28 May 2015

I love this sexy image… exquisite pain… then exquisite pleasure… then a whole lot of sweating bewilderment… that was me when I first started letting Ric fuck my arse… I was amazed at the many intense sensations I had, as he does my arse, the totallity of it all, the stretching juicy anal complexity. There I was, at one moment, holding my hand up saying… no, no noooo… then dropping my hand back down onto the bed and finding myself saying yes, yes yessssss! Not calling out too loud, not exciting Ric to much. I’d learned that in the beginning… a , slow entry and fucking, nice and gentle is what my arse needs, but as soon as I am open, Ric can so arse fuck my tight brown hole, once he is worked deep in, he can do me real hard! I will work my orgasm button and or finger myself, just depends on the kind of mood Ric drives me too! I either clench my pussy tightly on my fingers and cum as Ric fucks my arse hard or I try to relax, softly working my button. This is for Ric, so that I don’t squeeze my arse any tighter than it already is, fingering myself, it relaxes me, means Ric can last a bit longer… but beware because as I orgasm… my arse will get even tighter than it is, than it all ready is! I squeeze both my sex holes around my fingers and Ric’s cock… I am biting my lip, trying not to scream out too loud… Ric is almost more cock than I can handle…but he feels so fucking delicious, I am cock intoxicated…

Ric explodes, shooting his ball fluids, deep inside me, grinding and pounding my arse hard, I nearly collapse as Ric's cock swells so large, can my arse take all this cock? Then I feel his thick creamy flow coat the walls of my dark tube, I am his, I want all his come to fill my arse, it is such a hot creamy load, I feel Ric slow his fucking, his cum in my arse is delicious, I feel Ric withdraw his cock and wipe it gently on my arse cheeks, wasting nothing,

I am delirious, I collapse in a heap, the cat who swallowed the cream! (Truthfully pumped full of it!)