Written by CougarTamer69

18 Jun 2013

Hello all, I just found this site and the stories- some great ones!

This happened about 5 years ago- I live in a capital city (won't say which one to protect the horny people involved LOL). I'm a fairly sharp dresser- love formal wear, suits etc, so I tend frequent the trendier menswear shops. I look younger than I am and I'm a shameless flirt and get flirted with because a lot of women think I'm gay- which I'm not I'm bisexual.

But I digress. There is one menswear shop I went to a bit too often (to both shop and perve) and I knew the manager (late 30's, blonde Eastern European, 6ft tall medium build, athletic, natural C cup, bright red lipstick, pouty lips) who always flirted with me and vice-versa but I never thought anything of it...

Until one rainy evening when it was late night shopping I went in and because the storm was so horrendous I was essentially one of very few customers in the whole mall. So I was making small talk with the manager who was giving all the classic signals of being interested- She was touching my arm a little too much, would brush her breasts against me when she walked past to get me a different size of what I was after, she "accidentally" dropped something in front of me and bent over in her very short skirt, wiggled her arse looked back and winked... I started to get a bit hard and so I held a jumper over my crotch area so as not to look too keen haha. Anyway, at this point the sales assistant walked in- about 19, looked like a mini Morticia Adams, D-cup, slightly Rubenesque body, Caucasian and she had her white business work shirt unbuttoned to inbetween her boobs. she flashed me a wink and jiggled her tits since I had just been caught out staring at them. Oops.

I went red and looked at the manager who said "I think you should go try on those clothes now". I said ok, thinking I've stuffed it, then she said "let either of us know if you need a hand" with the emphasis on hand- then she winked and whispered something to her assistant who giggled and licked her lips.

So I went into the change rooms, stripped off, happy to be able to get my cock out of my pants and start playing with myself after all of the tits and flirting, when I hear the manager say "do you need a hand?" I thought to myself might as well be cheeky , only got one shot and said "I always need a hand". She giggled and said "i'm coming in"- I said "Shouldn't I be saying that?" She giggled again and when she came through the curtains she saw my 7 inch semi-hard on and said "you're very naughty- you got started without me". At this point she dropped to her knees and started sucking my hardening cock, looking up every five seconds to see if I was enjoying myself. Well, I started moaning and tried to stifle my noise with my fist when she took my cock out of her mouth and told me that her assistant had put up a closed sign and shut the store for 30 minutes so I better make the most of fucking her and her assistant and make as much noise as I wanted. Being a smart arse i said "cum again?" She said you haven't started yet- I've been waiting for you to come in when it's quiet so I could suck you off in the dressing room- it's a fantasy of mine. Oh and she (the assistant) thinks you're cute too.

Next thing I know she strips off and I get to see her hot toned body, her large pink glowing nipples (thank you down lights) and her trimmed bush with thick pussy lips sticking out. At this point i go from semi to full hard on which starts to throb when the sales assistant walks in and in two moves she's naked too- big tits and red perky nipples at full attention, with a shaved pussy and pierced labia. Oh my.

I look shell shocked so they move out of the dressing room into the little hallway here the full length mirror is so we can all see the action. They give me my jacket as a pillow then they start making out with each of them grabbing my cock and slowly tugging it. Well, I'm trying not to cum with all my might when they change from kissing to taking turns sucking my cock and balls, licking and pinching my nipples. I got to grips with the situation and told them I needed to eat someones pussy. The manager said good idea, and motioned to her assistant to 69 me. Well, was her pussy hot and wet- my god... I started eating her out and sucking hard on her clit, flicking her piercing with my tongue and she started moaning, then she started sucking my cock in 69 while I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. About 2 minutes later she said oh god I'm cumming and had a shattering orgasm all over my face- I just kept on licking and sucking till she hopped off and told the manager it was her turn. The manager said I will, as long as you ride him. SO, the hot assistant moves over and hovers her wet lips over the head of my cock, rubbing it slowly her her piercing and I'mm squirming like no tomorrow when she grabs my cock and in one motion slides down to the hilt making us both moan. The manager then said my turn- and shoved her wet hairy pussy in my face which I ate out with gusto. I could hear the assistants tits slapping as she went up and down, and how wet she was from her wet squishy pussy, she was moaning so loudly, as was I and the manager, who started rubbing the assistants clit, sucking and pinching her nipples hard. We were all moaning away, all wet and squishy, the manager said she was about to cum and actually squirted all over my face. Seeing this the assistant came for a second time, I said oh jesus I'm cumming and came so hard I almost blacked out. The assistant rode me til I was soft, then the manager and I took turns eating out my cum from the assistants pussy, before they took turns cleaning up my cock. We took a breather for a second then I took turns eating out and fingering both pussies at the same time before I got hard again and took turns fucking each of them while they were in 69 and finally came in the managers arse and me and the assistant ate her out.

Sadly the time was up and they had to reopen the shop, so we all kissed as we dressed and they told me to "cum back" next week. I said I would but I'm travelling overseas for 6 weeks, but I'll be straight back here and left. When I got back from travelling I found out they had been moved to another store interstate which was struggling for sales- apparently after I left, the sales for that store went through the roof and they moved them there to boost sales. I can only imagine why LOL.