Written by jayandem

26 Jun 2011

A Night To Remember (or ‘What storm are you talking about?’)

Great food, wine and sex, and for good measure, throw in some unexpected humour.

Is it possible to bring together all of the above? Driving home with my girlfriend this afternoon it dawned on me that we had just experienced an evening that, when it came to the pleasures just mentioned, had combined them all almost perfectly, and in a way that left all participants exhausted, smiling, sated, wasted and well satisfied.

The evening had been arranged online via numerous chat sessions. There were only three participants; myself, (male), my girlfriend and another male. We all have more than a passing interest in BDSM. My girlfriend and I do, quite readily, switch Dom and sub roles with each other, but on this occasion she was to be the sub to the other Dom male, and my role was to be teased and tormented mainly by her, in various ways, which I do enjoy immensely, and which might become clearer to you as you read this tale.

We had agreed on a date, and I had selected a suitable venue, an historic mansion, now a boutique hotel. No expense spared, I booked their best room for the evening, a spacious main bedroom, complete with high ceilings, a large bay window, great views, exquisite damask drapes, lounge chairs, a couch, a private balcony, and of course, a king size bed. Off the room was an extremely large bathroom, complete with spa and double shower. A door in the bathroom opened onto the balcony. The hotel is well over 100 years old, but has been restored beautifully.

My girlfriend and I were able to check in any time after 2 pm, and on arrival were greeted by a really helpful and friendly female receptionist, (she plays a small part in things later so pay attention) however we knew our male friend, who is a steadfast Dom, had work commitments and was not able to get there any earlier than 6 pm. We arrived at about 3.30, excited, anticipating a good night and went about setting up the very impressive suite to suit our needs. I’m the one with the voyeuristic tendencies, and my submissive side, leads to a desire, as mentioned above, to be teased and tormented by my girlfriend. I had suggested that the night run as follows.

We would arrive early, and begin to prepare both the room, and my girlfriend, for the arrival of her Master. We have a good collection of props and toys including floggers, crops, vibrators, plugs, chains, ropes, a leg spreader, collars and cuffs etc. These, together with a few other improvised and interesting devices were set up and arranged in a display on a large table in the room. This certainly kept the two of us occupied and busy and the time passed quickly. We also went about setting up things like screw-in hooks hidden in the tops of a doorframe with ropes attached to be used later as anchor points for my girlfriend to be restrained, arms raised and spread, for flogging, spanking, whipping, or other forms of punishment. Of course we set up the usual restraints on the four corners of the bed. Apart from the sexually focused preparations, we also had fine wine, pretzels, a bowl of mixed sweets for energy and a couple of suitable porn DVD’s running on the player provided. As the time of his arrival drew nearer, she also began to prepare herself.

To compliment a very sexy pair of black high heel shoes, she had black thigh high stockings, see thru knickers and a laced up black corset. All this topped off with a leather collar, previously presented to her by the same Dom master, wrist and ankle cuffs, not to mention her shining dark hair, sensual lipstick and a deliciously wicked smile.

The evening was to run as follows. 30 minutes before our male Dom friend was to arrive, he was to text me. This was to give my girlfriend enough time to fully dress and prepare herself for her Masters arrival. It had been agreed earlier that she would be kneeling in the center of the room awaiting him.

Much of the night had already been discussed whilst chatting online and how it might pan out or evolve, had been discussed openly between the three of us. The room was on the first floor, so 30 minutes after his text message was received, I was to go downstairs and greet him. My girlfriend would remain in the room, kneeling of course. She was also tethered by a silver chain about a metre long from her collar to the foot of the bed.

I would escort our Dom friend to the door of the room and open it for him. But I was not to enter with him. He would then spend about 30 minutes alone with her before bringing her back downstairs for dinner. I was to eat with them in the hotel dining room. Prior to dinner though, I was to amuse myself however I pleased for the 30 minutes. I would then receive a quick phone call from them when they were about to leave the room and come downstairs.

Following the dinner he would be free to take her back to the room for a further 30 minutes before I was to make my first entrance. I was to simply return, knock on the door and announce “Room service” and wait to be allowed back in. From this point onwards it was agreed that I would take part in the scenes only as directed or invited. I could be used as they desired, forced to watch any activity they chose to undertake, or even be removed from the room. We had agreed that I could be locked out on the old balcony should they desire more one on one time together. It was up to them as to whether they left the drapes on the windows to the balcony open or closed whilst I was out there

Planning, preparation, and perfect participants - we were about to begin. The call had come. I took one last lingering look at my gorgeous sub girlfriend kneeling on the floor, locked the door behind me and headed down to greet Sir B. He was already there waiting. Looking quite the man in his white business shirt, tie and dark pants, he was polite, but certainly not wanting to have too much small talk with me about the weather, football or ‘how was work today?’

He had his briefcase, containing wine he told me, although I suspected a little more – and we promptly made our way back inside and headed upstairs, passing the receptionist as we went . I paused at the door to our room and said “Enjoy” then unlocked it. My girlfriend was kneeling as she had been asked, looking so demure and inviting. He made his way past me, I don’t think he said a word, and simply closed the door. I had one last glimpse of my partially clothed beautiful girlfriend. It was taken away in that instant as the door clicked shut.

This was to be a very long, strange yet incredibly erotic 30 mins for me. As said, I enjoy being teased and imagining various scenarios involving her. This situation was triggering visions in my head that had me unable to sit, stand walk or talk. I tried to read the papers in the elegantly furnished reading room. No use. There was a PC provided. I hit a few keys and couldn’t remember what I was looking up. Again no use. Nothing could distract me from wondering and imagining what was happening just a few metres above my head on the first floor. I walked out past the reception desk and headed for the billiard room. Perhaps a solo practice game might work. The receptionist looked up and so politely asked “Is everything ok?’

“Yes thanks”, I muttered. I wanted to ask for the balls but was not functioning all that well mentally. I did my best to look relaxed and natural and headed for the front door instead. I won’t bore you with too much about how I spent the time, although one point is worth mentioning here. Because the receptionist had seemed so genuinely concerned that her guests were comfortable during their stay, I figured that perhaps she had noticed that my girlfriend was now upstairs with another man that I had taken to the room. Not wanting the management or staff of the hotel to get the wrong impression here, I thought as I stood outside in the darkening sultry evening, that perhaps I should head back in and go back upstairs, giving the impression I was in the room as well. I could wait on the landing outside the door to the room for a while. Time was dragging by so slowly. I knew there was a chair there outside the door to the room so I came back in, again passing reception, grabbed a newspaper from the reading room, and went up.

