Written by qwerty_bad

13 Sep 2011

My first time at a swingers club I had no idea what to expect or how anything worked. I arrived with a few friends and we stood at the bar watching the room slowly fill up with people. Couples seemed to be standing around chatting and nobody was doing anything. I saw a number of gorgeous women in provocative see-through outfits but wasn’t sure what to do. All of a sudden the music started and a lady strutted forward with a massive python around her neck. She moved up on stage and started dancing and performing with her snake. We moved a bit closer as the couples started to gather round. Soon she put the snake away and pulled up a chair slowly removing bits of clothing until she was just sitting there with a tube of oil. She started staring at me and motioning me to come forward. As I tried to moved away into the crowd my mates pushed me forward onto the stage. At first I was quite nervous and shy but she whispered to me that she wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want. I soon had a voluptuous pair of breasts to play with while she started taking my clothes off. Before I knew it I was on stage on my back with a stripper motioning up and down my body simulating all the actions. We never actually had sex but I was told afterwards that you couldnt tell and it looked really hot.

When her show was over I quickly grabbed a few of my clothes and snuck off to the Jacuzzi room to hide. I felt so embarrassed everyone had seen me naked including my friends. Before long I had two ladies pulling me out of the Jacuzzi into a very dark room. Once again on my back with one straddling me (this time with me inside) while the other was guiding my head towards her clean shaven pussy. I could taste her sweet wet juices as she moved backwards and forwards over my mouth and tongue. Her friend didn’t take long to get me to cum as she thrust her hips backwards and forwards riding me like a race horse. We seemed to orgasm a few seconds apart as I could feel her lips clench and release followed by a warm gush of juice. She soon got up and was replaced by a few different mouths sucking her juices of my penis. I had no idea who it was and didn’t really care as I continued to eat the other ladies pussy. Soon she was pulling my hair with both her hands as she orgasmed.

Afterwards I fumbled around trying to find my clothes and friends but didn’t end up leaving for another four or five hours as I was pulled into a few more rooms by some couples. I have never had as much sex in my life before as that night. Not even when I was 17.