2 Jan 2016

Our life experiences have definitely opened our eyes and minds to the many pleasures that life has to offer and it has certainly enhanced our already healthy sex life.

I am a pretty (or so I am told), have a rounder figure and great curves, I'm early 50's, brown shoulder length hair with bigger, natural breasts and an arse my husband loves to pound. Both my husband and I really enjoy sex of all types and we hope to continue that enjoyment for many years to come.

One of the things that really turn’s us on, as we fuck, is the idea of me being the centre of sexy attention, between him and other men. We love the idea of them really going through me. Now me being a normal sexy woman, I have a very healthy sex appetite, I can't say that that idea hasn't crossed my mind, or been in my mind's eye wilder fantasy, one or two times (maybe a few more, than that, ha-ha.) as we have been vigorously amorous together. But up until a couple of months ago that's all it was, just steamy imagined sex talk. That all changed and the following is an account of just what happened.

After hearing me boldly ask for it, directly from my own naughty lips, as I lay with my husband in bed one day, he was now searching Swingers Heaven for a single male to help make my two man “fuck fantasy” a reality. After nearly 30 years of marriage, he certainly knows what I find attractive in a man - a refined, sexy guy, who knows how to treat a lady like a lady in public, but is ready, willing and able to get down to very sexy orgasmic business in the bedroom.

Then one evening, not so long ago, my husband talked about going out that coming Saturday night for a sexy evening of fun. I took that to mean that either we would be attending a sex club or would go into one of the local pubs; for him, I would will always wear a short, accessible, sexy skirt or dress, heels, lacy cute panties.... and nothing else. My husband loves it when I "accidentally" flash my lace panties or pussy to unsuspecting men and we both really enjoy checking out their reactions, not letting on to them, that we are well aware of what I was doing. My husband and I later will go home to a grinding, steamy and wet, night of sex. I've got to say that the thought of all those strange men masturbating, while they're thinking of my pussy display and fantasising about fucking me, is a great turn on, gets my juices flowing, and I always have great orgasms as my sexy husband rides my body and drills me hard.

For this particular evening my husband had my pussy freshly trimmed, leaving only a small brown triangle. I wore a short, cotton flower print dress and heels, of course the mandatory, lacy white panties. We went to a pub far from our house and the place was fairly crowded.

I seemed to catch the eye of a very attractive man sitting at the bar. He appeared to be in his mid-40's, was very handsome, quite an athletic build and a real look of confidence about him. I didn't say anything to my husband but I noticed that this gent seemed to be blatantly checking me out. After a while the stranger walked over and stood near our table and struck up a conversation. He introduced himself and he told us that he was supposed to be meeting a friend but it appeared that he had been stood up. My husband politely invited him to join us; I didn't have any objections. After a while, they both took turns dancing with me. As my husband and I were on the dance floor, he told me that our friend was in fact, a guy that he had met on line and that they had been messaging one another about this meeting. My husband asked me if I was upset about it? I replied that I was thrilled he had remembered my request and that I found the new man to be quite sexy. We both decided to play out the evening and see where it would lead. After one particular dance with the new man, a slow song came on. He looked a little unsure about what to do, so I pulled his hand to just above my arse, but he could feel my underwear, and began slow dancing against him. He was very respectful, but as our bodies touched and swayed to the music, I couldn't help but feel his cock stir. I felt a bit naughty, by now, and very subtly moved and brushed against his emerging hardness whenever I could, I was great to feel him harden even more, so I knew that it was really me turning him on. I liked the thought of that; I liked turning him on, a lot! As the dance ended, we returned to our table. The new man excused himself to go to the bathroom and my husband leant into me and quietly asked if I was enjoying myself and the attention. "Of course" I said. Here I was being showered with attention by two very attractive men and I felt that all the single women at the bar were looking at me with “girly envy”. My husband asked if I would be up for inviting the new man back to our house for a drink, to see if we might make our long talked about fantasy a reality. I was super nervous but decided that if my husband was OK with it then I would go for it as well. We both asked the new man if he would like to join us for a nightcap and he readily agreed. He followed us home and as we entered our house, I excused myself to use the bathroom to freshen up a little bit. As I finished in the bathroom, I patted my trimmed pussy dry; I was stunned at my sticky excitement.

