Written by clitslave

13 Aug 2013

He was semi hard as she slipped his pants off, it turned him on when she led and she was definitely leading, from the moment she outlined to him what she wanted to do to now he had been aroused , just thinking about her scenario made his cock pulse in his pants , and it looked like it was really going to happen, in fact it was happening now ,not just joking , jibing playfully stirring about sexual things actually happening and he could tell she was turned on , his cock met no resistance when she put his cockhead against her lips they parted easily and slipped all the way in , then when he was all the way in and her lips were engulfing the base of his dick she gripped his cock with her muscles and squeezed him hard, it probably would have forced his dick out of her completely it was so strong but the fact she was sitting on him just resulted in an incredibly intense sensation and his hard cock throbbed inside her. He placed his hands on her hips as she leant back on him to steady her and then when she had positioned herself with her back slightly arched he assisted her in moving, sliding and slipping on him as he thought he heard the door move..............She had organised it . It was late , the room was warm and she and her partner waited , the room was dark, the door ajar . He could be in the courtyard now for all she knew

but it was 5 mins earlier than the agreed time and she once more felt a little bit more in control because so far it was going the way she wanted, then again how in control could it be inviting a stranger into your place for a scenario like this , but she felt this one was the right one , he seemed calm , in control too , and she felt a sense of exhilaration , knowing what was going to happen before it happened. After all thats the way she'd planned it, and with her partner involved she felt more comfortable . She bent over his figure seated on the couch and undid her mans zip and as he lifted his hips she slid his pants off and still bending over him she started to suck the head of his cock. He lent back as his cock hardened, she felt even hornier with her pussy exposed and aimed at the door not knowing what the time was exactly , when he was hard she turned around in the dark whilst still holding his cock in one hand and lowered herself down till the head was sliding along the crease of her lips until it became moistened with her wetness, then slowly slid down on to him then with some manouvering she leant back on him , lifted her feet up and placed them on his knees so she could lift herself up and lower herself back down on his cock all the time with her legs apart facing the darkening door, then she heard a sound ..........His head was pounding, his heart was pounding he was puffing . He'd rushed from the Northside ,driven as fast as he'd dared through the tunnel then out into the leafy suburb of Rushcutters Bay and then up into hilly Woollahra looking for the street, the address ,all the while trying to make the time that had been agreed on that was the deal , he couldn't be late so he'd run from the car till he found the courtyard it was there, where she said it was , the gate was unlocked like she said it would be , and the door was unlocked and ajar like she said it would be. He was there with minutes to spare what was happening in there ? were they ready ?,if he went in now would it spoil the moment , no-one is ever on time , it always takes longer than you think , it's never like you fantasize,it's always a let down , no-one ever does what they're supposed to .. this was different she knew exactly what she wanted , and had told him he finally found some one into the same thing as him. It was time . Should he wait just a bit longer in case they were'nt quite ready. no . She'd be ready he thought , even though they'd never met he got the vibe she was genuine, his nerves were electric full of adrenalin he quietly pushed the door open just enough to slip inside then in the darkness closed the door behind him as silently as he could . he couldn't see anything in the darkness so he stood motionless for what felt like an eternity waiting for his eyes to adjust , and as things, shapes ,came into focus and he started to hear things around him as his heartbeat and breathing slowed, he could hear the two of them and make out their shape in front of him...