16 Mar 2016

Thirty degrees or so near dusk i took my last stroll along the bay wasnt much swell the ocean glassy calm and clear just the scattered due hards left somerepacking the umm brella and eskies just splashing along maybe up to my knees my cock swinging nicely in rythmic thumps against my tanned thighs just the right amount of tumessence not to frightening up ahead u saw a lazing laughing happy couple ...my pupils dilated as i tried not to be to obvious when she said hi steve being an honest kind o guy told her my name which isnt steve "doesnt matter come and sit and join us"she was really lovely long brown legs with tiny blonde hairs on her thighs about thirty with an english accent and very good looking she poured me and her man a wine rilled a ciggy and totally engaged me david ill call him went for a swim and didnt invite us so u asked her would you like a massage fact is i wasnt really nervous and her skin was just beautifull to touch i indulged skillfully and slowly sliding the hawaiian reef oil man over the vally between her breasts and the straight do wn the centre of her belly and back to her puckered brown sun kisses nipples each time my fingers and hands slid along her body grew closer to her lips untill i reached her wet pussy she made small sounds in her throat and watched me trace her mojo over my own lips and wriggled her hips to me "come back with us to our room david was watching us and loved it so please do i kept my stroking and could feel sand granules so when he returned we took our rhing and started the climb up the huge steps to the car park and the eco lodge even the walking was divine she flirting with her man and watusi moving iin front of me