6 May 2015

This is a story of the first time I experienced the sensuality of being with a couple. I hope you enjoy.

My first experience was with a married couple in their late 30's. She (C) was a medium build and fit lady (loved running) and her husband (P) was similarly fit. They had been talking for a while of introducing a third person into their bed and I was the lucky person. I met them over the internet on another website, we caught up for drinks, decided that there was a chemistry and headed back to their house in suburban Brisbane.

We started with massaging C and gradually turned up the sensuality of the massage as we moved from just brushing her inner thighs to quite direct massaging of her clit and sucking her breasts. By this stage both guys had stripped and C had a cock in each hand and proceeded to suck each in turn and we continued to massage C and bring her to her first orgasm. I still remember that orgasm as C had her lips firmly wrapped around my cock and it took much concentration not to cum there and then in her mouth. C was orally gifted and kept up alternate sucking of our cocks for some time - a wonderful experience with such an expert at her craft!

We moved to D rolling her over and entering C's now swollen pussy while she continued to suck me. By now I could not hold back and my first load pumped into her delightful mouth where she swallowed every drop. Meanwhile, D was pumping her pussy with frantic urgency before he came with a loud grunt and collapsed onto C's back.

We took a break and had a drink and then C went back to work on our cocks with her mouth, coaxing them back to hardness. C wanted to try DP with me in her pussy and D in her lovely tight ass. It took a little manoeuvring but with my lying flat on the bed, C mounting me and lying flat on me. D was able to then penetrate her ass with all of his 6 inches. After a little practice, we got into a nice rhythm and I could feel D's cock pushing into her as my cock was well inside her pussy. It was a very sensual experience to have three people so closely intertwined and connected and we were able to keep this as a relaxed tempo until C came again. I then rolled her over and started to pump my cock deep into her whilst pushing C's legs to her shoulders to ensure deep penetration. It did not take long before I felt myself coming again.

Through this. D had been kneeling near C's head and stroking his cock. C grabbed his cock wrapping her mouth around it and proceeded to give him a deep and urgent blow job until he came into her mouth.

I was fortunate to meet with this lovely couple on several more occasions before they moved to Melbourne and enjoyed some wonderful shared experiences. This introduction to being the invited guest to a couple has stayed with me and I always enjoy these experiences when they present themselves.