If I didn’t feel aroused but uneasy before, I sure did then. The seat was comfortable enough and the area outside the room was silent, save for the rustling of the pages of the newspaper I was attempting to look busy with - and then - a long soft sensual moan emanated from the room. Hell, I looked at my watch – I still had 15 minutes to wait, I couldn’t spend it all sitting here, listening to her and not knowing what was taking place behind that door. I lasted on the landing perhaps 5 minutes longer. Barely audible voices, slight whimpers and the occasional muffled male command continued. I was not at all sure whether I should stay where I was, or leave them to their pleasures. I decided to head back downstairs yet again. A puzzled look, and then a smile from receptionist as I passed by yet again.

So what did take place in the room during that time? One of the most sensual and erotic pastimes for me, is to lie with my girl and have her whisper erotic ideas, thoughts or tales to me. All of what follows is as she related the events of the evening to me, as best she could recall.

I knew she was tethered and kneeling as I opened the door. Obviously, she had been anticipating the arrival of Sir B as she waited alone. She had been with him before this night. Obeyed his commands, seen his cock, even tasted his cum but this was different. Other meetings had been comparatively brief encounters, almost like a lead up to this night and this venue.

He entered and closed the door behind him. Well dressed in his pressed white shirt and tie, he strode in confidently, briefcase in hand. He dropped it on the small rack provided for luggage, loosened his tie and began to walk round, admiring his waiting girl. He clasped her face in one hand, turning her gaze upwards towards his and asked, or perhaps it was more a statement,

“You know what’s going to happen to you don’t you?’

Letting go of her face he continued behind her, taking his time and also enjoying taking in the rear view.

Back in front of her now, he grasped the silver chain attached to her collar and nodded towards the bed. She was pulled with moderate force on all fours towards the bed, but stopped just short of the foot of it. Here he ordered her to stand and remove her knickers and turn and sit on the bed. Again he asked, did she know what was going to happen to her as he stood before her, lifting her wrists to just under her chin, he undid the tethering chain and snapped and locked the clasps on the wrist cuffs to the silver ring on the collar.

She was then pushed onto her back on the bed and ordered to part her legs exposing her soft moist pussy to his gaze.

“I’m now going to shave you” he smiled. She had expected this, it had been discussed online. He also knew it would leave a lasting reminder to me that my beautiful girl had been with another man and examined in the most personal and intimate of ways.

He had come prepared with new razor and shaving cream, but she tells me, she requested that he consider using her preferred natural lotion which was in the bathroom together with a shallow bowl she had bought with her for just this purpose.

Apparently he strode back into the room looking quite the professional. White shirt still on, sleeves rolled up, towel over the arm and the bowl of warm water steadily and skillfully supported. A picture of efficiency and expertise.

Her legs were now parted further, her cunt exposed even more explicitly as he spent pleasant minutes thoroughly massaging the cream and warm water into her pubic area. He lived up to his outward show as an expert, the job was done very neatly, safely and thoroughly. He even came prepared with an after shave soothing cream which, I’m told, was much appreciated.

He demanded she remain on display. He admired his work for a short while. He took pleasure in letting her know how much he loved using his tongue on freshly shaved sweet wet pussy. She has told me that this is probably the moan that I heard from my place outside the door, as he parted her now bald and smooth pussy lips and explored her deeply with his mouth, tongue and fingers.

Checking the time, and knowing that a dinner date still awaited, she was ordered to remain open and exposed on the bed as he turned to his briefcase, taking from it a brand new solid chrome metal butt plug.

‘You will be wearing this to dinner tonight. Your boyfriend may remove it at any time if it’s uncomfortable. You can choose how, where or when he does that. Or you might just wish to have him see the gift that your Master has bestowed on you. Now on your feet and dress for dinner. Ill fit you with the plug before we leave.’

She had packed a second corset which fitted much more comfortably under her lovely dinner outfit. He helped her into it making small talk and chatting casually yet suggestively about what might or might not be on the menu tonight. As she dressed he took in the room, admiring and commenting on the spacious bathroom and the view from outside on the balcony. The door to the balcony was still fitted with its original antique lock. Complete with old style keyhole, and a slide bolt which meant I could later be locked out of the main room should they desire more privacy. Whilst I had been setting up the room earlier, I had noticed that from out on the balcony, the keyhole gave a generous view back into the bathroom of the shower, spa and toilet. I imagined the thrill of perhaps watching the two of them using the bathroom together later on.

A very large, antique framed mirror was attached to one wall. A quick look at themselves, he smugly suggested to her that they were the typical attractive couple simply out to enjoy a meal. She was again ordered to lie on the bed, legs parted for the insertion of the butt plug. She obeyed immediately and totally. Being solid metal, it was cold and uncomfortably heavy inside her but with the help of a small amount of lube it slipped into place with minimal force. Upon standing though, she was shocked at how heavy and cold the metal actually was. She was fearful and had the sensation that it could slip out as she walked to the dining room. She was granted a concession and permitted to replace her knickers as some small form of insurance. All was now in readiness for the two of them to come down and meet me for dinner. Before leaving the room though, she received her first long deep sensual tongue kiss from Sir B.

As agreed, they called me at this point. I was back in the reading room at the time, and at last I was to see her again. Dropping the paper, I rushed past the smiling receptionist, yet again, and up the stairs, just making it to the door as she exited the room with him on her arm as escort.

Her smile put me at ease immediately. She looked terrific, but maybe just a little flushed. There were some knowing looks and comments passed between them as she carefully negotiated her way down the historic staircase. The three of us headed to the dining room.

Dinner was perfect. Whilst not actually decorated to any specific period, the room seems to have a 1930’s or 40’s feel to it. The setting, food and wine were up to the standard of the rest of the place. Over the meal, I made some small attempt to explain to them what it had been like to be forced to wait for them and laughingly told them of my inability to relax and sit still. I mentioned that I had come back upstairs at one stage and had heard a moan from the room. This was done in the vain hope that the two of them might give me some clues as to what had actually happened during the period I had agreed to be ‘locked out’. Over dinner, very little was revealed, although it was made clear to me that I had agreed to yet another 30 minute ‘privacy’ period for the two of them following the meal.

