10 Jan 2016

Our swinging life is our own secret. Nobody knows, not family or friends. Well that was until…….

Kacie is only 22 and we have worked together for just over 3 years now. I never thought of Kacie as anything other than a work colleague although we have always got on well.

I knew that Kacie had pierced nipples and when I was thinking of having my nipples pierced, I asked her some questions about it. She thought it was just awesome that I was having them done and to my surprise she asked me if I wanted to see hers. I laughed it off and said” Well not right here “,as everyone was around and she said, ‘Let’s go into the storeroom then’. When we were in there, I was quite nervous that someone might come in and see what she was doing so at that time it was just a quick look. Oh how I really wanted to touch that perky little nipple and put it in my mouth as she lifted her shirt to show me. I had juices welling up in my pussy and my knickers were quite damp.

I still had no idea at this time what would become of this just a few weeks later. As far as I was concerned, Kacie was just showing me her piercings. Although thoughts had crossed my mind in my little fantasies, she was just a young girl who happened to be a friend.

Kacie must have sensed something, a change in me, although she is a very open girl. Every day, for the past year she has walked past me and smacked my bum. I had never taken it as anything but a joke. I just turn and smile and she gives me a cheeky smile and a wink.

On Wednesdays we always have a joke about it being hump day and Kacie and I say Happy Hump Day girlfriend to each other and rub against each other for a brief second. Again that was just part of our silly little thing we always did.

One day a couple of us went out for a drive at lunch time when a comment from Kacie had me wondering. We were just chatting about something and she said oh I’m bi anyway so it really doesn’t worry me.

I left it at that, but when we got back to work my mind ticked over endlessly all afternoon with erotic thoughts welling in my head, spending the afternoon with a very wet dripping pussy.

I would give anything at that moment to be back in that storeroom, licking her pussy and fondling her beautiful young boobs and sucking on those perfect perky little nipples.

I had to go to the ladies because I was starting to get the chair wet, so I headed to the ladies but I knew I needed some relief. In desperation I put one leg up on the toilet seat, and with my back against the wall I put my fingers in my pussy, pushing them in and out slowly at first, and then pumping my whole hand in and out very hard. What a mess, I had squirted all over the floor thinking about Kacie and what sneaky little adventures we could have during the working day.

I quickly cleaned myself up, and the puddle I had left on the floor and went back to work. Knowing that I was going to text Kacie when we’d finished work because there are too many people around to be chatting privately at the end of the day, I couldn’t wait for the working day to end.

Nervously I sent her the text, hoping that I hadn’t imagined or that Kacie wasn’t joking about being bisexual. For a quick moment I thought maybe I shouldn’t have sent it. It only took a minute or two and there was a text back saying yes I am bi, does that bother you?

I was so excited and kind of relieved to know that someone I worked with was also bisexual and understood those feelings as the other staff members, although they are lots of fun and share laughter and jokes, are quite straight (Well that I know of anyway) and I would never be able to share my experiences with anyone.

I replied straight away asking if she knew I was bi. She was so excited in her reply. OMG she texted, OMG that is just awesome, I had a feeling you were, you know Lisa is as well don’t you? Lisa is another colleague of ours who lives in the same house as Kacie. I had a very strong feeling but we never spoke about it. We work very closely together and she comes across as a strong independent woman who is a whole lot of fun. In fact I never even wondered who my Secret Santa was 2 years ago when I opened my present in front of everyone and there was a great whip for the bedroom. We all had a great laugh and it was only me who guessed who it was from and that it wasn’t a joke.

But now, back to Kacie. Both of us were so excited and just couldn’t wait to chat again the next day.

It is so difficult to catch a moment for a private chat and was quite frustrating, but all day long Kacie and I just smiled at each other and passed each other cheeky little looks. The usual bum smacking went on, only this time, her hand lay on my butt for just a second longer and as she walked past I stuck my butt out a little further to push myself (suggestively) but very lightly against her. Every now and then for the next week or so, a hand might accidentally brush against a boob or a soft touch on the thigh as we walked past each other.

Neither of us really spoke much more about it but both of us were quite happy in just knowing each other are bisexual.

