13 Nov 2019

One of the most amazing sex experiences I have had is fucking a woman doggie style whilst having two fingers inside her ass, rubbing my cock in her vagina through the walls of her ass. I have done this several times with several partners and it has been amazing for both partners. I have found most women I have been with have not tried anal sex much, and many are reluctant to do so for a range of reasons. Many think it is just dirty, and others concerned about contracting a urinary tract infection from contamination. In sex doggie style I am often tempted by the ass, and ask if its OK for me to put my fingers inside their ass. Sometimes they agree, and starting first with one finger I try, if their ass is wide enough, to see if two will fit. Two gives me this amazing opportunity, and is far better than one. With two fingers you can slide one down each side of their ass, rubbing the top and sides of your cock as you fuck their pussy from behind. Apparently for the woman it is an amazing feeling, and I can assure you it has always been for me too. For women I am told that is it very filling, with the stretched ass and filled pussy combining to give an amazing overflowing sensation where both holes are stretched to capacity. For me it has always been sensational as it gives me an opportunity to rub my own cock inside their pussy, through the wall of the ass. Especially sensitive if I can rub the rim of my knob while it is inside them fucking. This is astonishing and an absolute delight. It is very hard to control yourself and not cum immediately it is that good. Women I have shared this with have always been instant converts to anal, and have asked me for this combination time and time again. It is one of the most delightful experiences I have shared.