Written by instedofgym

9 Nov 2009

I had a loose end on a business trip to a country town, and began to explore this site to find some interesting conversation, and a little excitement.

Having had some foursome experiences with same room, and separate room experience - I knew that swinging could be very arousing. Then I had watched my friend gently lift out the cock of a local doctor, while I undressed and stroked his wife's proud and urgent breasts.

So when I came across this country town couple, with no pictures - but an advert that ran something like " care to wind down with a mature bi-couple in the garden spa - and see what develops". No pictures and total discretion guaranteed.

I had been hitting the gym, so parts of me were in shape, so with some nervousness I made a date for a Friday night "business meeting" and dinner.

After exchanging mobile numbers and addresses,I negotiated the hire car to the driveway of a small well cared for cottage in a battleaxe block. Mrs Bi - an attractive 50 something teacher, with a lovely smile,waved to me as she strode briskly to close the gate behind me. Mr Bi - a local public servant welcomed me with a glass of wine, and a chat in their renovated lounge room.

They had been a couple for a few years, and had discovered swinging, and he had discovered his bi side. Mrs bi was very comfortable with this - and she was a happy camper - provided that she got a share of the cake too.

The garden was lit softly - and we undressed each other, while taking our SSB's to the spa.

Mrs B loved to watch - so it was incredibly sexy to see her part her thighs and masturbate next to us, while we sucked each others cocks.

more to come