Subtle comments about her fidgeting in the seat, and her inability to sit comfortably had passed between them, making it obvious to me that my girlfriend was now wearing an anal plug of some sort. Sir B indicated to her that she was free to have me remove it at any time, anywhere she chose. Prior to that though, she was instructed to remove her lovely black lacy knickers and hand them to me as we all sat together in the dining room. She obeyed without question, smiling at both Sir B and myself as she passed them across the table to me.

About halfway down the carpeted hallway leading to the dining room there were both mens and ladies toilets. A sign indicating that toilets for both sexes were thru a common door gave her the perfect place and opportunity to have the plug viewed and removed by me. She indicated that I should lead the way to the door and I obeyed as directed. Just though the door was a small ante room with a further two doors leading to the gents and ladies rooms. She stopped in this room. I asked her was she doing ok? She smiled and said ‘Fine, thank you’. I think I recall giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Without further ado, she turned and bent to her toes and ordered me to lift her skirt.

‘Remove it, wash it and keep it’ I was told.

It was unusually heavy and by now very warm. It eased out and she straightened up saying, ‘Wait here for me here.” She disappeared into the ladies. I went to the mens room. Washed the plug and after placing it in my pocket, went back and waited in the ante room for her.

I had my back to the door which opened onto the hallway and was lost in thought when - crash. The door hit me solidly in the back. It was receptionist making a quick dash for the ladies and she had almost knocked me off my feet. Full of apologies she asked again and again if I was ok. All I could see was the humour in the situation. This was the woman I had been concerned about seeing all the comings and goings from my room, and by sheer luck I had escaped being caught removing my lovers butt plug by about 30 seconds.

My girlfriend soon emerged. Oblivious to what had just occurred and understandably confused as to what it was that was amusing me so. She was not aware of how many times this receptionist and I had already crossed paths so far that evening. There was still more was to come.

Eventually the dinner was finished. There were a few knowing looks passed between the three of us and I knew it was time I was expected to excuse myself. This time I would not just hang round the lobby, bar and reading area though. I would take a good 15 minute walk away from the hotel and spend the next 15 heading back.

Before I left however, I paused in the front garden. Through the old glass paneled front door I could see back down the hallway towards the dining room. I waited, for some reason excited by the knowledge that I would soon see my lover, my girlfriend, heading up the staircase with another man. It didn’t happen. My phone rang instead. It was them asking me to return. They had just realized that I still had the only room key in my pocket. Inside again, and another nod to reception, and another mouthed ‘Sorry again’ from her as I passed the desk and headed back to the dining room to return the keys.

My girlfriend simply said, ‘You’ll be punished for taking those. Now get a move on. Get going.’ She then walked back towards Sir B. Again I left and again I waited for a few moments in the darkened front courtyard outside looking back, as best I could manage, through the glass panels in the door. This time I did see the two of them relaxed and chatting as they took to the stairs.

I walked from the courtyard to the street. A busy thoroughfare. I looked back up at the first floor balcony with its historic balustrade partially hiding the tall draped windows. They were not drawn, but my girlfriend and her Masters privacy was assured due to the large leafy trees lining both sides of the street. A short stroll from the hotel was an ornamental lake and I figured a walk there and back would neatly fill the 30 minutes that I had to get through. It was a warm humid and still night, rain not too far away. I set off, my mind and imagination vivid with images of what might be unfolding behind me. Stuffing my hands in my pockets I realized I still had the warm butt plug in my right, and the soft black knickers in the left. I had almost forgotten I was still carrying them. I know I enjoy the teasing and the erotic pleasure it gives, but finding those in my pockets and having to take the walk with them just seemed to ‘ice the cake’. I headed off under the trees and streetlights trying to wish away the next half hour as quickly as possible.

Back in the quiet surrounds of the room, my girlfriend and Sir B had entered and made themselves comfortable side by side on the old style couch situated in a large bay window at the far end of the room. Sir B sat, relaxed and removed his tie. Pouring two glasses of quality red wine, and setting the glasses on the coffee table he deliberately and hungrily let his eyes take in the delicious offering now before him.

‘Do you feel like a pretzel?’ she offered, indicating the bowl on the small lamp table beside the couch. He declined, saying he was still full from the dinner.

‘How about one the sweets?’ she suggested cheekily, ‘Perhaps you might need the energy later Sir?’

Running a hand from between her slightly parted knees up over the top of her stockings to her inner thighs he turned her mouth towards him and once again she felt his tongue search and explore her own lips and mouth. She took the liberty of softly placing her hand in his lap, enjoying the fact that his thick cock was already more than semi hard inside his dark trousers. Eventually he replied, ‘The energy wont be a problem, but right now Id like to see you strip completely for me.’ He paused, ‘Before you do that, go and sit on the edge of the bed. Facing me.’

She made her way across the room and sat as directed. Facing him, her legs slightly parted she knew her wet waiting sex was displayed for him beneath her skirt. He sat opposite sipping his wine and smirking. His look was not exactly arrogant, but it certainly suggested that he would take what was on offer to him in whatever manner he wanted or desired.

He stood now, and removing his white business shirt moved across the room. He did not take his eyes off her as he unzipped himself and took a handful of her hair. Tilting her head back slightly he smiled as she opened her lips obediently and let him feed his fat cock into her soft mouth.

She tells me that he is a bit thicker than I am but he pays a price for this in length. At this point however she was enjoying just what was presented and available and her excitement grew as it hardened and stiffened as a result of her eager and willing oral expertise. Fully erect now, he withdrew from her delicious mouth and ordered her to turn, lift her skirt and present herself to him on all fours on the edge of the bed. Again she felt his thickness filling her, from behind this time, as he parted the lips of her vagina with his fingers and adequately filled her with his swollen cock.

Being aware that there was still hours of pleasure to be had with her, he ceased his fucking after a few minutes and zipping himself up, walked to the table where our display of sex aids and toys had been arranged. For the moment, she was left on the bed, on her hands and knees, her pussy on show for her Master.

Selecting wrist and ankle cuffs he returned to his wine. ‘Come here, have a quick drink. And then, this time, I will have you strip for me. All except those sexy stockings and pretty black shoes will do. Ill fit these cuffs while you sip the wine.’

