Written by ekkaf2000

26 Apr 2014

When my wife hit menopause that was the end of our sex life and I've since found that this is not that uncommon. I got so frustrated I joined an adult site just for some naked company on cam. I met Mary her husband had prostrate cancer and he was impotent and she missed sex as much as I had. We chatted, and she invited me out, the surprise came when she told me she had another male friend and was keen to find out all about 3sums. I was so horny I volunteered and we met on a Saturday afternoon. We met at her friends place and from the moment I waked in I felt comfortable. Mary was wearing a red teddy with fishnet stockings she looked so sexy and Roger suggested the two of us get naked and join her on the couch. We sat watching porn with Mary between us she had a cock in each hand. I couldn't believe how lucky I was but I was still a little nervous but they both assured me all I had to say was no if I felt uncomfortable. Mary took my hand and placed it on Rogers cock a first for me but I'd have to say I enjoyed it, when he saw I was ok with it he got in his knees and started sucking my cock and Mary went behind him with a strap on and fucked him up his arse. I was in heaven I don't think my cock had ever been so big. Roger bought me close to orgasm and Mary knew, she pulled him off my cock and sat on me I'd never experienced such a willing pussy. She rode me while Roger fucked her mouth you can imagine how erotic it was. I blew a load like never before and as I did Mary squirted a gusher from her cunt. Talk about a wet patch it was a wet puddle. I'd never entertained the thought of sucking a cock but Roger was fucking Mary's face jut inches from mine and it just felt natural to try. I started playing with his balls while Mary sucked him and just grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth and Mary went back to working his arse. It didn't take long and I felt a great load of cum empty from his cock it just felt natural to swallow. We rested for a while then round two started what a wonderful experience. We've since become close friends and have enjoyed each other often.