Written by mat2013

30 Jun 2014

reading all these stories on here has mad me think about some of my fun times i have had in the past, So i was approx 25 and single at the time when i got a phone call from a good friend of mine Scooter(also 25) asking me to come to his girlfriend Cassies 18th birthday on the weekend and she was going to set me up with one of her hot friends. Straight away i was keen as Cassie was a very sexual girl who just oozed sexuality and vey comfortable with it. So i showed up at Scooters around 8 and was very pleasently suprised to see a smoking hot chick in a skin tight black mini skirt very tight fitting top high lighting her ample breast for a young smallish built girl. so we started diong shots to get primed for the night and i didnt take long before the two girls started flirting and talking about threesomes etc. Cassie next to her friend Rachel running er up and down her leg both girls seemed just about ready for anything unfortnately the pre booked cab turned up and we headed to the city. Lucky for me i was in the back with the two girls where the flirting in the back quickly escalated into kissing and fondelling as i watched Cassie reached over and started stroking my cock while she kissed Rachel. Scooter was in the front and couldnt see Cassie stroking me but knew something was going on. I slid my hand under Cassies ass and started rubbing ass and pussy she instantly starting grnding down on my hand. At the sme time she moaned loudly and took Rachels breast in her and caresing it firmly a started french kissing her with lots of tongue, i allmost exploded in my pants. I could see the taxi driver looking in the mirror obviously enjoying the show.

We arrived at the night club and went in and started drinking and flirting, grinding each other with lots of talk of what was going to happen later. Anyway as the night went on there was some sort of drama between Rachel and Cassie and Rachel left DAMM!!

Cassie came over to me to explain what had happened and I saidi was dissappionted as i was hoping for some action tonight and was as horny as a moter fucker after the earlier events. Casse lent in close and withthe cheeckiest smile said maybe she was hoping she could convince Scooter to have a threesome and with that she lent forward and stuck here tongue in my mouth and walked off to be with Scooter. Wel i had a hard on that would not quit andstarte drinking flat out as i was pretty exited.

In the cab on the way home Cassie sat between me and scooter an there was plenty of flirting going on and Scooter seemed keen as and I thought it was on for sure, we got out of the taxi and Cassie took both our hands and led us inside and turned the lights on an headed straight for he bedroom still pulling me by my hand. I noticed Scooter stop at bedroom door, I got onto the bd with Cassie who was laying on bed and rolling around in a playful manor. After a minute or two i could tell Scooter wasnt coming and was in the lounge room..bummer. Cassie and i went to the lounge and i coud tell he wasnt keen. long story short we had more drinks and Cassie drsgged him to bed and I went to be at the other end of the house and listened to them fucking while i layed there troking my cock thinking just my fucking luck. Anyway i must of fallen asleep, not sure how long for but i woke up as i heard a noise outside my room it was Cassie she was cleaning up the mess we made earlier. I asked her what she was doing she said she couldnt sleep then she entered my room wearing a dressing gown. She stood at the foot of my bed and spread the gown just enough to show me her pussy, she had a pair of red nickers on allready pulled to the side to show her pussy. She stood there teasing me for a while befoe a through the covers off to show her i wasstroking my hard cock the hole time and had precum on me allready. she jumped on the bed and started sucking my cock and fingering herself with her other hand, I carresed her breast while she sucked me off as she got closer to orgasm she started grinding her pusy on my leg and it was so wet probably Scooter and her juices al over my leg it was amazing.We both reached climax together and i shot my load down her throught and she didnt spill a drop. then she kissed me, jamming her tongue down my throught.

then she got up dressed he self and left the room.

Im not sure if Scooeter was awake or not but he didnt let on if he knew or not but i guess he didnt want to know.

more to come........