My girlfriend often claims that I’m the one with the wicked imagination and the erotic or kinky ideas, but sometimes I wonder. As I write this I’ve just realized something. Apparently after being asked to strip for him, she asked him could she use the toilet. She had to pee. But as I write I realize now, that she had just relieved herself while we were at dinner. How could I forget removing that butt plug and almost being bowled over by the receptionist! I don’t recall her drinking all that much in the dining room and to ask permission to pee again, at this stage, as she was being ordered to strip for him, may have been driven by a motive other than just a little pressure in her bladder. I have enjoyed her gorgeous liquid warmth, and her mine, on many occasions. Was this a temptation or subtle invitation to Sir B to watch her pee or perhaps join her in the bathroom should he need to go himself? No doubt Ill find out when she reads this.

But back to the hotel room and the events unfolding there. She was told to go use the toilet and was left alone there. He did however enquire as to whether she was interested in or into water sports. She responded that she had tried and enjoyed them and was told by Sir B that he would remember this for a future date.

Returning from the bathroom she was made aware that she was now about to be fitted with the wrist and ankle cuffs. The leg spreader would also be placed between her ankles and she would be restrained in the open doorway to the bathroom where I had earlier fitted the discrete hooks, ropes and clasps in the old timber frame. Even I hadn’t realized earlier that when the bathroom door was opened there was a perfect reflection in the huge mirror on the opposite wall inside. What better way for her to admire and appreciate her dilemma!

It took Sir B very little time to secure her, as I had made sure all the fittings were adjusted to correct lengths before I had left. His purpose in restraining her in this way was to now allow him his enjoyment in fitting bondage rope work to her naked and perfectly presented body. Taking some soft, red coloured lengths of rope from our display case he went about restraining and displaying her breasts in restrictive bonds, designed to offer her nipples and constrict her for his sexual amusement.

She tells me he also took his sweet time and pleasure as he fitted further ropes round her waist and between her legs, checking a number of times that the inner lips of her pussy were positioned as he wanted as the rope was pulled taut through her wetness and up her bottom and reconnected at the waist behind her.

He admired his work for a few moments. Ill give him the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he recalled my desire to be teased and tortured by seeing my girlfriend powerless and in the hands of another Dom male. Sir B may have recalled that I had earlier spent some of my first 30 minutes just outside the door of the room on the seat on the landing at the top of the stairs. I assume he wanted to show her off to me, so leaving her restrained, he stepped outside to see if I was again waiting outside the door to the suite.

I can only imagine his shock, surprise, stunned horror or perhaps just mild panic as the door clicked shut behind him, locking him out. I was still nowhere to be seen. He was clad only in black trousers. In hindsight, he was probably lucky to have those on. He was also lucky that I was only minutes away, refreshed and incredibly eager to finally rejoin the scene at our hotel room

As agreed, I had taken my 30 minute walk, and I honestly thought that whilst out there, I had imagined absolutely every possible scene that I might have found on my return to the room. I was to head upstairs, knock, wait for a response and simply say “Room service”. But I never got to deliver the knock, let alone the room service! The room door was set back a little off a small opening off the main landing. Sir B’s head poked round the corner, “Downstairs, get the spare key!’. I wanted to make some lighthearted comment, but he looked a bit too stressed. “Quick, go get it now” he repeated. Realising he had somehow managed to lock himself out, I retreated down the stairs, trying really hard not to laugh. The thought did hit me as to why my girlfriend didn’t open the door but just as quickly I guessed she must have been restrained.

‘Seemed to have left my key inside,’ I announced to the smiling receptionist. “May I have a spare for a moment?’ The receptionist, to her credit, did not bat an eyelid. Just handed me a spare and asked would I return both in the morning. Back up and Sir B eagerly took it from my grasp. ‘Wait here, I wont be a moment.” And with that his disappeared in a flash into the room, closing the door behind him.

I thought, all I need now is for the receptionist to wander up, she’ll ask, ‘Didn’t the key work?” Stifling a laugh, thinking of how Sir B must have been worried about the exact same thing. I relaxed and waited. Yet again.

Within a minute or so the door was opened by Sir B and I was, at last, permitted back into the comfort of the suite. Of course the very first thing to take in was the sight of my girlfriend. She was tied, in a spread position, in the opened doorway to the bathroom, arms raised, secured by the wrists to both sides of the door frame and the spreader fitted between her pretty ankles holding her legs apart. She was wearing only her stockings and high heels except of course for the ropes binding her breasts. Another was also round her waist and from there pulled between the lips of her pussy and up the lovely cleavage of her bottom.

She was facing away from us, looking into the bathroom and the mirror in that room ensured she had a perfect view of all that was taking place in front and behind her. I was ordered to crawl between her legs into the room and to commence using my tongue between her legs. I did as ordered by her Master, at last I would be able to touch and feel her body and warmth.

I knelt before her bound and naked body. This was the first time I had ever seen her totally shaved like this, her mound so smooth and soft against my lips and tongue. My mind began to race with images of her being prepared in this way by him. How she must have totally surrendered her open sex to him and allowed him to carry out the delicate task. Surely she had been thoroughly fingered as the shaving took place. Had she been fucked? I had no idea at this stage and was becoming increasingly frustrated as the rope, which was held tightly between her thighs, parting her inner lips and covering her moist clit, made it almost impossible to enter her properly with my eager tongue.

I could feel her also straining against the bonds, attempting as best she could to offer her sweet damp pussy to me, however the restraining bonds fitted by Sir B did their job well and both of us knew the overwhelming desire for pleasure was being denied us. I probed as firmly as I possibly could with my extended tongue but the rope remained an effective barrier. Meanwhile Sir B used his left hand on her breasts and nipples, his right hand was behind her on the rear of the rope, just above her pretty arse, pulling it tighter between her legs to frustrate our efforts. On the nearby table was my girlfriends’ camera. Sir B must have noticed it earlier and now picked it up and moving back to his position right behind her took a number of shots of her by aiming the lens into the large bathroom mirror. He remained out of sight for the shots, obscured by her. They show me kneeling at the pussy of my bound girl – her body in ropes and cuffs, helpless and available to be used sexually in any number of ways. Witnessing her obvious longing for sex, he put the camera down and again began to pay close attention to her breasts and nipples. He firmly grasped a fistful of her hair. She moaned as he tilted her head back and whispered to her that it was about time that I should be sent from the room to the balcony. She was to be whipped and fucked as I watched helplessly from outside.

I was told to stop, and he quickly undid her wrist restraints from the clips on the door frame and then removed the spreader form between her ankles. She slumped and sighed as she tried to relax her muscles a little but he gave her no time for recovery as he ordered her to “Put him outside for now, then get back to the main room.’

