing him in her mouth. In a fraction of a second I was up. But there was a knock on the door. I asked who is it. A soft voice from the other side said "room service". I quickly put on my dick in my jox and opened the door. In front of me was this butiful busty redhead brit chick in the hotel uniform a tight shirt and a mini skirt. She says u ordered these drinks and I got them for u. She was pretty, petite with big boobs and nice ass. Had a british accent. And she said her name is Jess. She was very friendly and was loking at my bulge from my jox constantly. She asked do u want me to make these drinks for u? I said with pleasure. Lisa saw her and was wtering. Jess was gorgeous. Lisa went up to her and asked her in front of me..hey jess how r u and jess gave Lisa a kiss and said from her own side her shift is finishing and she can give us any help we want. Lisa asked her to join us and told her what we r up to. We took Jess to the bed room and the girls started kissing each other. My bulge could no longer stay in my jox as soon as I saw the girls in action. Jess str8 away was on to lisas shaved pussy. And was licking her madly. Then she saw my dick a black circumsized with a big head and a length of 9.5 inches. She was surprised and happy at the same time. Lisa and jess both started sucking on my dick and balls. And lisa told me I want to watch u and jess fuck. Jess was around 38 and 3 years older than me. She told us in a cheeky way I fucked so many dicks but to fuck a monster cock was her dream and this is a dream come true. So I slid open jess's boyshort panties and I saw red hairy pussy. Shewas a natural redhead. And her panty was wet. Lisa was on tue lounge playing with a dildo. I took jess in a 69 she on top and I slowly tasted her pussy. It taste good. She started giving me a real sloppy blowjob. I was licking her pink pussy slowly and then started sucking her clitoris and played my tongue every part of her pussy. Within minutes jess squirted m thick white pussy juice on my mouth. She was completely wet and I jumped on her in amissionary and put my dick in her tiny pussy. As I was humping her harder she was going crazy. I could feel how wet and juicy her pussy was. Then I turned her around and did her doggie. Fucked her pussy for about 30 mins and then I took my dick out of her pussy and slid it slowly in her arse hole. She wasnt expecting that and I was in her arse. She was crying in pain and I put my dick in her arse pulling her hair. She could not take my dick in her arse for much longer and I stoped when she pleaded. Then she sucked me and she rode on me. She could not take all my dick in her pussy. But I fucked her hard. Seeing this Lisa came as well. And as soon as I was about to come jess pulled me towards her and I dumped my first load inside her pussy. A lot of it came out as I shoot heaps in her pussy. This was just the beginning of the night...

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