6 Apr 2015

i havent wrote for a long time....we are living overseas now for about 6 months now....we r in beatifull cyprus...we went out for drinks and we met an other couple...younger than us,in their 20s....we got to now each other we were drinking and my mrs got james to dance and i was chatting with monica...i could see my mrs getting closer to him as she likes to flert and she like to taste cocks...i told them if they wanted to come to our place for a drink and they came.as soon we got home my mrs took off her clothes to feel comftable and she said to every one to do the same..the young couple were abit shy but slowy slowy they did...my cock was starting to go hard...monica was so sexy but i was getting more honrey because i knew my mrs what she wanted..she wanted the 2 cocks just for her...she started playing with cock and soon after she was sucking it...then she got up she took monica she kissed her and she pushed her to me...she strated sucking him and telling him she wants to fuck him...soon after me and him we were fucking my mrs,one in front and the other from behind.she was going crazy..monica was playing with her pussy and when i saw her i moved to her and i started fucking her hard...she had i tied pussy i came in her mounth..she loved it..when we finished they said it was their first time and they liked it...seens then we still doing it and even when my mrs feels like it will call them and they fuck or i will call her to see her and fuck her...