Written by Hotnhard4u

7 Sep 2017

True story. A couple contacted me to ask if I wanted to meet up for outdoor sex that evening. After verifying they were genuine, I arranged to meet them down on the beach near the Surf Club. There were two conditions - 1) I had to treat her respectfully and 2( oral only. To be honest, I was a bit nervous & still had a few doubts as to whether they were real. As I approached a cluster of rocks I noticed a shape moving in the darkness. Once I got closer I could see a woman in a loose flowing dress sucking a guy's cock hanging from his pants. They smiled at me as I approached and she wasted no time getting my cock out of my pants. She then took slowly teased my cock with her tongue while looking at me in the eyes. She had a great blow job technique and you could tell loved oral. Swapping between me & her partner, she slipped out of the top half of her dress while her husband exposed her pussycat for me. He invited me to help finger her as she blew us. She was very wet and started to moan as I rubbed her clit. By this stage, I was ready to cum and blew across her face & tits. "Want to eat her out" her husband asked? She got on her back, spread her legs for me and continued to suck his cock. I looked around half expecting that someone was watching. The thrill of bring caught was very exciting. She was incredibly wet and I loved the way she was rocking her body to my tongue. I kept rubbing her clit with my fingers as her wet pussy smeared my face with juice. She sounds around doggy and her husband came around from behind and started fucking her. My cock was hard again by this stage so I moved in front of her and let her take my cock again in her mouth. 2nd time around was more urgent, more intense - you could tell she was cumming by the way she was driving her pussy back onto her husband's cock. She had a very hard, heavy orgasm with my cock deep in her mouth and it wasn't long before I started cumming again - this time in her mouth with her husband watching excitedly. We spun around 69 and again her husband fucked her while I was licking her clit. She came again quickly, this time pumping my cock slowly with her hand and a mouthful of my cum....amazing night...and did it again with them at a different location, but that's another story!