Written by mypussyshard

15 Jan 2011

recently i was dumped and tried to get over my ex-bf by going on a vacation. i ha heard about some good local nude beaches and decided to try one out. being very athletic i arrived early to go for a jog. i took off all my clothes leaving only on a sportsbra-im double d- and hairtie in my hair, and as i was early there was only one other person in site. it was a middle-aged man with a large chunky cock that went hard when i stripped off, and he sat down behind my stuff. as i ran i watched him wank and my pussy was dripping wet thinking about what i wanted to do to that dick. the whole time he was smiling and winking at me, and i eventually drew a small crowd. i was so horny when i was walking back that instead of stopping to get a drink of water, i walked straight over over to the middle-aged man and sat on his cock, cowgirl i started fucking him, and although he was slightly confused he seemed to be suprised and started thrusting into me. the other men who were watching me before started coming closer, and i asked a nice big cock to come over to my mouth.while i was fucking one guy and i had a cumming cock in my mouth, i saw i didnt just have a crowd anymore. i had a line for a gangbang.