Written by Turtlefins

14 May 2018

A few years back after much personnel deliberation I decided to search for a NSA friend with benefits, to supplement the limited sex life at home. As it turned out I got really lucky.

I tried various websites and a few bars and eventually linked up on a website with a woman who was separated with two older children and looking for something similar to me. We communicated for a few weeks before deciding to get together the following week when business would bring her to my town.

The first meeting was really stressful as I waited for her text to tell me which room she was in. Should I / shouldn’t I – is this real? But then the phone beeps – there is the room number and I head off to see what’s behind the first door.

When she opens the door and ushers me quickly in I glimpse a beautiful late 30’s maybe mediterranean woman. Dark thick hair, olive skin and dark glinting eyes and an amazing body covered by a tight short dress. Wow

We sit together on the couch and chat and try to get to know each – share why we are here. But it’s only ten minutes before she says “would you like to have some fun now”. I reply “yes” as my cock realizes this is really going to happen and wants out in the open now.

She stands and turns indicating that I need to help with the zipper on her dress which I willingly do and I get my first glimpse of the beautiful body inside that dress. She turns and tells me to get undressed and wait on the bed as she heads for the bathroom. In a few seconds I am there, naked and semi erect waiting.

She returns from the bathroom in lace bra and g string and stops at the end of the bed to remove those last few items. Naked now and deliciously beautiful, completely shaved and full voluptuous breasts – my cock twitches as she leans down and careses it with her breasts until I am fully erect. A condom comes from the bedside table and is expertly placed on my cock with her mouth before she goes to work on that hard shaft switching between the knob and swallowing the whole thing.

I cant take it and tell her to lay down so that I can get to work on her, starting with those beautiful beasts and nipples while my fingers stroke her gorgeous pussy and find it already wet. I have to taste that and work my way down to explore with my tongue searching her beautiful pussy, but she has other ideas and pulls me up to her face, wraps her legs around me and in one swift move guides me into her thrusting pussy.

She’s pushing up hard, frantic already starting to cum as I try desperately to control my own orgasm. She cries out “ Cumming” and I follow, exploding with her thrusting as deep as I can while her pussy squeezes and milks me of the last bit of cum.

Now, I’m embarrassed because the whole wonderful act lasted 5 minutes, but she is gasping and thanking me because its been so long since she had a great orgasm. So I ease out of that tight pussy and roll her over so I can massage her back and arse – and what a wonderful arse it is – my cock is immediately interested hoping he will get to play there.

But I slow things down working my hands into her shoulders and around her spine plus down inbetween her cheeks and down to her thighs. Her breathing calms a little but her butt lifts as start to concentrate on her pussy with my fingers delving into her wetness and then use my tongue to search out her tight little arsehole but she jumps and gasps in surprise when I reach it so I back off not wanting to push too hard.

I do finally get to work her pussy over with my tongue as she willingly lifts her hips and spreads her legs. She is devine, a beautiful pussy a taste treat and I bury my tongue into her searching for all the sweet cum that I can reach, before I move onto her hard exposed clit. She gasps encouragement as I lick, suck, tease and push that sensitive button around.

I’m desparately trying to control her orgasm – I want to get her as high and excited as I can – enjoying her gasps, groans and then “please” as her arse is thrust upwards to stay in contact with my mouth. When I think she is at the point of no return I push two fingers into her wet pussy and at the same time push a finger against her arse and suck her clit bringing her to orgasm, her whole body twitching, gasping, thrusting riding that high.

As she slowly comes down I take my opportunity to put my tongue against her tight little brown hole, tickling, teasing tasting her. There is a small sigh and sound of resistance but there is no fight in her and I get my reward and lay the ground work for the next time we meet.

And we do meet again and we have regular meetings that I hope to share with you.