Written by Nic

21 Jan 2018

You know I love how crafty men are. After I had parked my car at South T/ville I was walking down onto the beach and there was a guy mid to late fifties walking up carrying two fishing rods. I said 'g'day did you have any luck', and gave him a big smile. He stopped and opened his bag, 'two bream', 'nice', I said noticing that he was checking me out but I played innocent saying good bye and continued walking. The tide was way out so it was quite a walk to the water and when I looked around I noticed he was walking back down but without his fishing gear. He'll do I thought to myself but continued playing innocent and made out I hadn't see him until he was quite close. 'G'day again did you forget something', I asked looking around the wide open almost empty beach, 'no just thought I'd take a walk', he replied checking me out, 'oh saw something you liked did you', I cheekily asked smiling wildly knowing he could see my now hard nipples and also the silloeute of my G through my dress. He gave me that you guessed it look and replied, 'well thought you deserved a second look darlin', 'and are you dissappointed', I asked flicking the back of my dress giving him a flash of bum. His eyes lit up, 'no your definitely worth a second look', 'good then enjoy', I said and spun around three times causing my dress lift high as I went around, 'yep I'm enjoying alright', he laughed and put his hand on his chin. 'So what are you thinking about', I asked 'just wondering how easily I could get myself in trouble', 'why trouble', I asked moving very close to him trying to make my intentions and clear ar possible, 'mmm yes trouble', and he said then paused for a second and looked around then back at me, 'so what are you up too', he asked becoming very curious, 'maybe someone has sent me out on a dare', 'what kind of a dare', he asked. I moved in close enough to him that the couple about 100 metres away from us couldn't see and I put my hand on his semihard groin and squeezed his cock, 'the kind of dare that involves me sucking your cock if your interested'. Shock and surprised appear in his eyes and he didn't hesitate one second, 'christ woman of course I interested', and much to my delight his semihard cock had quickly grown very hard and was a yummy handful. 'Your car of mine', I ask feeling my pussy juices starting to flow. 'Your car hey', he said so we started walking up to my car, 'the little green one yours', he asked, 'yes my little green pocket rocket'.

I replied as I unlocked my car. We both got he and it was then I saw that he was nervous so I started my car and put the a/c on. 'There now', and I reached over and undid his button, 'hell this is alright', he said as pulled down his zipper and wow he was hard and healthy, 'goodness you have a lovely cock', I told him as I eased it out from his jocks, 'thanks and your gorgeous', he said reaching out and touching my boobs, 'great tits'. 'Now firstly I have to txt my friend and tell him I have you ok and then we can have some fun', I told him. 'Sure thing', and while I was txting you he pulled up my dress, 'love your panties', as he pulled my G aside and delight pussy with his fingers. Once I heard back from you I turned to him smiling, 'are you ready', 'hell am I ready', he replied so over I went and wrapped my lips around his yummy head and started pleasing him. 'Oh yes that feels really fucking good', he said as his body relaxed into the seat. He put his right hand over and started squeezing my bum. Gradually his hand move down and between my cheeks until he found pussy. I moaned my approval as he sliced a finger inside me. 'You so wet', and then in went a second finger and he started fucking me with them and mmmm it felt wonderful, as wonderful as his cock felt in my mouth.

'Your gorgeous you know, I'd love to fuck you', he said as he now quite vigorously sliced his fingers in and out. I didn't reply but rather entertained myself inspecting every millimetre of his cock and balls with my tongue. I love guys who keep trim down there! He slowed and eased his fingers from my pussy and with my juices all over them he started teasing my bum. 'Your really gorgeous I'd love to fuck you', he said again. I stopped sucking him and looked up, 'trust me we can't in here,, your car', I asked. He laughed and look out of the window at the rusty old white Nissan ute, 'fucking a/c shit itself last week', he said so wanting to have him inside me I asked, 'is there somewhere else', and instantly he smiled, 'I dare you to come with me over there', and he pointed to the new bridge. 'Your on', so we sorted our clothes and got out of my car, 'hang I'll grab these', and he got two fishing rods from his ute, 'perfect cover', he said which I didn't pick up on until we were under the bridge. Once there he cast the lines and positioned the rods as if we were fishing. 'There that will fool anyone', and then he turned his attention to me. 'Very clever', I said sitting myself on a rock and spreading my legs so he got a good look at my wet G and smiled and watched him walk towards me. He took my hand and pulled me into his arms, 'Christ your sexy kiss me', so we kissed as his hands went under my dress and he pulled down my G, 'turn around', he told me so I did and bent over and leaned on a rock, 'fuck yes', he said as he eased his cock into my pussy. Wow he felt good and did his best to give me a yummy servicing of his cock. It wasn't overly long though before his cock started swelling and I knew he was close, 'please not inside me', 'where then', 'my mouth let me taste you', and with that he just stopped fucking me. 'Well then I had better stop hadn't I', 'yes you better', I replied. He eased his cock from my pussy and I turned around calmly and knelt down , 'you won't be dissappointed', I told him and took him in my mouth, 'I don't doubt that one bit', he replied. It took me about three minutes before I was getting a lovely thick hot load of cum shooting down my throat', 'oh yes take it all baby fuck me you swallow that's so hot oh yes'. After I had drained his cock and lick it clean, 'so how was that', I asked, 'bloody awesome', ....

He grabbed his rods and we walked back to our cars and said good bye xxxxxxxxxxxx