3 Jun 2016

I like to catch up with my wife in a hotel bar, somewhere nice, especially after she has spent the afternoon with a new guy here from Swingers. We usually have a quiet drink or two, whilst we chat.

The conversation is always all about just having another man between her legs and his ravaging of her soft body. It is just such a turn on for me to know that fresh new cum is sweetly buried within her body. All the while she is sat against me, naughtily, cheekily, telling me about the guy, his rigid cock, screwing her, burying himself "balls deep" inside her open and willing pussy, all his wanton sexual attention and his use of her pliant body.

She shares every orgasm in detail, her's and his. As she talks, she will press my hand to her moist gussett and I will feel the warm creamy spunk, thickly oozing out of her pussy, staining her panties.

When we get home, we are so excited, I always get into bed first while she strips herself to just her panties, and then stands beside the bed for me to appreciate. I can clearly see the huge wet stain spread in her panty gussett, and her still swollen pussy lips bulging inside her cute little panties.

My hands, my lips and my tongue are drawn to explore the sweet liquids within...