21 Aug 2017

Came home from work to find Trace and Sam pissed and giggly. Had a few more drinks and tried to play Yahtzee, but they were to pissed to play. I went outside for a smoke. I could hear them giggling and Sam saying lets go to bed. Not a word to me and off they went staggering down the hall. I grabbed another beer and left them to it. My beer finished, I thought I'd check on the progress. In the bedroom both girls were under the covers (as it was pretty cold). But I could see lots of caressing and hear the sound of passionate kissing. I went through to the ensuite to have a shower.

Refreshed by the shower, I approached the bed in and crawled in on Sam's side. The girls were still kissing and caressing each other's breasts. I though I might go down on Sam for a bit of fun. Sam seemed appreciate my efforts with some low moans emanating from her. This continued for 5 minutes or so as the kissing seemed to intensify Trace threw her knee over Sam's lap making it hard for me to continue. So I parted her arse cheeks and dived in to taste her from behind. It took a bit of manoeuvring but I finally got to taste nectar. She seemed to enjoy this so I rolled her on her back and started in on her clit. At this stage Sam was just cuddling her and playing with her wonderful tits. My cock was starting to throb by this time so I moved so I could finger her pussy while licking her clit plus release my hardness from the confines of the sheets.

This was met with more moaning which bought me to the point where I needed release. I asked Sam if she wanted to taste Trace's luscious pussy, but seemed content where she was so I crawled up and let her lick Trace's juices off me face and tongue. Sam encouraged me to fuck Trace. But she said "No, you can take it" that was enough for me and I mounted Sam straight away. I was fucking Sam missionary style as the girls continued to kiss and Trace played with Sam's tits. After a bit of this I warned Sam I was Cumming and she swore at me that I couldn't cum yet as I hadn't fucked Trace yet. Trace said no so I pulled out and spilled my seed on the sheet. We settled down for a nap at this stage