28 Jul 2019

Cheers all. This actually happened yesterday. On Friday night, I had attended my first ever private swingers party (That will be another story later tonight). This story starts Saturday morning, at around 9am, as follows:

I had got to bed at 4am; but true to form, had woken early(ish). I threw on some trackies, a shirt and my ugg boots; grabbed a coffee and went outside for a smoke. Although I had only slept 3-4 hours, I was feeling pretty good after an awesome night; fulfilling the last fantasy on a list, that had taken me over 10 years to check. It was a nice morning. Not too cold. No wind. A little cloudy. I looked across the car park and saw a girl sitting, having a smoke. I always like talking to people; anyone. So a strolled over. "We are a dying breed, us smokers". She looks up from her phone, smiles and replies "That we are." She gives me a little body length look. I saw no ring. Hmmmm.

She had thin rimmed, sexy black glasses; that really suited her. Blonde/brown hair. Nice, thick and healthy. Unkept at that time of the morning. I immediately got a sense that this girl owned her shit i.e. she didn't give a fuck about how she looked, at this time of day. That got my attention. She was petite; about size 6. No arse to speak of. Gorgeous athletic legs and arms. She was wearing a jacket, so I couldn't see her boobs. Brown eyes. Thin but firm face. I would say she was around 40. She had great skin for a smoker. There was an aura of intelligence about her that grabbed my attention.

I was still about 08 and knew I couldn't drive for another 3-4 hours. I was going to my brothers later to cook a tuna casserole for dinner and catch up with him and his kids. Oh well; all good plans are destined to be broken!

"Why are you here?" She asks. "Oh, I went to a swingers party last night; not far from here." "Really?" She states. "I've often wondered about that. What was it like?" "It was my first one. I was fulfilling a fantasy. It was fucking awesome". She became very interested. I sat down on the side of the car park next to her. We started chatting like old friends. Have you ever connected with a stranger, so quickly, that you didn't realise it was happening, until later?

Two hours flew by. We had chatted non-stop. We had shared photos and videos. We had enjoyed a few sambuca coffees. Then a vodka coffee. Then a vodka shot. Oh well. I wasn't going to drive anywhere, soon. This is when I get to a cross road. I need to decide whether to pull up, or allow the situation to flow and follow my senses. I went with the latter. I had plenty of sex the night before. That was not driving my interest in the situation. It was her. (What a load of fucking bullshit Adrian...!!!! You can never get enough!) What a power house this chick was. Intelligent. Witty. Open. Swore like a tradesman; on the other hand, spoke English, like the Queen.

She had businesses, She owned real estate. She was an accountant and worked in youth support. She was obviously wealthy. That meant virtually nothing to me. I value financial independence. All that means to me, is I won't have to carry her. In that first two hours, sex came up in conversation as often as anything else. But there was little or no mention of any plan between us. I knew she was like me. She rocked and rolled through life, not preempting anything. Letting it all flow. Her phone had been quite active with friends; calling, texting and so on. She had a possible date, with a guy she had met on a dating site [I assumed]. They were meant to catch up later that day. Although I tried not to, I know I must have influenced the outcome, I am about to explain.

She swapped a few texts with him. The messages were not rapid. "I would rather spend the day with you", was her position [referring to me]. She gave him an ultimatum, to text her a time and place. "If he doesn't get back to me in 8 minutes, he's history". Nothing came back. I know it was selfish of me, but this made me excited. I already really liked this girl. After that, we got a little closer. Like putting our arm around each other. Touching thighs. We had a few pecky kisses. Just feeling each other slowly. By 12noon; my cross road was starting to test me. I love partying like this, when I don't have to work the next day. There had been suggestions in our conversation, of getting more grog. I had plenty. So did she, but we were referring to tonight. We were already contemplating the idea of getting together for the night. I felt like I was free-falling; or space walking. She was so open and to the point, in everything; I mean EVERYTHING. It was so refreshing. I was loving it.

By 4pm. We had gone past the point of no return. The first time we hit the queen bed; this is how it happened. No words were spoken. We just both new. I took her in my arms and kissed her. I could easily lift her above my head. Such a beautiful taste. There was a little urgency about our undressing. We climbed in and got skin on skin. Her boobs were perfect. Not huge; but perfectly shaped with healthy red nipples, pointing straight out. When I played with them; with my mouth and tongue, it made her arch her back and moan. Down I went. When I licked her belly button, she giggled. I went further. Ohhh...my. Such a young looking pussy. So exquisite. Perfectly waxed. Medium outer labia. Medium inner labia. Medium clit. Clean everywhere. Just so appetizing. But the best is yet to come.

I got her legs back and went for it. I started on her clit. Not too hard or fast. Her arms caressed mine and she started to moan. I went a little harder and faster. More moaning and writhing. She started squeezing me with her arms. "Ohhhh... that's nice". I moved my mouth further down to her pussy and tongued the opening; using my thumb to keep massaging her clit. Then further down to her anus. Yummm. So clean and little. I tongued there for a while. She liked that too. By this stage, my cock was fucking rock hard and I was struggling to not jump right in. Fuck it. I moved back up; spread her legs; got into missionary on my knees and elbows, with my hands holding her head. I reached down and got my cock. I found her and positioned him for action. I pushed. She was tight. In this position, it is difficult for a guy not to keep pushing. But I know not to, because it causes pain later. I spat on my hand and lubed the end of my cock and went in again. "You are too big for me" "I'm not that big". Shit I am only 7 1/2 inches. But I am thick and she was tiny. "Please let me try again. " This time he entered no problem. I started moving slowly. She started reacting straight away. I went deeper and starting moving a little faster. She started pushing against me; wanting more. I honored that by pushing all the way. We then started fucking properly. Oh fuck me; We were perfect for each other. She felt so good. The itch had started. "I'm going to come soon" I told her. She looked into my eyes. "YES!!!" I starting really pumping. She wrapped her legs around me and matched my efforts. I exploded into her, which made her have a huge orgasm or her own. Her body felt so so good in every way.

