Written by Newbie

20 Nov 2017

Well, where to start. We live in Hobart Tasmania....

My wife and I started seeing other people, mostly men for my wife to fuck, and occasionally women and we have seen two couples, one couple in particular are very nice, genuine people. We contacted the organisers of Tassie swingers and organised a meeting at our local hotel. The meeting went well, and the man we met was very friendly, very professional and soon had us feeling at ease.

We kept in regular contact and we were notified via a text message that there was to be a "meet and greet" night at a bar in Hobart. We were both nervous when the night came, but we were determined to go, if for no other reason then to just enjoy the whole experience and the atmosphere. We discussed what we would do or say if we knew anyone there and I said that they were going to be there for the same reason as us and that we should just accept that in a small place like Hobart it would only be a matter of time before we came across someone we knew and that we had no reason to feel embarrassed or stressed. The night was a great success and we met some lovely people who we hoped to catch up with at the party.

The day before the party everyone received a text saying where it would be held and there were detailed instructions and a photo of the venue which made it a breeze to find. As soon as we received the message I phoned a motel near the venue and was lucky enough to get a room for us which meant that we could both have a few drinks and relax more.

At last! the day had arrived! We were excited and nervous, not knowing what to expect but in the afternoon we checked into our room and showered and got ready and when the time came we headed off for hopefully a night of fun and relaxation. As soon as we arrived our host met us and we started chatting with other couples who made us feel welcome.

The night started just like any other party with everyone chatting and getting to know each other, and the regulars caught up with friends. As the night progressed things started to warm up so to speak, the spa got a workout as did the massage table. Soon people started heading to the rooms for some private fun, mostly behind closed doors and in the main open areas there was some kissing and private conversations happening and the spa continued to be popular. My wife headed to the spa with a man she liked and there were another two couples in there with them as well.

After they had had some sexy fun together in the spa my wife and her friend headed off to a room for some fun together and after a while she came back and said she had fun. Not long after she got chatting to another man and they headed back to the bedroom and had some nice sexy times together and after a while the man went and found his wife and they both went back to the bedroom for a nice threesome, my wife enjoys sex with women as much as she enjoys sex with men which is good.

As for me? I had the time of my life, I haven't had so much fun for many many years and I didn't even have sex, but I didn't go there looking for sex either, if I had the chance I would have loved to give some nice sexy oral to women there, but it didn't happen so I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole experience and was content to do what I do every Friday and Saturday night... enjoy my whiskey LOL! :-)

We both enjoyed everything about the whole night and we have been talking about the experience ever since and we both can't wait for the next party which is so far tentatively being planned for February.

In one way it is sad as this was the last party being organised by our hosts, but they have been running the events for 15 years, so apart from being sad it is also exciting as new hosts have come onboard and they are a very lovely couple who we hope have a lot of fun in the future.

And that is a brief description of our first time swingers party, and if any couples from Tasmania happen to read this and you have been talking about attending an event, my advice is to GO FOR IT!!.. there was no pressure on anyone to do anything, it is entirely up to each individual... or couple if they want to enjoy the sex side of the party or whether they just want to enjoy the whole experience and the atmosphere.