Written by pjb

8 Mar 2011

5 women 10 guys all dressed in towels & I was number 10! There was a

small bar in the corner with a bar mad , large TV on the wall & a few

couches. Also had 3 rooms. 1st room was just a plain room with a king

size bed. 2nd room had a mattress floor & all mirrored walls. 3rd room

was like a dungeon with swings , racks , chains, whips & a cross on the


I was very nervous & was asked to play buy a very pretty lady. 5'4"

tall tanned skin very perky boobs & peachy bum. She took me into the

mattress room. We where the first to start playing! She started with

sucking me & she was good. Could take it all & I wanted to come

straight away! Suddenly the rest of the guys & girls were in the room.

I was slightly put off & didn't come but kept hard but used to

everyone naked & horny around me in a matter of seconds lol. Another

guy started fucking the woman that was giving me head. Now that was a

turn on watching & receiving at the same time. The others surrounded us

& left us in the middle. The remaining 4 guys started wanking around

the out side of the group. Everyone there was so sexy. all the guys

had cocks the same size as mine & one bigger. I didn't know what to do

so I was just following the lead of the others. I was still getting

sucked when suddenly I was hit in the face buy a load of hot come! i

had no idea where it came from. It dribbled into my moth & I had a

taste. I was like hot cake mix lol. I was told to lie down & the women

sucking me sat on my cock. ( All sex was with a condom but ) lol. She

jumped up & down on me while the others took turns around the room

fucking & sucking . wow it was so horny I had to blow! It was huge I

fill the condom & nearly broke it lol. I climbed out of the middle &

another guy took my place. I was stuffed & left the room spinning. I

then got self conscious & decided to leave but had a smile from ear to

ear lol