She was aroused and eager to enjoy more of the evenings pleasures and wasted no time in unlocking the balcony door. The moment I stepped out, I turned to see if she seemed comfortable with how the night was progressing. The door was already closing. I heard the antique bolt slide into place, and through the old dappled glass panels in the door saw her silhouette move back to the main room.

It was a perfect evening, very warm and still, the rain had not yet arrived and the balcony was quite dark and completely private. The drapes were slightly open. There was an outdoor table and chairs setting and I settled into one of the chairs to take in the scene being played out only metres away in the illuminated room. A few minutes passed with them both out of sight. I quickly moved back to the old balcony door with its large ancient keyhole – perhaps he had taken her to the bathroom – but not to be. Then I noticed the drapes were moving and being fully opened for my benefit. They were parted almost as widely as my girlfriends legs as she was eventually led into view and ordered to stand in the centre of the room. He fastened her wrist cuffs behind her back and walking to the table selected one of the leather floggers from the selection on display. She was standing, facing the window. There were now pegs on both her nipples as he strode round her, casually draping the flogger over her shoulders, across her breasts and about her neck as he walked and talked.

The whipping commenced. Not too severe but enough to see her flinch from quite a few of the strokes. He concentrated mainly on her bottom and thighs, on a few occasions obviously ordering her bend forward and part her legs a little wider. As she obeyed he took pleasure in fingering her from behind before delivering more. Getting her to stand erect he also gave her a number of lashes across her full breasts. The whipping was definitely provided to arouse her, not cause an undue amount of pain and she continued to submit and respond perfectly. Eventually he removed the pegs from her now tender nipples, unclipped the wrist cuffs from behind her and refastened them to the collar under her chin. She was to be pussy whipped.

The view from outside was perfect and whilst I was incredibly sexually aroused, I was at the same time totally relaxed and at ease knowing she was safe and obviously getting so much pleasure from her experiences inside.

She was facing the window with Sir B behind her and I had a clear frontal view as the strokes on her pussy were being delivered. Each time the leather fronds whipped up between her thighs she squirmed and moaned but at no time did she make any real attempt or give any indication that she wanted it to cease. Finally he had satisfied himself that it was enough, or perhaps he thought that any more and she might have been too tender for what he had in mind next. She was allowed a few moments to stand there in full view of him, and myself, to reflect on what she had just been through and what might to be about to come. She was offered a further sip of wine then told to get to the bed, kneel on all fours and make herself fully available for her masters cock.

Perhaps he had lost his confidence in being totally naked as a result of the shock of having locked himself out of the room but at this stage Sir B still had his dark trousers on. His torso was bare. Maybe he is uncomfortable being naked with another man looking on, or perhaps its just a BDSM power and control trait, but for whatever reason he seemed to prefer to simply unzip his fly and penetrate her from behind with his pants still pulled up. This he did, thrusting away with his thick cock into her deliciously soft and inviting pussy. I hoped she might glance at the window knowing I was there, but not to be. A little too much pleasure to be had to be taking in the scenery I imagine. There was a bit of traffic noise from the street below so I heard little. At one stage I pressed my ear against the glass and could hear the sounds that only good sex generates, but in that position I could see nothing so opted to sit and watch minus the volume.

Turning her onto her back now, I could see her willingly parting her beautiful thighs for him as he stood at the foot of the bed. His back to me, he obstructed my view of her gorgeous invitation, but the sight was enough to have me remove my cock from my pants and commence gently stroking it. Inaudible words and sensual smiles were passed between them, then again with his pants still on, he knelt forward and holding his cock in one hand, once more entered her wet waiting pussy.

From my position at the full length window I only had a side-on view of the bed. All I could really see well was her gorgeous left leg and thigh. Her knees were raised in her most comfortable fucking position but his body now obscured most of my view of her. He thrust himself in and out of her freshly shaved pussy, obviously immersing himself completely in the delights of her body. My own cock was hardening quickly as my voyeuristic desires were totally overwhelmed by the vision before me. I am sure he only stopped and eased himself out of her to prevent himself spending his load of semen too early in the evening, but stop he did.

He stood, and with his back to me of course, did up his pants then headed to the couch and made himself comfortable with his wine. She took a few minutes composing herself on the bed and as she did, there was a short conversation between them. She then stood and also made her way to the couch, joining him at the far end of the room. Sitting together, they sipped their drinks, picked at a few pretzels, smiled and casually chatted. It wasn’t long before her hand made its way to his lap. As she did this, he placed his left arm round her shoulders, his hand on her breast, his fingers rolling and teasing her left nipple relentlessly. His right hand stroked her stockinged knees, easing her thighs apart and of course made its way again to her open and welcoming pussy. Arching her back slightly, she turned her head towards him and, although I’ve had no training as a lip reader, I can assure you the words ‘Fuck me Sir’ were whispered. He made her beg now. I could see her moaning and imploring him. Other utterances, most probably letting him know how much she loves to be fucked and how she loves his cock were also forthcoming. However, being the dominant type that he obviously is, and given the fact that he had just taken his pleasure deep inside her, he wasn’t going to grant her these pleasures, just yet.

I felt intoxicated with the erotic pleasure I was seeing her both give and receive. I watched as he maneuvered himself on the couch and allowed her to undo and remove his cock from his pants again. Her mouth closed over its large and swollen head and his own head fell back as he felt her moist lips glide around him, her tongue licking then firmly probing the exposed eye of his thick erection. Again, I’m sure he was almost to the point of ejaculating when he told her that was enough, and forced her to stop. Sitting up now, more smiles and a few words, she stood up and made her way across the room. She was heading towards the door onto the balcony. Tucking my own erection into my pants I waited, sure enough, she was unlocking the door and walking out to me.

I was hoping for a kiss, a smile or even that she might spend a little time out there chatting with me, but I realize now that in her overwhelming state of arousal, she was not about to bother slowing the evening down one bit.

“Come inside again” she ordered and I moved toward the door “ the foot of the bed and strip completely” The door closed behind me and I stepped into the main room. Sir B did not look up at all, he sipped his wine and seemed, or acted, engrossed in the porn movie still running silently on the TV at the other end of the room. As I stripped she moved by me and began looking through the display or BDSM objects on display on the table. She selected a second set of wrist and ankle cuffs and returned to me.