We stayed in the room after that. The heater was on 30. She - STOP. Let's call her Tess. "Let's have a real party" Tess exclaims. "I need to go back to my room and get a few things". Our clothes were spread all over the room. We would have easily made a teenager's room look like an "open for inspection". "Use my trackies". I got her some clothes from my bag. She returned a while later with her stash. A nice smoke of the floral kind. Then into the top shelf Voddy. "This cost $120" Tess claims, as she holds up the bottle. I am rarely impressed by what people spend. What impresses me is quality. I grabbed the bottle off her and took a swig. Yep. It was worth every penny. I took another swig.

I don't remember what time we finally finished and fell asleep. The next morning and next day was the best.

No matter how hard or how late I party, I always wake early. I was awake watching her sleep. She was snuggled against me lying on her back. Her mouth was slightly open and she was snoring like a steam train. I never interrupt someone when they are snoring; because it signifies deep sleep. I dozed again for a while. The next time I awoke, Tess was in the same position; but now her mouth was closed. She was breathing through her nose and peaceful. I don't know why; but I have a huge care factor. Seeing her so safe made me very happy. I decided to get up. I got dressed, made a coffee and prepped to go outside for a smoke. The room looked like the entire 2nd world war had repeated itself. There were cig butts everywhere. Ash piles on the floor, where the ashtray had fallen. Empty beer and wine bottles - and an empty sambuca and voddy bottle; not to mention a nearly empty gin bottle. Unfinished food. All the bins were over-flowing.

I cruised outside with my phone and sat down. I had a couple of smokes; drank my coffee and surfed my phone. I was sitting just outside the door, which I had left open. I could hear her stirring. I went back inside, closing the door. Tess sat up and stretched. "Morning honey" from her. "Hi. How'd you sleep?" "Very well thank you. Come here" I obeyed. We cuddled and kissed. "I want you to make slow love to me". I didn't need convincing. I got all my gear off and slid under the covers; embracing her warm, beautiful body. Our skin contact was more aphrodisiac in effect, than necessary for me. Tess turned me over onto my back and held my arms behind my head. She kissed me then moved to my neck. I'm still not that flash at receiving. A twenty year marriage with a control freak, who saw sex as only necessary to procreate; was the main reason.

Down she went. Her mouth touched my cock at his base. She took one of my balls and sucked. Then the other. Then both. I kept my arms behind my head. Her mouth moved to the head of my cock. She used one of her hands to push against that spot between my balls and my arse. It was so, so erotic. Being early in the scheme of things, we both wanted to move to the next step, without exploring that step for too long. Intercourse felt so good with her; that was all I could think about. I grabbed her in my arms and lifted her, turning her over. She automatically opened her legs and held me; leaning her head back to look into my eyes. This time, I got the lube and poured a generous amount onto her pussy; spreading it with my right hand. I then took the same hand and guided my cock to her. This time, he penetrated easily. She was still lovely and tight; but not enough to pose a problem. I layed down on her; with my weight on my elbows and knees and started to fuck slowly. Oh, oh, oh. She felt soooo good. "You fit me perfectly" Tess states. She held me tightly as I started thrusting harder and deeper. Lovely noises from her and her first orgasm. I slowed and held her face in my hands; looking deeply into her eyes. Her eyes returned, with a pure oxytocin stare. I started thrusting again. I was at that point, where my orgasm was waiting; just underneath the surface. Available whenever I wanted. I WANTED.

"Where do you want me to come?" "Wherever you want baby". I loved her pussy so much; I couldn't leave it. I made my decision and started to fuck her hard. Ooooohhhhh. Tess was getting loud. The itch started. I found her mouth and sucked her tongue into mine. My orgasm started to build "I'm going to come..!!" "Yes, baby. Fill me up please" I went deeper, faster and harder. I could feel the head of my cock hitting her cervix and pushing past into her deep spot. She was right. We matched each other perfectly. Then the tsunami hit us both. We orgasmed simultaneously, together. I pumped and pumped into her. This heightened her own response. We both screamed in ecstasy.

A little later: "Make me squirt please honey". I got into position; put more lube onto her and inserted two fingers. I normally use three; but she is not big enough for that. Her vaginal sponge is closer than most other girls I had felt. This made it much easier for me to find "the spot"; which is just past the sponge. I started slowly. Tess started rubbing her own clit. Such a turn on for me. "Faster please". I honoured her request. Her orgasm started. She began rubbing herself faster. "Put a finger in my arse please". I knelt back to balance and inserted a finger into her arse, from my left hand and started to fuck her with it. This was exactly what she needed. Out came the squirt oil.

We cuddled for some time. Simply enjoying the after glow of our love making. I use this term, because although we had only known each other for one day; I knew we were going to get closer. I asked her "Are we going to see each other again?" "Yes baby. I want you in my life".

- Epilogue -

It was over as quickly as it began .... lol. Such is life and I love mine.