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Drunk wife

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Published 4 years ago
'tonight I'm getting drunk, and you can do whatever you like to me' came the text from Wifey. 'don't listen to me if I say Don't, No, Stop or any thing else. The safe word is pineapple, and remember that you can only do things to me that you would let me do to you!' I'll be in for a good evening as she can't say pineapple when she's drunk. I was working late so had planned to meet her at our neighbours. Friday night drinks and bbq, pretty casual and a good wind down for the week. A bit of flirting but no screwing around with the this group. She met me in the driveway with a beer, I'd parked the truck at home and walked down. She kissed me greedily and dragged me onto the front porch, away from the party in the backyard. She pushed me down onto an old couch and unbuttoned my jeans. I right I was in charge tonight I asked. I'm not drunk yet she replied before sucking my selling cock into her mouth. She played with my balls as she licked up and down my cock, occasionally deep throating me. Her fingers teasing my anus as she sucked me in deep. Soon my cock and balls were a soggy mess. She sucked my balls and licked my arsehole for the first time ever as she wanked me. When she could tell I was close to cumming, she to me back in her mouth. she took me right down her throat as she penetrated my arse. She found my prostate and I blew down her throat. She swollowed most of it, then kissed be deeply, I could taste myself and the sweet wine she had been drinking. 'Come join the party' she said as she strode away. 'I'll let you know when I'm drunk enough to go home'. I took a swig of beer, pulled up my pants and went to join the party.
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