27 Dec 2017

I was 23 yo at the time and I was playing rugby for a club in the UK, the club that I was playing for had hosted a rugby team form America ..we played our game, had a pretty good win and then back to the showers and then onto the after match drinks with our new mates form the states.

After a few more drinks and discussing how the game went and how it was played differently in both country’s I was ask if I would like to play a season in the U.S but that would have to wait until I had finished the contract I had with club I was playing for...anyway a long story short I made the trip to the U.S in the Autumn of 93 and the season was just about to kick off, a few of my new team mates said that I could crash at their place and they would look after me.

So I end up playing my first game, I played pretty well and won player of the day so off we all went down to our local club house that was in fact the local bar call Al E Gators and it was tradition for the player of the day to drink 5 tequila shot in a row which I dewy did and then bought a round for the rest of the team.

The barmaid (Jane) that served me was a very hot 38yo, 5 foot 8, Blonde shoulder length hair, size C breasts (which the tight T shirt that she was wearing was showing them off very nicely) and a very athletic body and you could tell that she had been a athlete and still looked after herself.

Jane got me the drinks I had ordered and I thanked her & paid for them and told her to keep the change, Jane then thanked me for the $20 tip I gave her and ask me where I was from, I replied New Zealand then she replied that she had no idea where that was but really loved my accent and then lent over the bar and whispered in my ear that she would love to get to know me better.

We talked a few more times during the night and then I began to notice that while we were talking that her nipples were starting to get hard every time I talked to her as she was not wearing a bra, she was starting to get very touchy and even got as cheeky to pinch me a couple of times on the ass as she was walking around picking up the empty glasses form the tables.

By now it was getting close to 3am and most of my teammates had either passed out or gone home and one of my roommates & I was left there with Jane and a few of the other barmen, my roommate trying to get me to finish my drink so he could go home to bed, then Jane say’s that she can drop me off on her way home as it was on her way.

Jane locks up the bar and we start walking to her car which is parked a couple of blocks away and on the way we are chatting and I notices that her nipples were getting hard again so I stopped and grab her by the hand and pulled her close and gave her a little kiss on the lips, she responded with a kiss of her own and I felt her hand go around and start squeezing my ass, I responded as I had been wanting to feel how great her ass was and I wasn’t disappointed, Jane has a great body and the stiffy in my pants was testament to that.

We got as far as the car park before Jane had my pants down to my ankles and was sucking my dick and I though I was in heaven, I could feel I was getting close to Cumming and I was trying to get Jane to stop but Jane wanted to taste me so I emptied my load and Jane swallowed every drop, Jane stood up and gave me a kiss, I whispered to her that It was her turn so I picked her up and carried her over to the closes car I could find.

I pulled her pants down to expose a very juicy wet shaven 38yo pussy and was ready to be licked, I waste no time in getting between her legs to taste her juices, as I licked Jane started to moan and grabbing my hair and pull me in closer, she started to moan even loader the closer got to orgasm, I was sure that someone was going to catch us having sex in a public place but the thought of getting court was just adding to the excitement by now Jane was begging me to put my hard cock deep into her aching wet pussy, I slid her down from the bonnet of the car and lifted her up and guided my cock to the entrance of her dripping pussy.

I spread her pussy lips just a little so I can place the head off my cock just into her hole and then give her clit a little rub with my finger, that was enough to send Jane over the top and her started cumming and moaning, I push in a little more Jane shouting yes, yes, oh god yes as she let go and cum all over my cock and balls it was so hot that I couldn’t take it anymore and shot my load deep into Jane’s dripping pussy, we picked ourselves up and Jane dropped me off at home and we agreed to meet up a couple of days later for a repeat.

The next day Jane arrives at the house asking me if I would like to be her date at her cousin’s wedding at the weekend were her 19yo daughter was a bridesmaid, I said I would love to be her date as I was eager to have a repeat of the night before..so the day of the wedding arrives and Jane picks me up, as I still getting ready in my suit and looking rather fine if I might add (being 6 feet 3, broad shoulders, a nice pair of gun’s .. Oh to be young and fit again .. lol) I invite Jane to come in and wait, Jane ask if it’s ok that her daughter Kelly comes in as well as her is waiting in the car.. I said no problems.

I come out to where Jane and Kelly are waiting for me to find that Kelly is a younger version of Jane, maybe a little taller at 6 feet with the same Blonde shoulder length hair and perky size C breasts and you could mistake them for being sisters, Jane must have seen me staring at Kelly as when she walked up and gave me a kiss she whispered in my ear .. hands off...the wedding went off well and It was pretty late by the time we got back to Jane’s place and Jane had to be up early in the morning for work so Jane said that I could crash at her place for the night and Kelly could run me home in the morning.

Kelly & Jane both said goodnight and headed of to bed while I got nice and comfy on the couch as Jane didn’t want Kelly knowing that we had slept together, I kissed Jane goodnight and she when to her room, 20 minutes later Jane was back and leading me to her room where she had already had her vibrator at work and was just wanting me to fuck her hard & fast, I fucked her with all I had I’m sure that Kelly could hear us going at it like rabbits and when we had finish back to the couch I went but not before Jane told me that Kelly had told her during the night that she had a thing for me...6 am rolled around and Jane was up and heading off to work she kissed me and thanked me for a great weekend and said to get Kelly to drive me home when I was ready and off to work she went.

I had fallen back into a deep sleep only to be awaken with my cock nice and hard and a very hot naked 19yo stroking it, Kelly looks at me and say’s would you like to compare me to my mother, she slowly starts sucking on my hard manhood Kelly was so gentle licking around the head of my cock and slowly working the way down the shaft OMG this 19yo was so hot....I pulled her beautiful ass around while she was licking me so I could return the favour and I was wanting to know how good this young women tasted, her pussy like her mothers was nice and smooth and taste so sweet.

I started slowly teasing the outside of her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue, Kelly starts to buck around as the feeling was tickling her so I moved my tongue into the perfect grove and started to nibble on her clit, Kelly stopped sucking and let out a soft moan...I moved down and gently ran my tongue around her hole before going deeper Kelly breathes where getting deeper and faster, I moved back up and started flicking her clit and I hear Kelly saying OMG, OMG that’s so good I’m cumming, I’m cumming and then a loud moan as Kelly cum’s over my face.

I pull up lift her legs in the air and slowly work my hard cock into her tight 19yo pussy, I put the head of my cock just in side and rub it around Kelly starts moaning more and more I push in a little bit more then pull it out Kelly is begging me to go deep into her aching pussy which I do willing....Kelly lets out a big moan as she cum’s for the second time and that is enough to send me of the edge and I release my load deep into Kelly … OMG what a wake up call.

Kelly drive me home from one of the best weekends ever I give here a kiss as I jump out of the car, Kelly ask who is the best Mum or her .. I said that they are both as good as each other, Kelly give me another kiss and say’s to come over for another visit when Mum is at work.