Written by Happy husband

9 Mar 2017

My wife Donna is 40 years old but you wouldn't know it. She jogs every morning and goes to the gym most days. She is five foot four, has shoulder length black hair and medium sized breast on a tight body. We live in a small town of around 3000 people. She works at the local hospital in administration. Donna is well respected in our town and was even on the town council for a few years. But Donna has a secret that no-one in our town knows. She loves to fuck young guys. They have to be between 18 and 20. I love it.

We never get guys from here but she has been fucked by about 50 young. guys in 5 years.

These are just a few of her adventures.

Donna advertises in Adult magazines. She got a reply from a guy named Tony from a nearby town. It's only an hour away. Tony was 19 and a builder's apprentice. He was blonde and said he had a 9 inch cock. He'd sent a picture and Donna was impressed. She arranged to meet him. What he didn't know was that I would be present.

I drove to the meeting point. Donna was wearing a short dress with nothing underneath. Her pussy was shaved and dripping in anticipation of the night's action. She went to meet Tony and 5 minutes later she arrived back at the car and they got into the back seat. I drove home. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw Donna get Tony's cock out and commence sucking. She's a great cock sucker and can make a guy hold back for ages which is what she did . After half an hour she was naked and she and Tony were in a 69 position.

A half hour later I drove into our garage. Tony still hadn't come and he and Donna got out of the car naked and walked into the house. In the lounge, Donna immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking him again. He came in her mouth 5 minutes later. We then went into the bedroom where I sat in a chair as I watched Tony slide his young cock into her pussy. I watched for a bit longer and then went to the spare room and fell asleep listening to the sounds of pleasure coming from the other room.

Next morning, I went into our bedroom. Tony had left earlier by taxi. Donna informed me that he had come in her pussy 3 times and in her arse once. I fucked then fucked her hard.

Another time we had to go to a beach town to meet a 20 year old named Colin. We decided to make a weekend of it. We got in on Friday night and Donna immediately went to meet Colin. She was away for 4 hours and when she got back she told me that Colin had fucked her hard the whole time and had come in every hole. She also said that he was interested in getting a couple of his mates involved.

Saturday lunch time I met Colin with Donna and we arranged for his friends to come to his place. I had a video camera and filmed as Donna fucked 4 young guys. She was DP'd and fucked for hours.

We still watch it and the best part is seeing her with a cock in every hole at once and her with a smile on her face as it is happening.