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Embarrassing my wife

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3 min
Published 8 years ago
My wife put a couple of stories up so thought I would let everyone know about some of the fun I have with her. She knows me pretty well so if she is game enough to wear a skirt when we are going somewhere there's a fair chance I'll pull it up at some stage. I've lost count of the amount of times I've let people behind us see her knickers . I especially love doing it when she is wearing a g string and letting everyone see her white bum cheeks. I also enjoy pulling down any loose tops or pants she is wearing. I have Pantsed her in public many times my favourite was a couple of months ago in a bunnings car park there was a few people around mostly males and I felt like having abit of fun so I set it up by getting her to hold our stuff while I pretended to be trying to get the keys out. She was just standing by the boot of the car and I swiftly lunged at her and yanked her track suit pants down and although it wasn't my intention as abit of a bonus I got her undies as well. So there she was with her pants down around her ankles all embarrassed trying to cover her naked bum and fanny and she couldn't even just throw the stuff down and pull them up as she was holding glass products. So she's trying to put the things down and pull her pants up and foolishly yelling at me and telling me off is only causing more people to turn and look to see what is happening. I got a thrill seeing her embarrassed and all these people looking at her bare ass and pussy. She was obviously not as happy as me about what had happened but I recall another time a few years ago I really angered her. We were on holidays and doing abit of shopping at a large shopping centre again we were in the car park and I thought it might be fun to pull her top open as I knew she wasn't wearing a bra ( being lazy on holidays and it was fairly hot ). So basically I'm walking along side her and I just reached over and pulled at each side of her shirt. I pulled quite firmly with both hands and got the desired result most of the buttons popped off and I got the shirt back past her shoulders so it was tits out for all to see. But Her reaction was anything but expected she went off at me like I have never seen before again yelling and screaming even trying to hit me will her boobs flopped around for all to see. One couple rushed up to help I think they thought she had been raped or something. Some would say her reaction was justified but even I didn't know exactly what had angered her so much so I'm apologising for exposing her breasts to everyone and she calms down and tells me she's not too bothered about that but I had just ripped the buttons off and actually torn part of her new and apparently quite expensive shirt. And I had no doubt the whole exposed boobs thing wasn't the main reason for her anger as she made me accompany her back in to the shops and buy her a couple of new tops. So I had to shop with what must have looked like a crazy lady who had gone out in a ripped top that didn't cover much ahh fun times still worth it though.

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