23 Aug 2016

It seems you sexy people want more juicy detail of our first experiences in the last month of starting out in the swing scene.

Well , upon arrival we just went straight over to the bar and ordered drinks as one tends to do when sitting at one ! My lovely Clare as soon as we entered was aghast at the size of an old guys cock walking around naked! He was half horse it seems. Anyway the nights theme was a mix of every sexual denomination and we just felt totally at ease because if nothing else we had each other to play with . So we looked around at the assortment of different types of people there , transgender , old big bellied men , middle aged seemed to be the norm , we are smokers so we're in the smokers room where we got talking to a few friendly people and we got the low down on how things worked on the scene. Anyway cut to the chase . We met a very nice young Indian man that was very friendly and well mannered and well presented . My Clare and I discussed afterwards that we both agreed to play with him . So I went over to him and said " Meet us in the spa and sit next to her on the opposite side of me. We were both in the spa when the young man got in and I then said to Clare. " Grab his cock. " she smiled her very cheeky naughty smile and took hold of his rock hard cock and he loved it and so did he. She asked me if she could kiss him and I gave her my approval and off they went and not long after we were taking this to a private room, I let him know he could only fuck her with a condom and he was fine with that. We had agreed that was our rule for cocks going in her . But we had never really worked out how we were going to go about oral so we went with it and she wanked him off as she kissed his chest as I watched but I then allowed her to suck his very nice decent sized cock without protection ( not very nice sucking on plastic ) and I found it to be gorgeous to watch . Because I know how awesome her hands and mouth feel as she lovingly sucks cock ! Not long after he has a condo on and he's entering her and I watch and kiss her as he fills her pussy up and she loves it and so do I , he fucks her really well and we both then know we have no hang ups at all and are really going to enjoy this life. So that was our starting night but we've went on to more and adventurous things since then. And always come home afterwards no matter how much we have fucked sucked and licked during the night to come home and keep on fucking through the night. ... More detailed true stories to cum if there's an interest with you sexy fuckers .