Written by redpurse

17 May 2012

I was so nervous! Walking through the streets towards the apartment. An apartment I'd never visited before. An apartment where I hoped I could experience some sexual pleasures and satisfaction.

I was wearing a lovely blue dress, belted around my slender waist. It really emphasised my firm, DD breasts and the material allowed the hardness of my nipples to protrude, just a little. The dress finished just above my knee, revealing my taught, firm legs, clothed in fishnet stockings. To finish off the image, my black patent leather stilletoes.

I was shaking as I pressed the intercom:

'Oh, Hi, I'm here for the party' I nervously muttered and was calmed a little by the friendly reply and and prompt opening of the doors. I called the elevator. Two handsome men approached, smiling and gesturing a greeting.

We got into the lift;

' are u going to the party?' one of them asked. I couldnt find my voice, i was that nervous, so I smiled and nodded. 'Great!!' he said, 'my names Danial and i hope to get to know u better. Dont be nervous, the people here are respectful but horny. A lovely lady like you will have a fantastic time.'

The apartment door opened as we approached. We were greeted by the hostess, wearing nothing more than a black G string. Her large, firm breasts looked very inviting indeed and her arse, well, it was firm, pert and very attractive in the G.

The party was in full swing. I glanced around. On the sofa was a slender brunette, eagerly sucking the cock of a firm bodyied man, whilst a blonde masturbated with a very large purple dildo. She was watching them intently, pushing the toy deep into her wet pussy.

I was handed a glass of wine and told I could check out the other rooms. i entered a darkened bedroom. It was crowded, Two couples were on the bed, in the midst of some hard shagging action. And watching them, each one masterbating, were about 10 guys. One by one, the watchers turned towards me, wanting to see who had entered the room and interupted their pleasure.

I stood by the door, not really knowing what to do. I felt an arm around my shoulder and i knew it was Danial. He caressed my back, moving down to the hem of my skirt and lifted it up to reveal my pantyless, wet pussy. We watched the lovers in the room and I was so aroused, so wet, so horny.

My legs were slightly apart. I felt a finger gently probing my pussy. Looking down, I saw a man on his knees, his mouth just at the height of my pussy. I nodded and he thrust his face into my wetness. His tounge searching for my swollen clit. Suddenly my dress was off. I was surrounded by gorgeous looking men, all pointing their stiff cocks towards me. Well, whats a girl to do. Whilst kissing Danial, I reached out both my hands and latched on to the nearest cocks. The guy between my legs was fucking me with his fingers and I pushed my pussydown to meet his thrusts. But what I really wanted was to eat some cock!!!!! I pushed him away and slid to my knees. 5 cocks were pushed towards my eager lips and, one at a time, I took them into my mouth. Teasing and licking each one, spreading my saliva over their full balls before taking the shaft right dowm my throat, gagging. They each waited their turn for my attention. Wanking as they watched me swallow anothers cock, gasping as I took them into my mouth, pulling my head right down with my hair until I gagged, then pulling out. I was in heaven. My pussy was gushing, my mouth was full. Their breathing and quickening wanks made me realise that I was about to get showered in cum, but I'm a greedy girl and I wanted it all in my mouth. As the first guy started to cum, I placed my lips over the end of his cock and sucked up every last drop. I felt the heat of cum splashing over my face and looked up to see another cock ejaculating over me. I quickly took it into my mouth and again began drinking whatever was left in his balls. As I pulled away, my head was guided to another cock, ready to blow. It was forced so deep down my throat, I could feel it pulsating on the back of my throat as he blew his load. Cum was dripping out of my mouth. I reached up and cock number 4 was there, spurting right in front of my nose. I opened my mouth wide, allowing the owner of the cock to finish his orgasm in to my open mouth. I felt my hair being gently pulled, forcing my head back, so my long neck was elongated. I looked up. Danial was stood over me, his balls were on my face. I licked them, took each one into my mouth, while he continued to pull at his hard cock. As he was about to blow, he pulled my head back even more and slid his beautifull manhood right down. I gagged, but he wouldnt release his grip, so I relaxed into it, denying my gag refles and feeling his cock slide so deep I thought I would die. When he did pull out, I could feel his come filling my mouth, dripping out, down my chin onto my breasts. A finger brushed over my engorged clit and I too came. The intense pressure releaving as my pussy contracted and squirted my own juice over the fingers that had dared to touch.

It took me a while to recover. Lay on the floor. Cum dripping from my mouth. Pussy juice running down my legs. The five guys were carressing me, kissing me, hugging me. As my senses returned, I smiled to myself. What a fantastic start, I thought, and it was just the start.