2 Jan 2018

She was away over Christmas in Vanuatu snorkelling and playing tourist so a catch up had to happen.The Elf has broken up with her long time live in partner Casie for a couple of months.She is so cute and even drinks Great Northern about five four so I always feel big and masculine around her.She is smart with flashing big brown eyes and razor wit.So we get on like a house on fire as we fire laughs at watch other until she starts dancing across the kitchy ya ya ...New tears day I have to join in and we itchy yaya a few times throw the rock n roll clutches and she presses against me in a hug and kisses my cheek....and stays there ...I know she can feel my cock through my swim shorts pushing into her thigh and belly... "I haven't fucked a man four six or so years" she whispers to me ...."do you think we could". I slid to her knees and put NY head under her dress and grasping her buttocks kissed and bit her through the plain white cotton

...she was wet so I pushed them aside she was big when I sucked her into my mouth and just kept the vacuum around her clit and lips as she rocked against my face moaning and I thought close to orgasm then she pulled away took my cock in her hands and slid me into her ....