As I came back, my husband had dimmed the lights, lit some candles and had drinks prepared for us. I knew that now there would be no turning back and quite honestly, my pussy was really aching and moist with anticipation of what (and who...) was to come. As we all sat on the couch and talked, my husband began to rub my shoulders and kiss my neck. The new man did likewise and my husband moved his hand to my back and then gently pulled down my dress zip, allowing the thin material to slide down over my shoulders and arms, uncovering my lace bra and ample breasts. They both removed my bra and each began to suck on a nipple, it was really exquisite. I boldly pushed my hands down into the men’s laps and reached for their cocks, both of which were nicely hardening at this point. I loved the feel of their hard solid warmth, the delicious erections now firmly one in each hand. The men pulled my dress over my head; I was now exposed and nearly naked. I now sat between them, only in my lacy knickers. I moved onto my knees before this stranger and unbuttoned and removed his shirt. I then slowly fully removed his jeans and as I did, I could now see his rigid cock straining. The new man stood to remove his jeans, and as he did, my face was at cock level. I reached up and grabbed his gorgeous organ. It was quite large and very thick. His balls were large and full and he was neatly trimmed, he was an impressive man with a very impressive cock. I reached up and began caressing his cock all over, rubbing my hands across its massive head, The new man already had precum on the tip, I wet my lips at the thought of a quick lick, I massaged his balls and even began probing his arse with my finger. My husband whispered in my ear for me to enjoy myself and really go for it. As my husband began to now undress and get naked, behind me, I pushed the new man back onto the couch and swallowed his cock. He smiled down at me and arched his back, presenting his all, pushing his sexy cock to my hot and willing mouth.

At this point, my husband had gotten behind and laid down face up, moving under me, he slowly and deliberately began to lick my arse and pussy. My husband’s tongue felt spectacular and I was making so much fluid, I was coating his face, I did not realise just how much I liked his tongue attention on my pussy until, as I slurped and sucked the new man’s cock, I began to come, for what proved to be the very first of so many orgasms that evening. My body convulsed, I pressed my pussy down hard and my juices saturated my husband’s face as I came. I knew that this was going to be just the beginning of a really fabulous evening. I knew that I was now going to fuck both of these fine men. My dirty mind now planned for me to first suck them both off, drinking hot thick sperm, so that when they did fuck me, they would screw and hammer my body mercilessly and provide me the long hard fucking I craved and I desperately now was needing.

I continued enthusiastically sucking the new man's huge cock after my fiery orgasm; I could now easily tell from his bucking and thrusting that he was getting close to his first orgasm. What would prove to be my first semen for the evening, I increased my sucking and licking around his cock's head as I pumped and stroked his long shaft. I could tell that he was about to go past the point of no return, his groans turned to grunts and he began thrusting his cock faster and deeper into my mouth. I felt his cock begin to swell and expand, I quickly dipped and lubed one of my fingers from my soaked pussy and then pushed it right up his arse. That did the trick and his eyes went wide and then glazed over as he shot long, thick ropes of creamy cum into my mouth and down my slutty throat, coating my tongue. He bucked as I continued pumping his organ, draining each and every precious drop of come into my dirty-girl mouth. As he collapsed back onto the couch, I continued to gently suck on his shrinking cock, drinking up the last few drops of his thick sperm. His cum was strong and tasted good! I then turned to my husband and said, "Now it's your turn, baby" and began orally attending to and warmly milking my husband’s erection as the new man now looked on. As I lovingly sucked my husband's cock, the new man came around, also climbed under me and pressed his mouth up and between my legs, lapping up and drawing in my sweet pussy nectar. His mouth and tongue were very talented and after a few minutes I came again for the second time. Meanwhile, my husband was exhibiting his familiar signs of impending orgasm and sure enough, he let out a loud groan and released his own hot load into my mouth. I savoured and then swallowed my husband’s sperm down into my belly.

As I finished on my husband’s cock I turned, leant over to the new man and gave him a kiss, as our tongues met, my husband's cum swirled between us. The new man never missed a beat and he continued to kiss me deeply, taking in a good selection of my husband's cum. I knew at that point that the new man was not shy and that he would be willing to indulge me in my ultimate fantasy, my first double penetration.