Naked for her now, she reached for my cock and whispered. “I’m having this in a moment” and then commenced fitting the cuffs to me. I was drowning, almost dizzy with pure lust for her now, but at the same time I was shaking my head, wanting to clear it a little and let her know that sharing all of this with her, having her go through all of this for me, was probably the most intimate and bonding experience of my life so far. Not really the time for that sort of talk though, I kept my mouth shut, and watched her go about her work on my wrists and ankles.

I took in the sight of her so close to me now. So close I could take in her scent and feel the warmth of her body near me. The shining dark hair which Sir B had recently tugged on. Her lips which only minutes ago had been round his cock. Her breasts, touched, teased and whipped. And the silky smooth denuded mound he had created just above her sweet pussy lips. She stood there, checking that I met her approval with my cuffs fitted then turned and walked towards the coffee table by the couch for another sip of her wine. Her pretty bottom also provocatively displayed a rosy reminder of the strokes she had received.

I expected him to acknowledge her work or make some comment, but he seemed to use the movie as an excuse to ignore her activities in the room with another male. Putting her glass down she returned to me and again grasping my cock firmly ordered me to lie, spreadeagled on my back on the bed. My wrists and ankles were immediately secured to the previously fitted ropes on the bed.

‘My master has ordered me to fuck you’, she said, ‘I just need this cock a little harder.’ She knelt on the end of the bed eyeing it hungrily as she expertly massaged it, feeling it swell to a stiffness worthy of being invited to her soft moist cunt. Now she straddled me, facing me, her back to Sir B. She guided my shaft into her entrance then slid its full length into her. Perhaps because of his reluctance to properly remove his pants, and the fact that this seemed to restrict his ability to penetrate her deeply and to her total satisfaction, she now arched her back and rode me willingly and as deeply as I have ever experienced. I felt I was beginning to lose the battle to control my overwhelming desire to totally empty my balls into her softness when she slowed, stopped and took a breath and composed herself. I’m sure she knew exactly what she was doing, and the state I was in, and was expertly prolonging the pleasures on this evening for all concerned for as long as possible.

She walked back towards Sir B, still seated on the couch. As she sipped her drink something was muttered between them. Putting the drink down, she turned and walked back to me, this time with him beside her. Again I was straddled by her but now she faced my feet as once more she took my aching cock in her hands and controlled its entry to her pussy. She was leaning forward now, her hands supported on my restrained ankles, her bottom on full show for me as she again took me as deeply as my straining cock could possibly manage. I wanted to ask for a pillow or two to be placed under my own bottom to assist in lifting my cock as high as possible for her to enjoy but now wasn’t the time. Standing at the foot of the bed, Sir B had undone his pants and filled her mouth with his thick fat erection. I could see his hands holding the back of her head, grasping handfuls of her soft hair as she pleasured him yet again.

How I wanted to see her mouth, her lips taking another cock, the sensuality of her movements as she closed her eyes and sucked, but this was denied. For some reason it was easier to control my urge to cum with her in this reversed position. Probably a bit to do with the fact that I was no longer looking straight into her eyes or having her exchange intimate lust filled thoughts and whispers with me, including inviting me to enjoy the taste of her breasts and hardened nipples which had been on show just inches from my pleading mouth . Having two different cocks service her at the one time had been a fantasy of hers that we had discussed time and again. I loved knowing she was now taking so much pleasure from the fulfillment of this desire.

Eventually he removed his thick cock, and stepped back slightly, then, taking her by the hand pulled her forward and off my own wet and throbbing cock. She obediently followed him as he led her back to the centre of the room. She waited there as he moved a padded footstool from is place near the couch and positioned it midway between the bed, where I remained secured, and the other end of the room. I was able to raise my head slightly despite my arms being secured to the corners of the bed and strained to watch as he now ordered her to bend over the stool. As she did as she was told, he again visited the display of equipment and selected a leather ‘X’ from the case. About 12 inches from corner to corner, it had a clasp on the end of each arm and returning he busied himself using it to hog tie her. Kneeling and bent forward over the stool, the ankle and wrist cuffs were secured together behind her back, her naked breasts resting on the padded surface. I could just manage to strain my neck far enough to see him also kneeling behind her now fingering and parting her wet and inviting pussy lips. Her moans were beautiful, so sensual, I hoped again that she might turn her head to see me observing her, but the sexual pleasures and attention that she was now receiving were totally engrossing her. A barehanded spanking soon followed as he demanded she part her legs as widely as possible. Not too severe, but with each stroke her cheeks were reddening as he continued to order her to display herself for his pleasure. Satisfied that she was suitably restrained and aroused, I watched as he squeezed a suitable amount of lube onto the fingers of his right hand. Still kneeling, beside her now, he placed his left hand on the small of her back and slipped two fingers of his right hand into her vagina. Carefully watching her responses, a third finger was soon added and again he stroked her back soothingly with one hand while exploring and pleasuring her with the other. Now a fourth finger, and I realized that he was probably going to attempt to fist her. I knew that this was beyond the limits that she had discussed prior to the evening, but also felt relaxed that Sir B would show restraint should the pleasure / pain balance be tipped too far. Her moans did become a little more anxious sounding as I saw his hand stretching her until all four fingers were deep inside her dripping warm pussy. At this point he ceased his forcing and stretching of her opening and allowed her to relax slightly. She was at her limit. Holding her there now, his fingers still deep within her he leant forward and whispered something to her. I was a little concerned that he was about to thrust his fist fully into her, and was very pleased to hear an audible sigh of relief, gratitude and pleasure as he finally withdrew allowing her aching sex to settle once again. Still on his knees, he now positioned himself behind her, unzipped himself and once again, slipped his cock effortlessly into her.

I had managed to twist myself into a position in which I almost had a clear view of what was taking place. It was not the most comfortable arrangement, and my own aching cock and balls added to my torment, but the sight of her, bent over before him, bound and restrained, moaning with satisfaction as she accepted the thickness inside her certainly over rode any discomfort I was feeling.

The dynamics of the situation were interesting. My girlfriend was certainly enjoying the erotica, the sex and surrendering herself to him, but was always conscious of the fact that she was giving me a ‘real life’ experience with pleasures I had never imagined would become a reality. Sir B was into his power and control trip. He had free reign to make the running or take the evening in which ever direction he desired, but knew he had to respect the sensible limits we had all agreed upon, while I, probably the one who had the most input into arranging the entire drama, was being forced to practically be a non-participant, and was absolutely loving every moment of that situation.

