Written by gregparry

24 Jun 2012

Charlie was great fun to hang around and as horny as I was, so that made for a great time. A couple of weeks in to our fun and games Charlie thought it would be a good idea to go see a movie one Friday night after work. We met up in the city and Charlie looked fantastic, wearing a long black skirt and a button up white top and high heels. Typically we were very frisky kissing and groping before we went in to our movie but once in the movie is when the fun really began...Charlie grabbed my hand and ran it up her leg revealing some very sexy black stockings and as my hand slid up higher, lifting her skirt as I went, I found her stockings ending and held up by suspenders which went all the way up past her sexy black g string to the garter around her hips. Wow, what a spin out, this beautiful girl dressed up like this for me, I had to have her. I slid my hand across to her sexy G string and started running my fingers up and down her hot lips feeling her panties getting wetter as I pressed firmer. She start rubbing my very hard cock through my pants and then undid my pants pulling them down and then letting my knob pop out the top of my boxers (back in the day..), she subtly slid down and started licking my knob while gently squeezing my balls, best movie ever! I tried undoing her top one button at a time exposing her bra but she was too busy licking further down my dick, by now she had pulled my boxers down and was starting to take me all way in to her mouth, my cock was very wet. She stopped for a minute so I took the opportunity to slip my hands around and undo her bra and then moving my hands around to her huge boobs and 'pistol' gripped her very hard nipples as we kissed very passionately and deeply. Now she tried sitting across my lap and I had great access to finger her very wet pussy and I really worked hard on her, sliding in 2 fingers, in and out, in and out.

Eventually the movie came to an end and we had to tidy ourselves up and make our way out, still horny as hell and wanting to fuck the hell out of each other. I was a rower and had access to our rowing sheds down by the Yarra river in Melbourne, so thought that was as good a place as any to continue our fun. As we walked down Swanston St we crossed Batman Ave, which in those days went all the way through to Swanston St, we spotted a park bench by the river which looked like a great place to stop and have some more fun.

I sat on the bench and Charlie sat next to me and we started kissing again and I went straight back to playing with her tits and sliding my hand up her long skirt to get inside those now very moist panties..mmm.

She then stood up and straddled me and as she did so undid my pants and slipped my cock out between my boxers, at the same time I pushed her g string to the side and she sat down on my cock sliding all the way down courtesy of her wet lips and pussy. She was pushing down and I was thrusting up getting right in to it when we realised that a lot of people were walking our way, a lot of very well dressed people....well dressed old people who had just been at the opera or ballet over at the arts centre and were heading back ot their cars parked in Batman Ave....oh boy, we couldn't move now, so as hundreds of people walked past us I sat there still hard as a rod deep inside Charlie, the long dress really came in handy this time! She quickly buttoned up her shirt and we just sat there kissing and giggling as we received some very funny looks and some very knowing grins! lol

Once the coast was clear Charlie stood up letting my cock pop out and we once again tidied ourselves up and headed over to the rowing sheds very frustrated and on a horny high (ok, I just made that up but I"m sure there is such a thing haha). Some of the gym mats were out on the floor in the function room so we lay down and she quickly had my pants off and was sucking my cock furiously and squeezing my balls harder and harder the pleasure was immense as was the pain but a strangely enjoyable pain, until it was just a bit too painful so we stopped and stood up walking over to the floor to ceiling window doors facing out of the river. I pulled up Charlies dress exposing her practically bare arse, slid down and undid her suspenders and slipped her wet g string off discarding it beside us. I pushed her up against the window with her bare arse exposed to the passers by, which weren't too many being that it was now after mid night but there were some never the less. I pushed my hard shaft up against her then pushed it deep in side her the started slamming it in to her harder and harder up against the window, she was scratching at my back and biting my chest, pulling my hear and swearing my name, I couldn't take it anymore, my balls were throbbing and I had to cum and started shooting what seemed like endless loads deep inside her hot pussy.

We stood there holding each other gentle shaking for a few minutes then I pulled out of her and watched as my cum dripped out of her down her leg...what a hot sight! We dressed and I walked Charlie back to the train station and put her in a cab, what a night, I slept very well that night ;)