My husband now excused himself for a moment and went to make another round of drinks, while he was gone, the new man and I lay still kissing, playing about and gently touching each other's sex. I began to feel his renewing arousal and I could see and feel his thick cock warming back to life. I kissed and nibbled my way down his chest and soon was again licking his big dick. It wasn't long until he was at full attention again. I really wanted him to fuck me, so I pushed him down and positioned myself on top of him, holding his cock, I aimed it up and wiping it back and forth along my greedy cunt lips, I swallowed it fully into my body, I had finally lowered my eager pussy onto his thick cock. Oh my goodness, it was the first new cock I had had in years! I groaned, as he buried deeply all the way into me. It felt so good; I was so full of the new man’s excited and bulging cock. I began to slowly ride his cock up and down and enjoyed the thick and full sensation. I was feeling my clitoris run the full length along his shaft and it wasn't long before I closed my eyes and came once again, I rolled my eyes back and let all my sexy fluids flow, my juices running from my pussy down onto his big fat balls. As I came down from my orgasm I opened my eyes again, I saw my husband standing there with drinks in hand, a big smile on his face and his cock erect and ready action. I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to experience our ultimate fantasy. "Take my arse", I urged him. ”Screw my arse while our new man is inside me, baby" I said pleadingly. My arse was now well lubricated from my recent mind blowing orgasm and as the new man and I slowed our rhythmic fucking, my husband boldly pushed his cock into my arse. Fuck me, was all I could think of as his cock was splitting me in half, fuck my husband’s cock felt so big as he pressed deep into my rectal tube, I nearly fainted from the pleasure and the pain! It was really hard to take my husband’s cock up my arse, tougher than I thought it would be, but I persevered. My husband buried his cock all the way inside my arse and he finally settled into a rhythm, it was everything I thought it would be and it all felt incredible. Two men taking me at once, their engorged cocks separated by only a thin membrane, fucking me to delicious orgasm in wonderful rhythm. They each pumped me full and hard as I was driven up and down and backwards and forwards on their raging erections. This went on and on and I was experiencing one intense orgasm after another when I began to finally feel their driving actions intensifying. "I'm coming, I’m going to come so fucking hard", The new man cried out as he arched his back and jammed his cock even deeper into my pussy. "Give it to me, give it to me deep!" I squealed, looking directly into his face, and he lost all control and let loose his second load of hot, sweet sperm deeply into my hungry demanding cunt. I could feel it splashing so deeply, washing my walls, firing hot into my belly and it made me feel even sexier and wilder! The new man’s wild horny thrusting actions pushed my pounding husband over the edge and my husband now erupted his own heavy load into my tight arse tube, my sexy husband blowing my arse full of his cum. My husband's cum, it was so hot too. I've never felt so desired, the cat swallowing all the cream, and I came again myself, for I think, about the sixth time that evening. Now, totally fucked and spent, I stood, wiggled my, cum leaking, arse in their faces and walked off, I’m sure I was now bow-legged as I walked to the loo. As I finished peeing, and wiped myself, I touched my sore arsehole, it was pounded and battered, but so deliciously loose and puffy, I had been well reamed up the arse by my husband. I returned to my two men, climbed in between them and collapsed.

As it was very late and the new man lived about 2 hour's drive away, we invited him to stay in our guestroom. We made him comfortable and said our goodnights. I couldn't help but give his lips and cock a goodnight kiss. As I went back to our bedroom, I could feel the new man and my husband's cum leaking out of me and running sexily down my legs, I left it all to dry on my skin. What a wonderfully warm sensation. My legs were weak and I smelt strongly of hard sex, but oh, did I feel like a sexy woman. I jumped into bed next to my husband and I slept like a log. The following morning, I awoke, surprisingly early, took a quick shower, checked my face, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to make coffee. My husband was sound asleep, but I heard some stirring coming from our new friend’s room and figured he must be preparing to head home. I brought him a cup of coffee and knocked on his bedroom door. He said "Come in" and as I entered I saw that he was still completely naked. The sight of his body and cock brought back the previous evening's fun and I could feel my sore pussy begin to remember his sexy assault. As I handed him the coffee, I couldn't help but reach out and touch his cock lightly and that's all it took for it to grow, it was a magnificent size. We kissed lightly and he pushed me onto his bed, we got into a 69 position, each of us hungrily chewing the other's sex. I came in a rolling warm orgasm on his terrific tongue once again, but he had not, I rolled onto my hands and knees, now on all fours, I presented him my willing cunt, a sweet present for him to fuck, one last time. I told him, I want you hard and fast, I said, just take me for your pleasure, blow your morning load into me!

I didn't have to ask twice as he thrust his erect cock into my smashed pussy and began to piston into me. In and out, in and out, my new man hammered, his stomach and balls slapping hard against my big round arse. I arched my back. I rode and pushed against him in unison with his thrusts, taking his cock deep inside me. I felt his cock’s final expansion, he was going to come! I came one more time, as he did, and with an incredible shudder, so did I! The new man held tightly onto my hips, rammed his cock all the way to the hilt and let out a long, guttural grunt and groans. I could feel his cock spasm and begin splashing waves of hot semen into me; he sent the flood of his morning load of creamy, thick sperm into me. His orgasm went on for ages and when he finally pulled out, large goblets of his cum dripped from my cunt lips and down onto the sheets. The new man’s balls had certainly recovered during the night... Not wanting to waste a drop, I licked at his lost seed, cleaning it from the sheet and I then cleaned his cock, licking the last few drops.

I know that the new man wanted to say goodbye to my husband, but he had to get going and my husband was still asleep. I told him that my husband would understand and that I was sure they would be talking again soon. I walked him to the door and said goodbye with one last kiss on his lips. He tasted of coffee and I tasted of his cum. After my husband awoke, I told him that the new man had had to leave, but I did not fail to mention the sticky going away present... My husband grabbed me round my waist and dragged me straight back to our bed, my husband's erection then flogged my cunt mercilessly! I was in sexual, orgasmic heaven!

The new man now knows that he has a standing invitation for a return engagement and we are currently making plans for it to happen soon. I can hardly wait!