Written by hungmilfhunter

14 Feb 2013

My mates parents are very sexually active. They arent afraid to risk being caught. And catch them I did.

I went to my mates house one day he had told me he wasn't going to be home when I got there but his parents would be. So I rocked up at the front door, no answer, knocked again. No answer, they must've gone out. I grabbed the spare key and went inside. I walked through the house and sat in the living room. his parents room is toward the back of the house about 15 metres from where I'm sitting. I was there for a few minutes and heard noise coming from the back of the house, so I got up and walked through the house to check. I got close to their bedroom and heard the noise coming from inside, the noises were unmistakable now, It was them having sex. Hearing my mates mum Mary moaning was kind of hot, and beginning to get me horny. She isn't the worst looking woman she short, relatively skinny, quite an attractive and a nice set of tits. Put it this way I'd fuck her. They don't know im there so I listen in for a few minutes and then decide to have a look so i slowly ease the door open a bit and have a look and unsurprisingly she is bent over the bed, ass in the air being licked out by greg. My cock starts to get hard, Im young and Im horny so I start to rub my cock slowly. Then slight opening the door a bit more get a better look and FUCK!! Ive swung the door open about a foot and Mary is looking straight at me. Im shocked though she waves me in he keeps going and then she directs me to the edge of the bed and asks if I want to watch. Of course I said yes and without hesitation I start rubbing my cock and then greg takes his cock which is one of the thicker cocks ive seen, almost as thick as a coke can but probably 6-7 inches. It was so fat, was such a turn on to see that fat cock penetrate mary from behind that I took my cock out. Mine is a bit longer then greg's not as thick but still thick enough and about 8 inch. I stroked my cock while watching them fuck for about 10 minutes before mary told me to fuck her tits while greg fucked her in missionary. The best titty fuck ive had she blew my load within 5 minutes all over her neck. She cleaned my cock and asked if I can get it hard again straight away. Greg started to lube up her asshole and then shoved his fat dick balls deep into her ass. I never expected them to be this dirty, mary sucked on my cock for a bit to get it hard again and told me to lie on the bed, then climbed on top of me and rode my cock before greg shoved his cock back in her ass. I could feel his big, thick cock sliding up her ass making her pussy extra tight. Me and greg both finished by blowing our loads on her nice tits. I regularly visit mary and greg when james isnt home best times ive ever had!