Written by Fantasy_girl

10 Jan 2012

I was driving home from the city with a pretty bad sunburn, so no bra with my dress pulled down off my shoulders, air con blowing to keep my skin cool. I was feeling a bit horny and bored so I started to lower my dress as I overtook trucks on the freeway. Pretty soon I'd progressed to playing with my nipples as I slowly passed so the truckie could get a real good look. The cold air con did wonders keeping my nipples erect and my breasts shapely. I passed a TNT truck and made sure he could see my fingertips playing with my nipple and kept pace with him for a while so he could really check me out. As I drove passed him he flashed his lights (I assume in appreciation). I don't know why, but there was a truck stop just ahead and at the last mInute I pulled over. My heart was racing when I saw the truck pull in behind me... I pretended I was taking a call on my mobile when he camu up to my car on the passenger side. He opened the door and said that it was the nicest flash he had bad in a long time. He asked if he could sit in the car and I said yes. I told him I was sunburnt and had some cream I wouldn't mind having rubbed on my back where I couldn't reach. I showed him my sunburn by pulling my dress half way done my breasts, teasing him with half glances at my nipples. He asked me if I'd like to hop in hIs truck but I wasn't game. We stood at the back of my car and I lowered my dress so he could rub some cream on my red hot skin. Cars were racing by but I think we were hidden from view by his truck. I went back to my seat and the truckie got back into my car next to me. I kept moving my dress off my sunburn and he tentatively reached out to touch me. I looked him in the eye while I dropped my dress to my waist. He started to touch my nipples then dropped his hand down to my crotch on the outside of my knickers. He asked me again to get into his truck but I didn't have condoms so was not prepared - too often I act without thinking things through!!

I apologized to him and said I felt terrible for teasing him. He reassured me that he didn't mind - All the while he was rubbing my underwear. I opened my legs slightly and he started to rub my clit through my knickers. I was so wet sitting there. I opened my legs wider and told him he could touch me. He pulled my knickers to the side and slipped his fingers inside my wet lips, touching me clit and slowly slipping his fingers inside me. I opened my legs as wide as I could sitting there in the drivers seat. I lowered my chair to give him greater access. He leaned over and started to lick my nipples while he fingered my pussy in a fucking motion, periodically pulling his finger out to tease my clit. I couldn't believe I was letting a total stranger finger fuck me and suck my nipples. I was moaning and getting wetter and wetter. Eventually I told him I had to go. He so desperately wanted to fuck me, but understood that with no condoms it wasn't an option... He reluctantly got out of the car after slipping his fingers into me and giving my nipple one last suck. I think in future I should keep a stock of protection in my car! He could've organised a few truckie mates...