Written by She-Devil

11 Nov 2015

A brief about us firstly...

There is myself the "She-devil" I'm the young, hot to trot, red headed 24 y.o who has always had a huge sex drive. Then we have the devil himself, the vibrant sex machine.

It all began last year when we meet the Tasmanian party hosts right hear on swingers haven. We exchanged message back and forth for a fortnight talking about what we're into, and experiences we've had, such as we've had threesomes with a couple of close friends, role play, even getting real kinky with wipes, ropes, blind folding and duct taping.

We received a text message at the start of October! I ring the hubby straight away staying "we have been invited to the singers party, its Halloween themed on Halloween night" with such excitement in my voice. So we had to check our work roasters later that day, and god love it "YES YES YES we free halloween night". So we replied the following day we'll be attending.

The wait i got to say was the worst! It was simply not knowing what it was going to like as we've never been to a "sex party" before. Thinking between us "what will it be like", "will there be any attractive people ?","will we get along with people?" all these questions we couldn't answer unless we went. I was counting down the days until oct 31st, getting more excited and nervous by the day. Getting so went and horny thinking about the potential of the party watching my fuck another woman while I'm being pounded by another man. We had some get role play sex thinking about what could happen in the party.

The day came, we had our costums ready the "devil" wearing his pirate custom. Pin stripped red and black pants, with a home hand black vest bond in brown leather string, with a white shredded up long sleeve shit underneith, attached to his pants held a real sword from pre WWI era. I was wearing a body tight long sleeve velvet dress that stopped just passed my pussy, with my DD boobs almost busting out. I had my devil horns, devil triton, and long black cape that swiped along the floor as i walked in my black leather knee high, high heels. With my fishnet stockings underneath.

Now the loong drive 3 and half hours to the party. Firstly checking into our hotel and touching up last minutes things like my hair and make up, men have it so easy! lol. We then took a taxi to the party and bought along a slab of hard core apple ciders (yummo). We arrived on time, and at that stage there was only a couple of people there, so we just placed ourselves at a table by the kitchen slowly other couples started arriving. In which a couple dressed as pirates sat next to us, then guy was a hot tall & slim, shaved head, with a nice gotye, the women who was we worked out later a Filipino lovely tanned skin, very slim and attractive. Shortly after talking with that couple another state down across from us warmly welcoming us to the party. They just came from work so didnt have time to dress up, the women in her 30s looked great with a medium length black dress showing her nicely larg rounded boobs off. Her partner was an alright fellah small build, medium height. SO after a few more drinks and we're all getting really tentative, sudden we all had to go to the toilet in which the guy we spook about we'll call him "bob" (lol) called me into the toilet with me and asked what do we (me and hubby) thinking about him and his misses (we'll call her jane), and are we interested in hooking up. I said "sure why not" thats when he grabbed me and we started making out briefly before we returned to everyone sitting down.

I got invited up to dance with some girls dance, so i bit the bullet, got up and went over to dance. While dracing i made out with the lady who invited us for the dance, i reached down while kissing her to feel her up to my stock NO UNDERWEAR. After a few song of singing, making out, and feeling up this lady i went back to the table. We bob and jane said lets go into one of the rooms, i grabbed my hubby by the arm and said lets go, he had no idea what was happen as i hadnt informed of the plan to hook up with couple.

as soon as my hubby shut the door behind him we got straight down to business, bob kissing down my neck from my ear, going down to my neck as he unzipped my dress, i took off my boots, & fishnet stocking briefly seeing my hubby with jane getting undressed while they made out, sudden i was pushed back onto the bed where munched his way down my body to my pussy eating her out... my toes curled, my back arched as he ate me. he then gets up slams his cock into me. i look over to my left and see my man pounding jane, making her scream with joy. then bob tossing me into my favourite "doggy style" and fucks the fucking life out me, his hot big balls pounding again my dripping wet pussy, i start grabbing the bed sheeting, i feel it cuming, im thinking to myself "my god im cumming" i bust out! as he pounds me even harder again. i see my parter looking over at me with a cheeky grin to his as he finished off himself. This was over a course of a hour.

We walk out all clothed again with massive smiles hehe. So we sat down had another couple drink, and i spot everyone is getting into the hot tub aka spa. So i go on over get my hubby to unzipped me as the zip to my dress what along my back, and i get on it with nothing on joing a couple, and another man. Bob seeing me and also joins in. after a few minutes have every set of male hands on my in that spa (my gosh amazing!) i had two cocks, one in check hand. Had a guy fingering me, a guy rubbing my feet, and the last guy twisting, and going under water sucking/nibbling my nipples, as the one other lady in the spa watched with joy. I briefly see my hubby go into another room with jane, i stayed and in the spa. After a while suddenly the spa died "nooooo" so we all hoped out, in which time time so did jane and the hubby. By this time almost everyone had left, only dozen people which wasn't much to pick from. so we decided to call it a night and got a lift with jane and bob back to the hotel.

We walked upstairs to our hotel room we both we're still super mega horny, so we jumped straight back into action, he riding his big fat throbbing cock, watching his eyes role back into head i keep riding harder and faster with each pound, i feel my man's back arch as he begins to cum, i then see his expression as he lets out a big sigh of relief as he comes deep inside me.

and the folks in our first swingers party... happy days

the end!