One day I decided to approach Kacie with a question. I asked her if she would consider playing with Gaz and I at any time. Kacie has the approach to life that age is only a number and the fact that I am old enough to be her mother has never been an issue in our friendship.

She was very excited that I had asked her, and she had given it a lot of thought before I had asked. She has never and will not play with people she works since a bad experience a few years earlier when she was sacked from her first job after someone had seen her and a work colleague exchanging a passionate kiss, holding each other closely.

So we left it with that, just being good friends and exchanging cheeky looks was enough knowing that as well as a tight friendship we had a special bond between us.

We still took our usual drives at lunchtime to get away from things for an hour. One day, our other colleague was off sick so Kacie and I went for our usual drive by ourselves and decided it would be nice to sit in the park under a tree and have our lunch.

As I went to sit down, Kacie reached out her hand and grabbed mine. She placed my hand just inside her shirt and squeezed her soft hand around mine, guiding it to her nipple. I knew instinctively what to do; I squeezed and teased her nipple, gently pulling on the nipple ring. She took a deep breath and moaned as I squeezed on her nipple and with my other hand slowly undid her shirt, caressing her boobs. I undid her bra, slowly and gently sliding the straps down her arms and flicked it to the park bench. The sight of those beautiful breasts under the filtered sunlight was just amazing and I could see tiny goose bumps breaking out all over Kacie’s soft light skin. My hands moved down to her hips and I held her tight for a few seconds then lightly pushed her back as I moved my mouth over her boobs, kissing around then until my tongue found the nipples, licking and sucking lightly and rolling over the rings on them.

I could feel Kacie’s breath on my neck as she brought her face closer and started to kiss my neck lightly. I brought my face up to hers and as we gazed into each other’s eyes, the passion took over and we kissed, slowly and lightly at first and then hard and passionately. She slid her hand under my skirt and found my very wet knickers. She parted my pussy lips with her fingers and gently placed one , then two fingers in, and rubbing them around the lips and on the clit. The excitement when she found that I had a clit piercing must have been a bit much for her. She stopped and looked at me and said “OMG you never told me you had that done as well”. With a cheeky smile that only Kacie knows turns me on so much, she got down on her knees, ripped off my knickers and buried her head in my pussy, rolling her tongue around my clit and the bar. She was furiously sucking and licking, her tongue reaching deep into my pussy. As she slid her hand between my legs and with her magic al four fingers now in my pussy her tongue went back to my clit.

I was in heaven and had no care in the world. Time stood still as I stood there with Kacie on her knees in front of me licking my clit and pushing her hand in and out of my pussy. My juices gushed all over her face as I squirted with the force of a fountain.

Kacie was smiling up at me as she cleaned up every last drop of the juice dripping from my pussy and then stood up and put her fingers gently to my mouth saying to me, “Taste your beautiful pussy juice, take it from my fingers”. As I licked and sucked my own juices off her fingers, Kacie let out a huge moan. The excitement was too much for her, while she was on her knees , the seam of her jeans had been rubbing against her pussy and it was more than she could stand. With a shudder of her body I knew without asking that she had just cum inside her jeans. We were left speechless and laughed. How were we going to explain her wet patch on her jeans when we got back to work?

I said it was just as well it was winter and to tie her jumper around her waist, the sticky hair I had given her was more of a problem.

Both of us sat on the park bench, stunned at what had just happened on our lunch break. She said it was something she had fantasised about and thought would never happen, but when she realised we had the lunch break to ourselves, the thought of it took over and she felt so horny.

Suddenly we realised, back on Earth that we had to get back to work. It felt like we’d been in another world and out there for hours. It had only been half an hour of pure pleasure and heaven but was the best half hour we’d ever had together.

We said nothing to each other, just packed up our uneaten lunch, took a towel from the car and wiped her face with it, brushed her hair and had one quick but very sensual hug before getting in the car and heading back to work. My swollen pussy was wet with new juices just from thinking about our unplanned encounter.

When we walked into the staff room everyone was busy in conversation. Noticing us there, one of the staff members asked if we’d enjoyed our lunch. Kacie and I just smiled at each other and said yes thanks, it was lovely.