Again, he did not continue to fuck her for all that long, perhaps only two or three minutes. He was confident and satisfied that she would willingly take his cock or any command from him and withdrew it from her. She sighed with a mixture of relief and obvious desire and lust for more, as he undid the ‘X’ restrainer and allowed her to stretch and relax her arms and thighs.

He now led her back to the couch to sit naked with him, chat and catch her breath. How totally frustrating for me. The couch faced the bed. By twisting and straining against my bonds I could just manage to see them there, but the damn coffee table, with its collection of wine bottles, glasses and eats etc was in front of them. This, combined with the fact that the bed that I was tied to was quite low, meant that I could see nothing below their shoulders. I was catching very little of their whispered conversation, however it was obvious that his hands were busy with not only her sweet pussy, but her breasts and nipples as well. Her own hands seemed to be eagerly exploring his lap as he turned her face towards him took pleasure in sharing a number of long deep probing tongue kisses.

A few more whispered words between them, and she stood and came towards me. I relaxed, dropping back onto the bed from my twisted position and felt the pressure on my wrists and ankles ease. She now stood beside the bed, gave a gorgeous smile and said “I’ll let you up now. We need the bed.”

She leaned across me to undo the wrist restraint on the opposite side and I simply could not help but raise my head and kiss her breast. Her delicious erect nipple only inches from my mouth. She slapped my face. Firmly but good naturedly.

“Just for that you can go outside again. Get up. Get to the door!”

Back through the spacious bathroom, she was generous enough to hand me a bathrobe but she wasted no time in opening the door to the balcony and seeing me out. The old door closed, the bolt slid home and I was again alone. What she didn’t notice because of the darkness and the old structure over the doorway was that the humid balmy evening had now given way to a downpour. One minute I had been on a luxurious warm dry bed, albeit restrained. The next, I was stranded on the dark wet windy balcony. At least the night was still warm.

I made my way to second of the two full length windows, trying as best I could to keep close to the wall and out of the weather. Inside they were already back on the couch. At least from this position I could see her completely without the coffee table obstructions. The kisses, the touching and exploring were more intense now. Her legs parted, she was smiling and chatting comfortably with him as she willingly permitted him full access to her body. As I watched, it appeared she was asking permission to undo his pants. He made himself comfortable and accessible to her and, I looked on, as she deftly removed his swollen cock from its confinement, and slowly and deliberately took him in her soft pretty mouth. He looked very much at ease, obviously savoring every erotic moment that his submissive sex slave was giving. He was lying back into the corner of the couch, one arm draped across the back of it, the other clutching a fistful of her soft dark hair. It was clear that he was demanding that she take all of his sex deeply into her mouth, and she was complying fully and expertly with her Masters orders. Although she obscured any view I had of his cock, I could see that one of her hands was eagerly massaging his balls as her mouth and tongue worked their magic on his thick shaft and its swollen glans.

Finally, he lifted her head by the hair. I could see her sexy, teasing smile and moist lips as she looked up at him, his cock must have still been only inches from her mouth. She was paying close attention to whatever he was saying, and eventually sat back and made herself comfortable again on the couch. After sipping down the last of her wine, she stood and with poise, gracefully made her way towards the bed. To my dismay, he also stood, but instead of following her to the bed, he walked to the curtains and swung them closed on both windows. Suddenly there was total darkness on the balcony. The room had emanated a certain warmth and glow. Id been almost oblivious to the weather but now the rain seemed twice as heavy. I ducked back into the shelter of the doorway and immediately checked the keyhole of the door back into the bathroom. But no luck, they weren’t in that room. I resigned myself to my fate, and the fact that I would just have to wait it out and pulled the gown tighter around me as the weather took yet another turn for the worse. Surely they would hear it pelting down soon and reopen the door. I glanced back at the full length darkened windows. There was just a tiny sliver of light, less than a foot from the ground and certainly no more than 2 or 3 millimetres wide. On the balcony was a small glass topped table and two outdoor chairs dripping in the downpour. I dashed out and moved the table to the window and crouching under it pressed my nose and eye to the wet glass. All I could make out was the foot of the bed, about the bottom 12 inches of it. I was looking at it side on, but from almost at floor level. I could also see across the room. A strip of perhaps 2 metres of the floor beyond where the bed ended, but that was all. Try as I did - I could not improve the view.

I could make out my girlfriends lower left leg, with the restraint still fitted to it. She was lying on her back on the bed. I had no view of her right foot at all. It was obvious that her legs must have been well parted. Then his legs appeared. I could see them from just below his knees to the floor. He was standing at the bottom of the bed and for the first time this evening he had at last completely removed his black trousers. For some reason he now moved just a little further away from where I was spying and for an instant, his slightly paler naked butt cheeks came into view. But then, there he was, back at the foot of the bed and I watched as his feet left the floor and he positioned himself on top of her. I could still see her left calf and ankle but now the two masculine feet were also in the frame. The top sheet, which till now had been folded across the foot of the bed, was being scrunched and kicked to the floor as their sexual motions increased in tempo and pleasure.

Desperate to see more than just the three ankles and fifteen toes, (her right leg was still out of sight on the far side of the bed, and I was watching from almost floor level), I decided to take a chance and see if I could quietly make my way unnoticed back into the bathroom and perhaps watch from in there. I was fortunate that it was so pleasantly warm as, even though I was sheltering under the table, I was now kneeling in about a quarter inch of water. I crawled out and hurried to the sheltered doorway. I turned the knob, trying it as quietly as I could, but to no avail. She had slid the old locking bolt home as well as the latch, thus ensuring her an interruption free period of pleasure satisfying Sir B’s desires.

I made my way back under the table to the frustratingly tiny slit in the curtains. Still the bed was in motion, the feet movements telling tales and giving away hints at the delicious pleasures unfolding so tantilisingly nearby.

How long would he wish to continue thrusting his fat cock into her?

Was she at last being satisfied now that his pants were removed and she could feel his full length inside her? Would I be out here for another ten minutes or another two hours?

Questions piled up as the rain poured down then, abruptly, he was on his feet again. I saw him standing at the foot of the bed for a short time. I assume he was taking in the gorgeous sight of her before him. He then walked beyond the far side of the bed and out of my sight towards the head end. I knew he was trapped in a corner there, even though I couldn’t see him, the only place he could disappear to was out of the door and into the corridor. Of course that wasn’t about to happen. He was still totally naked. Watching intently, I wondered what he might be up to for so long in that corner of the room. My girlfriends lower leg occasionally moved slightly, but still she remained on the bed in much the same position. I waited, waited, waited, not taking my eyes off the tiny part of the room that I could still manage a limited view of. Positive that he was still there somewhere near the head of the bed, my mind raced with thoughts of what he might be up to.

