Written by A and B

19 Aug 2018

A couple of mornings ago I woke up at about 4am, my cock was aching and was almost about to burst. I had woken from a dream where I had a doctors appointment for a check up. As the doctor called me into his office I was asked to go into my boxers and lay face down on the bed, after having my back checked I was asked to sit up and face forward as I did this my cock sprung up, I was embarrassed but the doctor said not to worry. The next part of the check my boxers had to come off, as I sat there now with my boxers off my cock was aching and pulsating it was so hard, as the doctor checked down near my balls I could feel pre cum coming from my cock. The doctor then moved my cock to the side and that made me cum, The first bit of cum dribbled out followed by spurts of cum shooting out, as I came I noticed the shape of the doctors cock had got considerably bigger in his trousers. At this point I woke up with a very hard cock, after thing about my dream I lay back stroking my cock thinking about what may have happened next.