Written by BW1900

13 Apr 2017

Finally i gets to meet cheeky in person. All day ive been thinking about everything that could go wrong, even thinking to himself "wonder what side cheek I should kiss" I know it's silly but can't help it.

But I am so xcited and nervous at the same time, and 9pm can't come quick anoth.

As I pull into the carport, gathering my courage, and most important my drinks lol. U answer the door and, I know instantly I'm in trouble, your smile is as cheeky as it looks on my phone. As I put one hand on u and kiss your cheek I. Can smell your perfume and hair lol. I'm shacking at the knees as I put my little esky down, thinking to myself "Jesus she is soooooo cute". I quickly get a drink, u ask me too pick a movie, not wanting to b a big girl but still want to b at lest thoughtful, as u put the movie on I get a good chance to have a perv lol. We sit and make small talk still not sure what to xpect, but u r easy to talk and I do start to settle. As I keep turning to look at U I know u r thinking this guy is weird, but it's just because I've got more interest in u then the move.

We drink and talk. We r both Gaining more confidence, I want to be a gentlemen, but I also just want to kiss u, our sly touching and with u leaning against me know we both know what's about to happen as I lean in and try to kiss u. Wasn't a very good attempt from my beharve. But u did kick me in the face so it was a win. Lol.

So I do try again and with a little more authority pulling u closer by your waist this time our kiss was much deeper longer and so hot. I kiss your neck and bit your shoulder as u pull me closer. Both our breathing has quickened as we both let our hands expore each-others body's. Your body movements r so hot, that I Probly got over xcited and cupped your soft breast with my hands, kissing and licking and still trying to tease u a little. As u pull my shirt off your eyes r on me, shy but allso loving having someone look at me like that. I pull u up and kiss u as I undo your bra. Then lay u back down, as u pull me close again to kiss but I kiss,bite, and lick your neck and ear as I push my thigh against u. U rub your hands over me and move your hips harder against me. It's so fucking hot as I kiss my way down your neck to your breast licking nibbling, u r now moving around under me, touching me pulling and pushing against me.

It's no to hot and I just have to touch your pussy, as I look u in the eyes I push my hand down between your legs, and firmly rub the out side of your pants, u moan in a way I've never herd before, your body movements so hot, as they push against me, kissing, touching the hole time. U whisper to me that this has to go to the room, and I get nervous all over again as I pull u to your feet we kiss again.

As I lay u down, and remove one of your three layers lol.

I know relies how hot u are as I climb back over u I think about telling u that I've had problems before I keep them to myself knowing full well that I'm going to have to tease u a little longer if I've got any chance in keeping my dignity.

I cup your breast and nibble on nipples, kiss your neck, u keep moving under me harder and harder, moaning and kissing. By far the hotest thing I've Eva seen. I remove your pants and mine just to b fair lol.

As I push my body into yours I can feel the heat and wetness on my cock. Both now grinding against each other, as I kiss down your stomach and pinch your nipples I run my tongue over your smooth, wet hot pussy. Teasing at first but it taste so nice as u pull me in tighter moaning as I now licking your pussy firmly. I move up to kiss your tits but u don't let me and kiss me deeply (fn hot) as I rub my fingers over your clit I move back down. As I replace my finger with my tongue I push my finger into u. U r so tight and hot, my cock now so hard.

I pull my finger from your pussy and push it into your mouth. As I push my cock against your opening, both moaning and wanting it so bad. U put your legs around me and pull me in to u. O fuck that feels so good as I slowly fuck u. (I have to go slow) squeezing your tits, biting your ear, pulling your hair, as we fuck with slow long movements, your hands r on me pulling me into deeper, as I tell u this is so fucking hot. U r hot. (doing way better then my usual school boy staying power) lol

Your moaning becomes quicker as well as our pace, putting my hands on your neck makes me feel like I'm in control as I fuck u as hard as I could for as long as I could. You tell me to fuck u, turning me on even more as I hold u down and fuck u as your legs pull me in tighter I can feel your pussy contracting and pulsating on my cock, I ask u were I can cum u don't answer just pull me in tighter and push your body on to my cock, it's just way to hot for me as I cum deep inside u u pull me tight and can feel my cock pulsating and cuming inside of u