Written by snowcave

19 Nov 2013

I dropped in at CX-Thomastown at around 1pm on Monday last (18th Nov 2013). Had a bit of fun - I went to the back to let my eyes adjust to the dark and noticed what I thought was an Asian girl in the middle seat of the three seats in the very back. I watched for a little while, she had her pants down and was gently masturbating. Next to her on the side close to the wall was a man, also wanking but not touching her. While I watched a man in a suit came in, sat next to her for a bit, but again, didn't touch her. He got up after 10 mins or so and left.

At this opportunity I moved over and sat next to her. She didn't move away so I reached over and touched her bare thigh (and got a closer look, not an Asian girl, Caucasian, slim, mid to late 30's). She moved her hand away from her pussy and I moved mine in, she moaned a little, as I pressed my finger into her. Feeling encouraged by her willingness, I moved in front of her, pulled down her pants and knelt between her legs. She gasped as I slid my fingers into her and licked her clit. She had a very clean tasting pussy and closely cropped pubic hair - lovely!

I noticed more of the men crowding around as I slid a second finger into her and rubbed up against her g-spot while flicking and licking her clit with my tongue and thumb. I must have been at it for around 10 minutes or so, eventually working three fingers into her and she came a couple of times.

She started to ask the men around her to come on her belly, and it seemed that she was running out of time (back to work?), so while the other men spent themselves onto her tummy I stood up, and did the same, firing my pent up seed onto her, gasping with the intensity of my orgasm.

I walked away to get my breath then went to the toilet to clean up - my face and hand was covered in her juice. When I finished cleaning up (if you know the cinema, you'll understand) and I walked out of the toilet she walked past, got into her car and drove away - I pondered chatting to her, but thought better of it.

If you're around here, mystery lady, thank you, and I hope it happens again some time!