Was he standing beside the head of the bed, chatting casually to her as she fondled his balls and erect cock? Was he kneeling on the top of the bed, his stiffness being licked stroked and sucked? For all I knew he may have been relaxing, sitting on the edge of the bed, one hand wandering over her breasts and tummy, down between her parted thighs teasing the warm pussy juice from her that flows so freely when she is sexually aroused and excited.

I was none too comfortable, none too impressed with the fact that my view so restricted and the warm rain getting heavier now, was here to stay. Nevertheless, I was not about to move lest I lose track of who was where within the room. Her gorgeous left leg, complete with the lovely ankle cuff would move occasionally, the sheets were now in a bundle on the floor at the foot of the bed, but that was now the full extent of what I could see with my limited line of sight.

I suppose ten minutes or more may have passed, when suddenly, there he was! Moving quickly through my vision, away from the bed and down towards the other end of the room. He soon reappeared, socks and trousers on now, perhaps his shirt, I couldn’t tell. A minute more, and now the shoes were on. He was ready to leave. My feelings were a mix of relief that my time on the balcony was almost over, and yet frustration that my voyeuristic desires had been so stirred yet left somewhat wanting.

I moved hastily from my spying location and back to the locked door. Of course I expected him to open it for me before he departed. I needn’t have hurried. He was having a very bad night with doors. My girlfriend had been the one who locked me out. She had slid home the old locking mechanism which was almost out of sight under the ancient latch. He rattled it, shook it, muttered curses at it. The knob on my side twirled back and forth and a few thumps were heard from the other side. Laughing now, I knew exactly what was wrong, but all I could do was wait. Again. Eventually he must have returned to the main room and she let him know about the hidden bolt. I heard a click, it opened and I was met by a slightly flustered but fully dressed Sir B who simply shook my hand, said ‘Thank you for a great evening. Enjoy the rest of your night together” and he was away.

I returned to the warmth and dryness of the bedroom. Nice to stand on a carpeted floor after being barefooted in pools of rainwater for so long. She was still on the bed, looking as serene and relaxed as a girl could be considering her last 4 hours. She turned her face towards me, smiled and said.

‘Hi babe.’ I could see the traces of silky smooth cum on her lips.

‘I tried to save it and show it to you’ she softly said.

I’m sure she would have, except that in having to explain to him how to open the door had need to swallow much of it in order to speak.

Her beautiful legs were parted. She had 3 of our ‘friends’ from the display case on show down there. The butt plug had been snugly refitted and two vibrators were buzzing away energetically. One deep inside her pussy, the other propped up, just long enough for its tip to be resting on her exposed clit.

Stroking her moist forehead and damp hair, I leaned over and kissed her as deeply, sweetly and lovingly as I could. She returned the kissed passionately and with both tongues moving seductively, we completely removed the last traces of Sir B’s cum from her lips and mouth. As we did so, I used my free hand to remove the attentive toys one by one. First the two vibrators and then lastly, with a little help from me, the plug slid smoothly from her tight bottom. She welcomed her release, and at last some time for her body to relax, with a thankful moan and sigh as she finally rested her head and settled back on the pillow.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I undid the ankle and wrist cuffs, gently massaging the small impressions left in her soft skin by the leather bands. She was smiling now, speaking openly and easily about what Sir B had been up to for the last 15 minutes or so, Seems his dominant trait had well and truly kicked in and he had been holding her head, his fist full of her soft dark hair and demanding she suck him. She obeyed willingly until he was about to cum. At this point he had ordered her to stop her oral pleasuring and open her mouth. Then, at last he ejaculated. He masturbated, directing the bulk of his creamy load between her parted lips and onto her welcoming tongue.

Of course, sitting beside her naked body as she related this to me, only fuelled my own desires to the point where, although I wanted her to relax and recover, I was beside myself with the longing to also taste and experience her sensual offerings. There was also the real possibility that as the sexual tension subsided she would gladly accept some well earned sleep, and close her eyes for the night.

I kissed her again, firstly on the lips, but then moved down to her waiting breasts and nipples. My right hand and fingers made their way over her freshly shaved mound and then between her legs towards her pussy. She parted her thighs readily allowing me full view of her soft wet opening. I felt her hand glide up my own bare thigh, feeling for my stiffening cock and as she closed her fingers round me, I dipped my own fingers deep inside her aching sex.

That was enough! Within moments I was up and kneeling between her open legs. That wicked, cheeky, pretty smile of hers crossed her face and she murmured, ‘Mmmm, another nice cock for me – your turn now is it?’

It had never before slipped so easily into her. She was wet, stretched and as it turned out, had still not cum. Using every bit of self control I could muster I went about teasing her, pressing every button I knew, until at last she gushed her juices all over my cock and balls, down her bottom and onto the sheets. She had flushed me with her pussy juices but still not reached orgasm.

Exhausted though, she now fell asleep. I held her so close, feeling her warmth and gentle breathing until I too eventually drifted off.

Around 4am we stirred again. Beginning with soothing strokes to her shoulders and back, I gave her gentle reassuring whispers as she gradually woke. Slowly she roused and one soft kiss from her, led to an overpowering outpouring of sexual emotion and tension from me. Her mouth, her smooth bald pussy, her thighs and breasts – I was devouring her with lust. My cock had stiffened as she kissed me, and I again felt the delicious warmth and wetness inside her as I filled her with my shaft. The desire to empty my balls, to totally drain myself into her was absolutely overwhelming but at the same time, as part of this whole journey, I desperately wanted her to have the first orgasm. To let her cum totally, completely and uncontrollably. It could wait till the morning. I backed off, and letting my cock rest inside her as it gradually lost its firmness, I once again held her as she peacefully drifted back to sleep.

How soundly did we sleep? Apparently the heavens had opened. It had bucketed down all night, but being in such an old building, we had been totally unaware of it. I think we came to at about 8 am. I threw open the drapes and to my shock the street was awash. Hope Sir B hadn’t locked himself out of his car in that!

It was a late checkout, and there was a full buffet breakfast available downstairs so we took our time making use of the spacious double shower and prepared to head downstairs to eat. Clean, refreshed and invigorated, the ruffled bed beckoned us, but after the evening we had just had, we figured the a